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How many genders are there?

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loved by the germans.

Lol "loved". Its more than loved. Its literally an instiution. Every Sylvester (German New Years Eve) all the German TV-Channels show "Dinner for One". If "Dinner for One" would not be shown in Germany on new years eve we would have another Blitzkrieg.

EDIT: Enjoy, fellow Germans: http://mediathek.daserste.de/Dinner-for-One/Dinner-for-One-Das-Original/Video?bcastId=59012022&documentId=59012122

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There was a video on Reddit from the courtroom where the Gawker guy just snickered at the judged. Like arrogantly laughed at the judge, and then additonally said something absurd like "We could put childporn on Gawker, we dont care if its illegal".

Even judges are people, and that level of arrogance and ignorance was just baffling.

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that neutral reporting is at our core

I simply cant belief that. How do you get people without an agenda, people that are willing to be neutral journalists?

Even sites like "Snopes" or "Politifact" have had instances where they obviously lied or tried to push an agenda. I have seen the editing-wars on Wikipedia on politically charged topics.

Why should I trust WikiTribune?

(Some examples: https://i.redd.it/0s5uj7ks73tx.jpg or https://i.redd.it/b7dke6mo18iy.jpg )