You may know me from SNL, where I was one of the longest-running cast members and originated such characters as Leon Phelps, 'The Ladies Man.' You may also know me as Principal Duvall from "Mean Girls," Principal Glascott on "The Goldbergs," Mike the Mailman on "Bob's Burgers," Caleb on "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" and many more. You can currently see me as Detective Judd Tolbeck, a low level cop in the San Diego Police Department, in the comedy series "No Activity," which is now streaming on CBS All Access.


Edit: Well this has been fun. And I don't mean that sarcastically. Please watch No Activity on CBS All Access and I will see you down the road (or down the comments).

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ScottyBurnsem2210 karma

Did Dewey ever pay for those drugs?

TimMeadowsOnReddit2943 karma

Not. Once.

SRLob1082 karma

How in holy hell did you manage to pull off a The Ladies Man movie that was not only "good for a Saturday Night Live movie", but just generally a great comedy?

TimMeadowsOnReddit1167 karma

Andrew Steele and Dennis McNicholas wrote a great character and they deserve all the credit.

tyranicalTbagger863 karma

In the doctor sketch with will ferrell where he loses the baby, I heard will was the only one that knew you would be called in to do the robot. Is that true?

TimMeadowsOnReddit873 karma

Yes, that is very true.

chickachickabowbow703 karma

What was your experience like working on The Office?

TimMeadowsOnReddit1560 karma

I loved it. the set is a empty chilli's in the valley somewhere..The baby back song was improv

somanysheep677 karma

Have you put any serious thought into working with Don Cheadle? He is mistaken for you a lot.

Maybe a funny spin on step-brothers?

TimMeadowsOnReddit2599 karma

I would love to work with Don Cheadle! Maybe you all can help crowdsource a movie for us? We can call it "Step-Brothas"

cc: r/blackfellas

Pinkerdog647 karma

Just dropping a line to say that you've got my favorite SNL line ever, and for something you probably forgot all about. It was from this sketch for Uncle Jemima's Mash Liquor, and at the end you ask Uncle Jemima "... What you swatting at?"

I'm literally laughing just thinking about it. Your delivery was perfect. Hope you're doing great, sir. You're a gem.

TimMeadowsOnReddit699 karma

I do remember it, with Tracy Morgan. It was the first time I had done green screen.

yepyep1243576 karma

What's your favorite Norm MacDonald story?

TimMeadowsOnReddit1663 karma

While we were touring with Adam Sandler recently, Norm pretended to be in love with David Spade and kept trying to kiss him. That was my favorite Norm story. (Keep in mind, he kept this up for about 10 days)

TooShiftyForYou531 karma

Hello Tim, how'd you end up doing on Mrs. Murphy's test that Fatty McGee kept interrupting you from studying for?

TimMeadowsOnReddit631 karma

Deep cut - I'm impressed.

Adkjarod497 karma

What do you really think of Lorne Michaels?

TimMeadowsOnReddit2472 karma

Uh, you mean the man who completely changed my life from a broke working actor to the multi-millionaire that I am today? Yea, he's alright.

gimpisgawd494 karma

Out of all the roles you've played, which was the most memorable and why?

TimMeadowsOnReddit1354 karma

I loved working on Walk Hard and Popstar. Looked forward to work everyday.

moskowizzle465 karma

What's your most memorable moment of working on SNL? Is there a sketch that stands out that you really wanted to do, but got cut?

TimMeadowsOnReddit1359 karma

Paul McCartney said I should have been in the Beatles...That was nice

nyqgames431 karma

Hi Tim, who is your biggest inspiration in the world of comedy? What comics did you grow up watching or listening to?

TimMeadowsOnReddit1299 karma

Most of the comedians that I loved as a kid are in prison.

BDog23423 karma

So what did you leave South Side for?

TimMeadowsOnReddit798 karma

I didn't leave it for this shit.

Warlizard398 karma

How much do you miss Phil Hartman?

TimMeadowsOnReddit673 karma

A lot.

catching_signals332 karma

You played an online psychology teacher in Son of Zorn. The joke seemed to be that nobody respected the job because it was online and not "real." Well, that's what I do, and that happens. What can I do to get some damn respect?

