EDIT 4: Thank you all for your questions and comments! I'm knackered and will be going to bed now. I'll be answering some more questions tomorrow as time allows, so keep asking!

EDIT 3: Back for some more questions!

EDIT 2: I have to leave for a couple of hours, but I will be back later. Thank you all for your questions and support! In the meantime, you can watch some of the videos I made. Those were recorded in my actual home, and are mostly a dramatization of real events. It's all in Russian, but I don't talk that much. https://youtu.be/0p1Fp-NZIRI

EDIT: The game is called Boobs Saga and is available at https://store.steampowered.com/app/726360/Boobs_Saga/

My name's Georg and I am an indie developer. I am also a registered nurse, psych undergrad, and have worked on five other released games. I always dreamed of making games and realizing my own unique and sometimes taboo worlds and ideas. Haven't worked anywhere but in games, my first earned money ever came from a Steam release. At first, I worked with a friend of mine who had a studio, but then we separated due to creative differences - he thought that my ideas were too out there. But that allowed me to go all out and create a game I always wanted - an absurdist adult action-adventure.

The development process was long and arduous. I was joined by an associate, a network programmer. We worked on the game for nearly a year and were ready for the summer release and then Valve launched a widely-discussed crackdown on adult content. For nearly half a year my game was stuck in limbo, with no approval, and no definite rejection. Many people severed ties with me, including my associate developer, some of my friends and even family. I had received a number of threats and a great number of insults. I felt completely alone, even tried to kill myself. After that I went on a pilgrimage to the Caucasus Mountains. After I returned, I learned that my game appeared in a number of press articles (PCGamer and Kotaku), and some awesome people wrote about it. Other kind people appeared and supported me with nice comments and feedback.

And then my game finally got approved. It still is heavily restricted, but at least people can actually play it now. And those who do even like it! I will continue working on it and improving it. I still am an amateur, and will have to learn many more things.

I wouldn't wish this ordeal on anyone, the lack of understanding, the negativity, it gets to you. But there are cool people in the world and I'm glad that together we made this game happen.

Proof 1: https://imgur.com/24OscSQ

Proof 2: https://steamcommunity.com/gid/103582791461687270/announcements/detail/1702822670465979984

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lincoln_green664 karma

Congratulations on the success... can you describe your pilgrimage— didn’t Rasputin the hermit come from the Caucasus Mountains?

EvilBoobsKing505 karma

Grigori Rasputin was from Siberia, but Stalin was from Gori in Caucasus, it's in present-day Georgia.

I'd like to describe the pilgrimage itself as a journey of self-discovery or something, but in reality, it was pretty shit. Most places were dirty, buildings damaged in the war - I was traveling through Abkhazia - are still there, half-rubble. But the nature was amazing and really helped to restore my sanity and will to move forward.

Here are some picture from my travels: https://imgur.com/a/tT1yavG

muricabrb82 karma

The 2nd last pic is the stuff of nightmares. I can't imagine being stuck in a cave and suddenly seeing that.

Also.. how do you pronounce your name?

Edit: I meant Georg.. his real name lol

Makaer47 karma

I think it’s pronounced Gay-Org

EvilBoobsKing42 karma

That's surprisingly close, actually.

CleganeForHighSepton431 karma

Ever hear of a game called Pathologic? Seems like Russia is the place for absurdist/abstract gaming?

EvilBoobsKing393 karma

Of course, it's a cult game in Russia, along with Vangers, Allods and Space Rangers. It was released a bit before my time, but I played it about five years ago. And I guess, yeah, there's something here, maybe it's the environment here, I don't know, but we do love doing absurdist art.

Daedal_Dolphin312 karma

when will you make the TnA bigger? we've all been asking and waiting.

EvilBoobsKing423 karma

Already working on it - https://imgur.com/ry1FrWi There are some issues with animations when tits become too big. What do you think about prolapses?

Vandechoz370 karma

5 years ago, if you were asked "what do you think you'll be doing in 5 years?" did you think it would involve asking potential customers "What do you think about prolapses?"

EvilBoobsKing298 karma

Not really, no. I was a very different person 5 years ago. About three years ago I had to visit police station where we were shown drawings of children victims of pedophiles. This changed me in ways I can't really describe, but in the end I just started making shock content, I guess.

