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Bo has been taking time away from it because of some mental health stuff, I think? Made a movie instead of a new special. Bo thank you for speaking publicly about dealing with issues of mental health!

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If anyone else was wondering:

170 cm = 5' 6.9"

164 cm = 5' 4.5"

63 kg = 138.8 lbs

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Why can't Taiwan be allowed to determine its own government?

Edit: multiple people asking so I'm pasting my clarification from below:

Why can't the Chinese government make peace with the fact that Taiwan has been and will remain an independent country, rather than continuing to call it a renegade province, and forcing other countries to not have Taiwanese Embassies, just cultural offices. Allow the Olympics to call it Taiwan, and not Chinese Taipei.

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What do you think of Uighur families having to house Han Chinese soldiers in their homes or having to attend education? Do you believe it is true that some Uighurs are being relocated to camps?

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What would you like the international community to do, if anything?