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No. You can set an alert on your phone. We then just respond on a whim. Nothing is planned out. That would be impossible as we have no clue what he is about to say.

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Because he's an idiot and a con man.

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Cases take time to develop. The morning after our story the FBI showed up at both our homes for records we had of those involved.

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Fact Checking Trump directly on his stream, attracting guests who wouldn't ordinarily appear on CNN or MSNBC> See the first episode coming next week to see what I mean.

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We never ran a ponzi scheme. We sold ads to an organization who did, unknowingly, and were never charged with a crime. We turned over the assets paid to our business from this company because it would have cost more both monetarily and time wise to fight it.

Those on the right have turned this into something it's not. Do a background check on both of us. My biggest crime is "failure to use a turn signal" 8 years ago.