Grzly206 karma

Wait what? Can you elaborate on this? Like why you had to go do that lol

EvilBoobsKing244 karma

Yeah, it's related to psychology studies. We had to look through various cases' materials, learn about psychotypes of people exposed to violence and see their drawings. Aside from pedophiles' victims, we also had to see materials on burglars, murderers, and other criminals. Many of our psychologists work with police on various cases.

CoffeeFox-11 karma


EvilBoobsKing28 karma

That's not really true. Homosexuality is not criminalized in Russia, although it's not really welcomed in general either.

reckless15068134 karma

There are some issues...when tits become too big.

Do you know The Strange Log? I feel like this would fit right in.

EvilBoobsKing17 karma

Haven't heard of it, will check out.

MadDany94277 karma

How are games like these, adult/pornographic in nature, considered there in Russia?

I do know one infamous developer that's also from Russia, known for making quality smut of iconic characters and made them into decent games, all for free even. Glad though that there are more like you contributing!

EvilBoobsKing480 karma

I had some issues with my fellow countrymen, I have received threats and many insults from less, let's say, open-minded people. There's always a chance I will get jailed for all this, but if it happens, whatever, I'm doing it anyway.

c00yt825143 karma

Jailed? Why?

EvilBoobsKing432 karma

We have some very vague laws on pornography and something called "insulting the feelings of believers". It's a kind of a blasphemy law, but it's very, very vague.

Agriasoaks256 karma

Do all Russians love heroes of might and magic 3?

EvilBoobsKing187 karma

Not all, but many do. I adore it, it's one of my favorite games.

snail_race_to_finish177 karma

First of all congratulations on finishing your game and getting it out there. That is a huge accomplishment, you should be very proud of your hard work (pun intended).

Anyway what was your engine and tools you used during your creation?

Also what did you find the most challenging part of game development?

EvilBoobsKing169 karma

Thank you very much!

The game was made mostly in Unity and 3DS Max. We've used many other tools from time to time, and some assets.

For me, the most challenging thing was the lack of support from friends and lack of funds. I had to take on a considerable debt to see the game to the release, really hope it sells enough to at least cover that.

iFolded87 karma

Next can you make a game called "Japanese Sex Hospital" with the aesthetic of Suckerpunch?

EvilBoobsKing66 karma

Hah, great idea, I'll think about that.

Master11970 karma

What's the name of the game? You talk about people talking about it but I'm not finding it

Budroboy83 karma

Not OP but here it is:

Boobs Saga

EvilBoobsKing42 karma

Thank you, I'll add the link to the post body.

Bunslow67 karma

Did you consider releasing it on other game networks besides Steam? There are surely plenty which are far less arduous about "adult" content

EvilBoobsKing70 karma

Yeah, I was thinking about moving to other markets, but many people added the game to their wishlists and were active in the discussion forums, so I decided to stay.

If Valve will be cracking down on adult content again, I'll probably switch.

Laventhros60 karma

I bought this game because of this AMA. The game looks hilarious

EvilBoobsKing23 karma

Thank you very much! I hope you like it!

ancientsceptre54 karma

I have a lot of questions but foremost: You call this game satirical? What do you feel it is satiring?

I feel like I'm in English class again, but what is the... themes? The point, essentially.

Other than that, I'm curious as to the reactions you're getting from friends and family. How specific is it? Is it just because of the nudity?

Congratulations on finishing* your game!

*releasing, lol. Ah, game development.

EvilBoobsKing64 karma

Well, I wanted to show the absurdity of our world. Religious fundamentalism, sexualization of a female form, etc.

Well, the reaction were not only because of nudity. The game has various alternative sex acts, gory moments, birth scenes. It's those scenes which really got to people.

De5andy51 karma

Are you thinking of finishing/releasing your other games? Or are you going to finish your psych work and see from there?

I've been a big supporter of your game and can't wait to give it to my friends for Christmas. It's become a great part of our humor and friendship.

I hope your adventure takes you where you want.

EvilBoobsKing52 karma

Right now I'm wholly commited to the Boobs Saga - adding new content, fixing bugs etc. Other than that, I'm in very early talks about making a 2D game in Boobs Saga universe.

dilydaly12344 karma

Aside from the obvious irrational hostility that comes with treading into lewd territory, How do you find interacting with Valve and their confusing approach to Adult Content

EvilBoobsKing78 karma

Well, I had to delay the release for half a year. Had to redo the description like twenty times. Had to censor most of the game just to add uncensor later on. Hope that my debtors won't come for my head before I get at least some money from Valve.

So all in all, pretty good, I guess.

Veleo-36 karma

It was difficult to choose a name?

