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What is the sentiment in the people? Do you think they want to enact another revolt, revolution? Or they believe the government and are hopeful that it will pass and all will be well?

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Hi! I want to create a small movement in my city/state here in Brazil to try to be the most effective possible.
I live in the state with one of the biggest cattle herds of the latin america and the world, and one of the world biggest Soy producers... we are in severe risk of desertification if Amazon dies, and with climate change, the risk increase even more.... so you see, my state is extremely dependent of cattle and soy, so it will extremely hard, or even impossible to change our ways and our economy in a meaningful way to avoid climate crisis.

We are doomed, but To be the most effective, I thought about with myself, I should at least give my peers a chance to fight and survive, so I want to create a movement to try to educate our politicians (and media, and others) about climate crisis, and what to do when it comes, and give them knowledge enough to try to vote with conscience, not only with pockets.

And I know that when I talk about this education everything gets very overwhelming:

I want to answer this questions, but everything gets complicated, what would you suggest as KEY points so I can make a presentation with less than 1 hour that would get their attentions? - How Should i include Hothouse effect and social collapse in a political talk?