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Could you post a photo of your old government ID with your name blurred out, or something like that? Even a current days newspaper from Venezuela or something.

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edit: OP has been verified

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Yeah of curse , I have photos with my uniform of the judiciary, if I have the photo with my face and I pass my facebook to verify that I am the same person I hope it can be done that way, what ID I have discarded because you just leave the institution they are removed so you do not misuse it

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Do you think that your governments gun control and civilian disarmament policies have helped or hurt the average citizen of your country?

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The truth is that in my personal opinion I think it has hurt him because good people do not have how to defend themselves (I used google traductor)

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Are protests allowed? How is the government dealing with them?

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In my case I was fully involved in the protests of 2017 in my city, I can tell you that it is one of the saddest things that I have lived and that they change you as a person, to answer your questions it would be like this  

1) Currently the protests are not against the government but are against a gift that the government promises and does not give, to make an example is as if the government of the United States promises to give them turkeys on the day of independence and not he gives them nothing then you protest for that turkey but not against the government.

2) One of the things that killed students the most in the protests last year were the bullets fired by the police towards the students, in addition there are the groups that are the CIVILIANS identified with the government and who support it with weapons and are willing to kill, also have the national intelligence that would be an example the cia to be used to find the students and that's where the political prisoners come from (I used google traductor)

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What measures is the govt taking to recover from the disaster ?

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The government is not taking any action because it tells those who believe in them that it is actually the United States (or imperialism) that is what is fucking us and they never admit that it is their bad management and all the other problems (I used Google traductor)

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Growing up in Cuba the government and Castro supporters regularly used these arguments when there would be shortages of bread or whatever. Anything to not blame yourself I guess

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But the sanctions do affect you don’t they ?

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The population is not affected by that and well I do not know if it's because they laugh

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What is the sentiment in the people? Do you think they want to enact another revolt, revolution? Or they believe the government and are hopeful that it will pass and all will be well?

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There is no feeling, people expect a miracle to happen and something that changes the situation but to be realistic that will not happen.

I do not think that any revolution is going to happen because the young people who had the spirit of liberating the country have already left and those of us who remain here have no intention of dying so that after 2 months our struggle is forgotten.

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What would you like the international community to do, if anything?

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I prefer not to answer this but you can imagine what I want

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Are you and your family ok?

We really worry about you (venezuelanos in general) a lot, and hope that your ordeal will soon be over.

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Me and my family are well, in fact I think we would be among the 5% of the population that is "well" among all the bad things in the country, the truth is that I do not like to talk much about the situation, much less to walk giving pity (I used google traductor)

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How bad is it really?

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In my particular case I am "well" I do not have some things such as smart phone or good Internet access but compared to most Venezuelans I am "well" but if we talk about the other 70% of the population are going through it quite bad, in fact before it was not common to see people eating from the trash and now it's day to day, if you want to write to the DM and we keep talking (I used Google traductor)

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¿Piensas que los problemas del pueblo Venezuelano son problemas con el sistema de socialismo o resultos de problemas de capitalismo global? Tengo muchos amigos que dicen que los problemas de Venezuela son por que los E.E.U.U y las companias de petrol alla en Venezuela, no del gobierno y socialismo, pero yo quiero saber que piensas alguien que vive en Venezuela.

Perdon por mi Español malo, solo hablo un poco.

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Bueno yo creo que el problema de Venezuela es culpa de nosotros no de EEUU , la cuestion es que el gobierno todo medidas bastante erradas en el país y no hubo ninguna inversión de su parte para Venezuela, la mayoría del dinero del país fue regalado a países hermanos para que se hicieran de la vista gorda de lo que pase en venezuela

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The only people I see defending the Venezuelan government and the socialist policies they put in place are, Maduro/Chavez bootlickers and socialists themselves.

The situation in Venezuela is complex but it all starts at the policies Chavez put into place decades ago and their one trick pony economy, Maduro just kept the same policies going lol.

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Is it possible for the United States to help change policies in Venezuela that would enable the country to get rid of the corruption?

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Unless they detain every political leader involved in the cases of corruption in the country, I do not believe it. In addition, the problem is not only in the Venezuelan government but also in the Venezuelan population that has become the enemy of itself. (I used google traductor)

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Do the courts work, are suspects treated with justice?

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If you have dollars justice will ignore what you did and let Benjamin Franklin do justice, if you do not have money you will simply go to jail whether you are guilty or not ( i used google traductor)

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For my safety I decided to delete the post, I'm sorry. If someone has questions, I prefer that they write them to the private

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I have no idea what is going on in Venezuela but can people grow their own food like corn, tomatoes, chickens, rabbits, pigs?

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Yes, if you can do it you can still cultivate what you want, the problem is in how you feed the pig but that is another issue, the answer is yes

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Huh? Where would they get the space and supplies? Many of these people live in cities.

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They buy it in Iran or Mexico

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Is there any chance the government will allow humanitarian aid from NGOs?

Or would that just be considered an admission of failure on their part?

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I would admit that everything they did is wrong, they do not let them in because they say we do not need

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Que fue menor?

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The support from the people of Venezuela to Maduro is real or made up? If it is real, why do you think that is?

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Currently the government has gifts to the people who support it, the last votes that were made gave something like $ 5 to vote for them, that is the help they receive and then there is something called "bag" that is food at a very low price, in my case I do not live in the capital that system of "clap" does not work but I understand that in the neighborhoods where those who support socialism is the majority if it works well enough (I used google traductor)

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Todavía ves mucha gente que apoya al gobierno? Por como se ha ido a la mierda el país, ha bajado el nivel de estupidez general en la población, o por lo menos se han dado ya cuenta algunos?

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Los que lo apoyan no lo dicen de frente, el nivel de estupidez mas bien se ha convertido como en unos cavernicolas persiguiendo un bono y si , hay gente que si se ha dado cuenta y pues vieron que estaban hasta la cintura de mierda y se fueron del país

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Do you like tacos?

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I like arepas gg

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Do you have any proofs? How do we know that you aren't just making propaganda?

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I'm trying to send photos with my uniform to verify my identity

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Verification ready