Are you planning on releasing updates or creating more games with this style?

Also congratulations for creating the game you want and get it in steam, your game looks really fun I'm going to tried soon :)

EvilBoobsKing58 karma

Yeah, it was called The Return of the Evil Boobs King at first, but people thought it was too long, so I changed it to Boobs Saga.

The updates are already in the works. Additionally, I'm in talks with people about making a 2D story-based game in the Boobs Saga universe, but it's all in the very early stages.

And thank you! It really means a lot to me!

Budroboy36 karma

The moment I saw this game pop up in my Steam suggestions, I knew I had to get it...I then gifted a copy to a friend as an early Christmas present.

Speaking of, how was your Christmas?

EvilBoobsKing81 karma

We don't really celebrate Christmas in Russia, and Orthodox Christmas is in January. Still, I sent keys for the game to all my western friends as Christmas gifts.

Hope you had good holidays!

proph3t_z32 karma

Freud would have a field day with this lol

EvilBoobsKing31 karma

I'll take that as a compliment, thank you!

neanderthaul30 karma

Has Discord's plan to do a 90/10 sale split enough to make a developer like you move away from Steam?

EvilBoobsKing78 karma

I don't really care about the split, to be honest. I just want to be able to release crazy adult games for the people.

kevyg97326 karma

Opinion on the gopniks?

EvilBoobsKing63 karma

They are assholes. Mostly they try to steal your phone and sometimes they assault people for no reason.

IVDegrees24 karma

OP, can I create the music for your next magnum opus?

EvilBoobsKing25 karma

PM me your email or other contact info, we might be able to collaborate in the future.

Camelbeard23 karma

I don't know anything about this game and all steam stuff is locked until I login (om phone). Do you have a non steam source with some video what the game is about? I'm pretty curious now

thatgermanperson8 karma

Love that tutorial video

EvilBoobsKing4 karma

Thank you!

Tobonator21 karma

How do you have time to practice medicine and developed video games?

EvilBoobsKing36 karma

I spend all my free time on the game, evenings, weekends. Most days I sleep for about 5 hours max.

Fiendir19 karma

Dude, congrats on both managing to work one of the most strenuous jobs within healthcare and still finding the energy and motivation to work on your project! (I've worked medical laboratory science so I know how much nurses go through, goddang)

Genuine question though; I know full and well that this game is meant to be humorous and satirical at its core. But I'm actually kinda curious to how people are responding to the uh, for lack of a better word, "shallow" portrayal of women in the game? Is it a deliberate part of the satire the game wants to express, or just something that happened on its own? Like, when I look at the promo material for the game, all the girls are basically just tits n ass, usually stuck in sexually compromised positions.

Huge disclaimer; there's a high chance I'm overreaching and analysing a joke too far. But the "it's just a joke bro" sometimes can hide some really nasty intentions, but sometimes it is also just that - an elaborate joke :P I don't think I fully "get" this game, it's probably just not meant for a boring prude like me. But I also don't condemn it in any way or shape. Hell, I'm glad that you've got an outlet for your creativity and programming that other people seem to enjoy too! :D

EvilBoobsKing10 karma

Thank you for your thoughtful post.

And yes, the hypersexualization is intended. For me, the game is a mirror of the current culture and marketing first, and then I push it even further, to something grotesque.

I know that it would be seen by people as something very controversial, but that's how my art goes.

Moonli9ht13 karma

Is there somewhere we can get it with more of your original ideas for it (not "heavily restricted")?

EvilBoobsKing27 karma

Steam version is very lightly censored. I managed to get permission to keep almost everything and make uncensor possible. There are a few censored scenes in the game still, but I will try to reveal those too.

pengylover20013 karma

Where does someone start indie game development?

EvilBoobsKing18 karma

It depends, really. Depending on your skills you might want to learn some simpler or more complex engines. I started with Unreal engine and it was Hard, with big H. I then switched to Unity, but if your game can be made in something like RPGMaker, try it first.

IshX712 karma

I don't really have a great question so I'll just say congrats and good luck!

EvilBoobsKing11 karma

Thank you! Your support means a lot to me!

malign211 karma

Странно, что ни ты, ни твоя игра в рунете не попадались, но мб я долблюсь в глаза. Насколько вероятно, что всё это очень жирный вброс?)0

Why this particular theme for a video game? Any other similar ideas you're already working on? You said you wish to create video games that might include content that's taboo for some. Will your possible future projects be restricted to sexual-themed content or perhaps something like "Hatred" is possible as well?

