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You've never had a single complication?

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You think intensivists, pulmonologists, and neonatologists can’t manage a vent? lol

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I see pulmonologists, intensivists, cardiac surgeons, anesthesiologists, trauma surgeons, and triple board certified critical care cardiologists managing vents. I appreciate what you do but to think you know more about pulmonary physiology than a physician is ignorant.

These people also know more about ECMO (so there’s my tertiary ivory tower cred you are obviously impressed by).

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What is your favorite Ponzi scheme?

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OP said that MDs couldn’t “manage” a vent optimally. None of what you said has to to with actual vent management. “Gathering supplies” & assembly are not the difficult parts of vent mgmt. I have respect for what RTs do but to act like a pulmonologist can’t manage a vent is stupid.