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Grigori Rasputin was from Siberia, but Stalin was from Gori in Caucasus, it's in present-day Georgia.

I'd like to describe the pilgrimage itself as a journey of self-discovery or something, but in reality, it was pretty shit. Most places were dirty, buildings damaged in the war - I was traveling through Abkhazia - are still there, half-rubble. But the nature was amazing and really helped to restore my sanity and will to move forward.

Here are some picture from my travels: https://imgur.com/a/tT1yavG

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I had some issues with my fellow countrymen, I have received threats and many insults from less, let's say, open-minded people. There's always a chance I will get jailed for all this, but if it happens, whatever, I'm doing it anyway.

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We have some very vague laws on pornography and something called "insulting the feelings of believers". It's a kind of a blasphemy law, but it's very, very vague.

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Already working on it - https://imgur.com/ry1FrWi There are some issues with animations when tits become too big. What do you think about prolapses?

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Of course, it's a cult game in Russia, along with Vangers, Allods and Space Rangers. It was released a bit before my time, but I played it about five years ago. And I guess, yeah, there's something here, maybe it's the environment here, I don't know, but we do love doing absurdist art.