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Krassenstein brothers are tweeting against Trump on Twitter which Reddit likes, but are also involved in Pyramid schemes which Reddit hates.

The Krassenstein brothers basically tried to advertise "Essential Oils that will get Trump impeached!"

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I just read the word "pub food" in some other comment. As a German who never was to Ireland what would be typical "pub food" over there?

In Germany if you go to a "Kneipe" youll get very stereotypical German food on the side. Schnitzel, Bretzeln, Sausages..

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Wow, now that's a great question. The answer is no one I'm aware off has ever been prosecuted to that, but I would like to see it

In Germany this is currently happening. We just have the worst serial killer of all time (for our country) in court, he was a nurse who stopped patients hearts to appear as a hero when re-starting them.

He was shuffled from Hospital to Hospital, with a BIZZARE amount of "people knew there was something fishy about him". He literally had the nickname "Nurse Death", and other nurses were like "Oh X. has shift today, take care....lets see who dies today...."

Still no doctors in leading positions or admins reported him for like 10 years.

EDIT: Wiki entry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Niels_H%C3%B6gel

Ariticle: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/jun/06/german-nurse-niels-hogel-second-life-sentence-murder-of-85-patients

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In Germany we currently have the probably worst German serial killer of all time in court.

He was a nurse, and injected patients with stuff to make their heart stop - so that he could appear as a "hero" for re-starting it. But cardiac massage doesnt work all the time, so he killed around 100 people.

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How many genders are there?