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SpeakeasyImprov1104 karma

Why was Wohl's scheme so utterly poorly thought out?

BrianKrassenstein1949 karma

Because he's an idiot and a con man.

StevenSanders90210887 karma

How is Jacob Wohl not under arrest?

Edit: typo

BrianKrassenstein1384 karma

Cases take time to develop. The morning after our story the FBI showed up at both our homes for records we had of those involved.

BrianKrassenstein199 karma

We never ran a ponzi scheme. We sold ads to an organization who did, unknowingly, and were never charged with a crime. We turned over the assets paid to our business from this company because it would have cost more both monetarily and time wise to fight it.

Those on the right have turned this into something it's not. Do a background check on both of us. My biggest crime is "failure to use a turn signal" 8 years ago.

ryanlindbergo70 karma

So I'm vaguely aware of the whole scheme to incriminate Robert Mueller with rape, but could you guys give a quick recap of what happened?

Also, has anybody involved had to face any legal consequences for it?

BrianKrassenstein121 karma

It's such a long story. See this: https://hillreporter.com/jack-burkman-jacob-wohls-story-exposed-through-exclusive-conversations-12507)

Wohl and Berkman contacted us to try and get us to take the bait on a fake story. They then used an actual woman and convinced her to come forward or at least put her name forward. We researched the facts and blew the whole thing up in their faces. Jacob's father David Wohl, who Trump happened to Retweet today called us and threatened us (at least we believe it was him) if we kept moving forward with the story. We continued anyway and the whole thing fell apart.

We were the only media outlet to have an exclusive interview with the woman, Carolyn Cass after this all came unglued. She basically told us that Wohl pushed her to make the claims and then edited her claims. She said that she doesn't know if Mueller actually was the one who raped her. He only looked similar.

mitchtheman7233 karma

Do you have any of your own opinions or are your opinions just the opposite of whatever trump says. I’m pretty conservative but I sure as hell am not partisan. Do you agree with Trump on anything? Disagree with the Democratic Party?

BrianKrassenstein-3 karma

Yes I am not shy about admitting when I agree with him. I have done so numerous times. Criminal Justice reform is one of them.

primefun20 karma

How many months more would you bet Trump will stay in office? Is there going to be a wall?

BrianKrassenstein27 karma

If I was to guess, another 10-14, but without a resignation or the GOP-led Senate willing to throw him out, it could be Jan 2021.

Fr0D0ugh199620 karma

Hi, cheers for doing the Ama. Seems to me, that a lotta people are just waiting for that "gotcha" moment with Trump. Sometimes it "works", sometimes it doesn't - see Koi fish. Is this a viable strat for this boss? Or do you suppose it turns more and more people (like me really) of MSM?

BrianKrassenstein10 karma

I think this is true with any President or high profile politician. I think it does turn people off somewhat, but with Trump he has done so much wrong I don't think it matters much

awesomeguy5130312 karma

What do you think of a 19 year old running for governor?

BrianKrassenstein24 karma

I think you probably would need more life experience, but you never know!

MartinTruther11 karma

After uncovering the plot to frame Mueller for rape, in your opinion, was the attempt a one-off or should we be concerned that inappropriate sexual conduct charges could be weaponized by larger organizations to take down their opposition's leaders?

BrianKrassenstein11 karma

I believe that this was a one-off thing, but I also believe that others could use it as well. The fact that the whole mess blew up in their faces though should not give others a whole lot of confidence.

Mezz011 karma

You're probably exposed to a lot of abuse, on- and offline. Cannot imagine how hard this must be. How do your wives and kids deal with this?

BrianKrassenstein16 karma

They are thick skinned. We make sure our homes are protected and have protection in a safe in my home.

Prime679 karma

How much does Soros pay?

BrianKrassenstein-6 karma


Butthole__Pleasures8 karma

We all know Wohl is very stupid and very bad at running cons, so do you think it would have been more satisfying to bust Wohl if he had any semblance of competence?

BrianKrassenstein5 karma

I'm just happy this guy failed. Its interesting to note his father worked as a surrogate for Trump. There may be more to this story coming out eventually.

GawdHatesFigs8 karma

What is your opinion on Israel as Jews, as anti-Trumpists, and generally?

BrianKrassenstein5 karma

I love Israel. I don't agree with their current leadership and I don't agree with what they are doing to Palestinians right now. There needs to be a compromise but Israel also needs to be protected from terrorism. It's a difficult situation and their current leadership seems to be going backwards.

T4COF4CE7 karma

How did y'all even begin to uncover something such as this scheme?

BrianKrassenstein18 karma

It all started with a phone call from a Lorraine Parsons, who claimed that Berkman wanted to pay her to make up a story about Mueller raping her. We found that this Parsons lady didn't exist, so instead of investigating her, we investigated those claiming to be her and those she said she spoke to. We then spoke to Jane Mayer form the New Yorker and Natasha Bertrand from the Atlantic who had similar stories. While they stopped digging because Parsons didn't exists, we didn't. We then uncovered that Berkman and Wohl were planning to go public with a real woman. We link Surefire Intelligence to it all and then found it was Wohl. That's when the threats came in and the thing began to implode.

