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Krassenstein brothers are tweeting against Trump on Twitter which Reddit likes, but are also involved in Pyramid schemes which Reddit hates.

The Krassenstein brothers basically tried to advertise "Essential Oils that will get Trump impeached!"

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How many genders are there?

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The subs you are active in read like a "who is who" of all the subreddits that have spammed Reddit with hysteric anti-Trump "news" that all turned to be bullshit for the past two years. Mueller Report, Covington kids, russian "collusion", Smollett etc.

Dont you chucklefucks realize how much DAMAGE you do to your own side? Do you think anyone takes /r/politics, /r/the_mueller (for fakes sake) etc. seriously anymore? Do you think anyone takes the stuff seriously thats posted there after two years of grandious announcements that all fell apart?

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loved by the germans.

Lol "loved". Its more than loved. Its literally an instiution. Every Sylvester (German New Years Eve) all the German TV-Channels show "Dinner for One". If "Dinner for One" would not be shown in Germany on new years eve we would have another Blitzkrieg.

EDIT: Enjoy, fellow Germans: http://mediathek.daserste.de/Dinner-for-One/Dinner-for-One-Das-Original/Video?bcastId=59012022&documentId=59012122