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But how did you then end up at Ghibli?

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Did you have any moments of doubt or where you almost didn't pursue this dream? If so, how did you overcome them?

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Deniers pivoted from it's not happening to what's happening isnt caused by humans, it's natural

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Can you give the hard science on what 'herd immunity's in America would entail? I've seen claims on Reddit but want to hear something verifiable.

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Can you comment on, particularly with these mass shootings, the media focus on perpetrators instead of victims? I've heard that for other sick individuals who have violent fantasies this fosters a desire to do it bigger and worse to achieve this twisted type of posthumous fame, but if we kept them anonymous by law and focus on victims stories and built empathy we might cut down on this phenomenon. Is there truth to this and if so how could it be implemented?