The Special Counsel seldom responds to media requests but they responded to us when we provided information to them on this scheme. They told us that the FBI was investigating. This is what led the MSM to begin further investigating the story.

Kuba906 karma

Is trump gonna be impeached till the end of 2019?

BrianKrassenstein10 karma

He will almost certainly be impeached before 2020. What I can't say for certain is if the GOP-led Senate will vote to convict

Rarotongan6 karma

Do you two fuck each other?

BrianKrassenstein3 karma

Do you constantly think about gay incest?

leafhous6 karma

Can you guys go on the Chapo Trap House podcast? You’d be great guests

BrianKrassenstein5 karma

I'd love to. Make it happen! I actually find those guys hilarious. Even though I may not agree with some of what they say, I respect them greatly.

yoctowatts6 karma

What do you do to unwind from the political stuff?

BrianKrassenstein10 karma

Watch a movie with family. Play with the kids, or have a Manhattan.

justthetipbro226 karma

How do you respond to the people who are saying you do all this for profit and to drum up sales of your book?

BrianKrassenstein12 karma

Thus far every penny we've made from the book will be donated. It's going to the ACLU.

ferretbreath4 karma

Also, are you twins?

BrianKrassenstein-6 karma


StopEbola20174 karma

I thought we are supposed to believe women? Why would they frame a man for rape? Dont you know most rapes go unreported?

BrianKrassenstein-4 karma

I do believe women. She literally told me in an exclusive interview that she doesn't really know if Mueller raped her...


BentoSpinzone3 karma

In your mind, what is the worst possible thing Trump & team could have realistically done?

BrianKrassenstein-1 karma

Conspired with Russia to help influence the election by using stolen emails in exchange for favorable policies towards Russia. This is the very definition of TREASON in my mind. It will go much further than this in my opinion. Just wait. Mueller's report is coming soon.

Bobby-Samsonite2 karma

What are the best places to eat in Fort Myers?

BrianKrassenstein2 karma


Daschnozz2 karma

Do you sit next to each other and figure out what to say? Or are you hardly together in person.

BrianKrassenstein1 karma

We live 4 houses down from one another. We get together a couple times a week.

spinningpeanut2 karma

Are you as depressed by the idiocy of the average American as I am? Hint, I've given up on humanity long ago and plan on leaving the country I love because I don't want to die here because I got sick and poor.

BrianKrassenstein3 karma

I am surprised at hoe easy people are led to believe lies. I'm not depressed because I think we will come out of this stronger than ever. It will take time

DickButtPlease2 karma

What is Dr. Eugene Gu like in real life?

BrianKrassenstein0 karma

I don't know him personally. Although we communicate

HonkyOFay2 karma

"Of course there are higher ups that are paying us. They want us to help sow the division and to take over Trump's Twitter feed. When [Trump] makes a post they want our tweets to be up there."

What did you mean by this, Brian?

BrianKrassenstein0 karma

It was a parody video that was edited and published on Infowars: Explained here with sources and links to actual video: http://BrianKrassenstein.com

B_Addie1 karma

Frame Mueller for rape?? How come I never heard about this? Where can I learn more about this framing ? And who was behind it?

silentapple41 karma

Do guys side with a certain side of the political spectrum? I see your tweets that go viral every so often and I can’t tell if it’s left, right or center.

BrianKrassenstein-1 karma

I'm Left-Center

HealerWarrior1 karma

What is your favorite Ponzi scheme?

BrianKrassenstein1 karma

Idiotic question.

PizzaDeliverator1 karma

Why should people send money to you when the Feds already seized most of your assets for illegal money schemes? https://www.thedailybeast.com/feds-seized-a-fortune-from-resistance-icons-accused-of-boosting-online-ponzi-schemes

BrianKrassenstein1 karma

If people want to help us continue to do what we are doing they can. The podcast will be free however. As for the money seizure, here's the full story:


TheCaptMAgic1 karma

How does it feel, knowing that you two probably changed history in this country?

BrianKrassenstein3 karma

I feel that Wohl would have eventually failed without us, but if we helped, then great!

sleud-1 karma

Two questions:

1) Do you think George W Bush would've received the same daily critique on his decisions and presidency if he were elected in the age of social media?

2) What do you think of Trump derangement syndrome, where every single decision Trump takes is automatically ripped to shreds by liberals in the media? Also, can you name any policy decision Trump has taken that you welcome?

BrianKrassenstein3 karma

#1 Yes

#2 I have praised numerous Trump decision. He doesn't make good decisions most the time, but when he does I'm not afraid to say so.

SleazePlz-12 karma

How much soy do you consume a day?

BrianKrassenstein6 karma

None, not that there is anything wrong with soy. If you think this comment bothers me it doesn't. I find it rather amusing as I've done research on Soy and estrogen in college back in the day.