Have you thought about seeking support from... similar-minded runet popular personas who might offer help? It is known to have a lot of "abnormal" thinking people like Maddyson for example.

EvilBoobsKing8 karma

It's weird that you haven't seen anything, I make videos and write articles for DTF - https://dtf.ru/indie/23003-pochti-bez-kupyur-itogi-razrabotki-igry-dlya-vzroslyh

I had lots of support from Slidan and Fantom

For now I'm sticking to the adult-oriented games.

ThePixelCoder9 karma

Why are you still using Windows 8?

EvilBoobsKing37 karma

I didn't like Windows 10 that much, so I went back to 8.

Rad_Association8 karma

Have you masturbated to your own game yet?

EvilBoobsKing15 karma

That will remain a mystery.

OGZxFTW17 karma

Что с уровнями для игры они будут добавляться? Будет в игре возможность ставить количество противников в игре я хотел поставить больше бомбистов и бегать от них по карте? Битва с боссом ? я заметил красного противника я не мог убить может будет посхалка как его замочить?

Я хотел бы усложнить уровень чтобы в игре были различные посхалки, вы можете добавить головоломки в игру, чтобы для дверей нужно было найти ключ, ключ может быть спрятан в сейфе за картиной, а чтобы открыть картину нужно собрать мозаику, не которые двери можно открыть собрав правильно схему труб чтобы вода или электричество подходило к двери, нажимать в правильном порядки рубильники?

EvilBoobsKing15 karma

1) На данный момент доступен 1н большой уровень. Вероятность добавления новых присутствует, но будет зависеть от успеха игры.

2) Интересная идея, я обдумаю её. Сейчас красный демон - бессмертен.

3) Мы планируем добавлять новые пасхалки, будем раскрывать их по мере подготовки.

Drayik50 karma

Also for the lazy

1) At the moment 1n large level is available. The probability of adding new ones is present, but will depend on the success of the game.

2) An interesting idea, I'll think it over. Now the red demon is immortal.

3) We plan to add new Easter eggs, we will disclose them as we prepare.

EvilBoobsKing12 karma

Thank you!

go96 karma

I bought and played the game for a little bit and I really like the concept as well as the art BUT the gameplay is VERY clunky. I have a decent rig with an 8th gen i7 and an nvidia 1060 and it feels like the game is running at 25 fps. Loading times are fine. Running and fighting feels a little odd - maybe its the way the camera follows you around. I had a hard time hitting enemies with the knife. Gotta fix that asap before the negative reviews start rolling in.

https://i.imgur.com/bJ5gpBY.jpg [nsfw]

So my question is: Is there anything I can do to make it run a little better?

EvilBoobsKing4 karma

There are some issues with performance on latest GFX cards for some reason. I'm trying to work it out, but in the meantime, you could try lowering the resolution or switching to "low graphics" mode.

improveyourfuture6 karma

Did you have any moments of doubt or where you almost didn't pursue this dream? If so, how did you overcome them?

EvilBoobsKing7 karma

I did, but each time I just remembered that this is my dream and went ahead.

chimeratx6 karma

Bloody Boobs seems VERY similar to this game. Are you related to that project somehow?

EvilBoobsKing15 karma

I was involved with the project, and I contributed some ideas to that game. But most of those got cut, and I can't say that I like the end product that much.

Mclovin15245 karma

Congrats on releasing your game! My question to you is, did you recieve any inspiration from Haydee. If so, what are your thoughts? To me, the first thing that popped into my head was that game as it appears to fall under the same genre as yours and it's of Slavic origin as well!

EvilBoobsKing6 karma

Thank you!

About Haydee, no, not really. I started making games way before Haydee was released and I already had my ideas by then.

ToiletHumorPoet5 karma

Have you ever done a psych evaluation on yourslef? What were the conclusions?

EvilBoobsKing15 karma

Sure did. The conclusions are discouraging.

InAFakeBritishAccent5 karma

I don't have a question. Just congrats on pulling off a crazy dream. Shit can be rough sometimes!

That said, the automod deleted my positivity so I'm obligated to ask do you think lizard people are from space or the core of the earth?

EvilBoobsKing5 karma

Deffo from space. Also, thank you!

Manch944 karma

Do you regret making the game, since it seemed to piss of your family and friends?

And do you think that their reactions were so strong because you live in Russia, which I assume is more conservative than it is here in America?

Btw, I checked it out on YouTube. Your character models are really good.

