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What are commonly overlooked resources available to most citizens when faced with the care of an elderly parent?

What are financial opportunities commonly not made use of?

What are some common financial pitfalls to look out for during elder care?

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depends on what kind of bear. grizzle or polar? I would agree with you.

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Are you and your family ok?

We really worry about you (venezuelanos in general) a lot, and hope that your ordeal will soon be over.

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sounds good but possibly expensive... what resources are available to help absorb these costs? or is it all just patient paid?

Roughly how much do you think assisted care, nursing homes, etc cost?

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How seriously do you take the concern that as a Russian company you are just a front for FSB hacking into peoples computers?

Do you face any pressure from the government to insert backdsoors into everyone's computer for the FSB (or whoever) to check out what is going on?

Not a conspiracy theorist or anything, but curious about your perspective on my thoughts.