Also, are certain characters censored in game or did they censor them for YouTube?

Edit: question

EvilBoobsKing23 karma

No, I don't regret it. This is my choice, my ideas, I want to make them into games, and I'm prepared to go all the way.

Russia being very conservative is a problem, true, many sex-related stuff is still very much taboo among general population, but it's changing over time.

There is an option to remove almost all censoring in the game, and youtube censoring is mostly done by the creators.

Hugoelpollero4 karma

Congratulations on releasing your game! It actually got recommended to me during the current Steam sale and I thought it had the best name ever. I'm studying CS and while I don't think I want a career in game developing, I'm curious about the development process, what was the nastiest bug you had to deal with? Did it ever feel awkward to have all these big boobed characters on-screen? Greetings from Mexico City!

EvilBoobsKing11 karma

Thank you!

The hardest thing is to learn something you have no idea about. It's also very hard to optimize the game and fix all the bugs when your systems become more complex.

There are also unique challenges associated with adult content. Some people around you won't like it for sure. This one time, I had some visitors and forgot to close the project and as they came in they saw the a giant 3d model of a vagine. Some found it funny, others, not so much.

SimonCleric3 karma

So, the developer of "Senran Kagura" series is famous for saying "Tits are life, ass is hometown". Would you say you relate?

But seriously, congrats and keep doing what you love.

EvilBoobsKing3 karma

I myself am an ass man. But! Tits are essential, too.

tonedass93 karma

After reading the story I went to the store page but, even though I'm still giggling, I thought it would be a little more absurd. Gifted it to a friend and noticed that another friend already had it.

Given your experiences, would you work with other team members (not the same people, different people) or prefer to do all the work yourself?

EvilBoobsKing5 karma

I can't do everything myself so I look for associates all the time. I want to add coop to the game, but the network programmer left, and I don't have the necessary skills myself. So I will need to hire someone to do that.

Turkino2 karma

Hi, I’m a designer and have spent my career working on AAA titles. I’ve been in the industry for 14 years now and almost all of that has been focused on design with very light dabbling in other disciplines.

I’ve been hesitant to try doing some of my own creations because my career has been privileged enough to be super specialized.

How hard was it for you to handle wearing all the various hats of designer, programmer, producer, artist, modeler, rigger, animator, etc?

EvilBoobsKing3 karma

It was very hard, to be honest. I wouldn't be able to do it without advice and help from some awesome people. I spent about 5 years of my life to be able to do games like that one, and I know it's very far from perfect. Still, I'm very glad that I can realize my own dreams and ideas, not those of other people.

PowerofKhan2 karma

Where does one start with indie game development?

I just started with my first scenes, and it already seems like a very daunting task and very far away.

EvilBoobsKing5 karma

You just power through, that's it. Read stuff, ask people, try to make your idea simpler. Good luck!

fpreborn2 karma

Congrats on getting your game released!

I know this might be abit of a stupid question to ask, but... is there full physics modelling in the game?

Also, how hard was it to learn the skills you needed to make this possible?

EvilBoobsKing8 karma

Thank you!

The game has body, boobs, booty and penis physics. I'm still working on improving it, but I think most people like it as it is.

Learning was hard, but I met lots of people on the way, and many awesome developers give me advice from time to time.

notoldatall332 karma

Congratulations on finishing your game! It sure is a strenuous task. I've got two questions:

Which technologies did you use to realise your game? What's your background in (game) development given that it doesn't seem to be your learned profession?

And something a little more odd: What is your stance on homosexual relationships and marriage? Given you're from a country the predominantly holds negative views towards gay people.

EvilBoobsKing14 karma

Thank you!

I used Unity, 3DS Max, Photoshop, Adobe Audition, and some other software. I am still an amateur and keep learning something new every day.

I'm completely open-minded on LGBTQ+, as are many younger people in Russia. Actually, in the game you can choose various alt options for the characters and have gay and lesbian sex, with more to come.

I'm all for marriage rights for anyone, and I'd like to see my country legalizing it. Alas, most of the threats I received were related to the LGBTQ+ content.

brkcvdr1 karma

First of all, glad you did not quit what you ve started and belived, Personally i don not care what others think, what you gotta do, you gotta do. glad you ve developed this and at a first sight i liked the game, and will purchase it over steam, Im not sure which platform you develop but, Do you plan to create the mac version too?

EvilBoobsKing1 karma

I will try to, but I have no timeframe for it yet.