By the way, I'm supposed to be working right now.

TimMeadowsOnReddit527 karma

LOL. First of all. Publish something, and stop sitting around on your lazy ass pretending to help people. Second of all, there is someone waiting in your office (or on FaceTime) for your help.

Mar10God1331 karma

Was your father a meat burglar?

TimMeadowsOnReddit412 karma

Deep cut. Very good.

Omiie91308 karma

How’s life been treating you?

TimMeadowsOnReddit880 karma

Im tired most of the time. My kids are healthy, and I have been having a weird shooting pain my left shoulder, but besides from that everything is great!

Darkchyylde304 karma

Oh! That guy! How was your Thanksgiving?

TimMeadowsOnReddit671 karma

My thanksgiving was fun! i spent time in Detroit and made my first turkey dinner...bought from whole foods

Duvall1138299 karma

My wife, who is currently having her labor induced, wished for me to say that she thinks your really funny and misses seeing you on SNL. Any advice for a very soon to be first time dad?

TimMeadowsOnReddit648 karma

Get some in-laws to your house as soon as possible to help you with the new baby because you are in for a world of hurt. Enjoy!!

LolaLaMafiosa280 karma

Yo Tim! Huge fan! Would you ever go back to SNL? Thanks for all the laughs.

TimMeadowsOnReddit751 karma

I would definitely go back to SNL.....except my pay grade is much higher than they can afford...

ghostofjamesdean273 karma

Can we please please please get Ladies Man 2?!?!?!?

TimMeadowsOnReddit1075 karma

No. And for the last time - stop asking me Lorne Michaels.

iburngreen265 karma

Would you rather join the Beatles or the rolling stones?

TimMeadowsOnReddit707 karma

Since The Beatles asked first, probably them.

hasbridge224 karma

Do you still prefer Courvoisier, or have you switched brands?

TimMeadowsOnReddit576 karma

I, Tim Meadows, prefer chardonnay. Leon still prefers Courvoisier.

charlessamuel219 karma

Tim, who were the toughest SNL cast members to do scenes with? (i.e. Because they were so creative or funny that they'd make you break.)

Additionally, what's your favorite SNL moment where you broke?

TimMeadowsOnReddit635 karma

Here is my list:

  • Chris Farley

  • Will Ferrell

  • Adam Sandler

  • Jimmy Fallon

  • Horatio Sanz

I DON'T break, and you cant prove that I have.

SlamCakeMasta201 karma

What was your favorite movie/show to work on?

TimMeadowsOnReddit670 karma

In this order:

  1. Walk Hard

  2. Pop Star

  3. Mean Girls

  4. Ladies Man

  5. Star Wars (original)

GenghisTron17195 karma

You're great. I loved you in Semi-Pro, Ladies Man, the Goldbergs, that TV show with Jason Sudekis, Walk Hard, B99, etc.

Didn't know you're on a CBS show, glad to hear it so I can watch me some more Meadows. Thanks for all the laughs!

Do you have any movies coming out in the near future?

TimMeadowsOnReddit737 karma

No movies in the near future. Unless Step-Brothas happens.

monty_kurns186 karma

Is there anything in your body of work that you wish people would ask about but nobody ever does or something you wished got more attention?

TimMeadowsOnReddit413 karma

I did a movie on Netflix, called Anyones Ghost, its a drama that deserves more attention!

Drunken_Economist175 karma

Why did you leave off the Even Stevens Movie, the role that really everyone knows?

TimMeadowsOnReddit185 karma

I wanted it to be a surprise.

ge0rgew0nder174 karma

Who was the greatest cast member you worked with and more importantly, who was the worst and why?

TimMeadowsOnReddit666 karma

The best was Norm McDonald and the worst was his sister Norma McDonald (which was just Norm in a dress)

ndnsmr171 karma

You’ve collaborated with Tina Fey numerous times, any good stories?

TimMeadowsOnReddit386 karma

When I did 30 Rock, she came by to make sure the scene was going to be ok. She watched me rehearse and then she came and said "Goodbye, I don't have to stay, you got this" and she left.

lurking_digger152 karma

Yeah, hey, Tim, thanks for your time...

Listen, Keenan Thompson, he a punk Bitch?

TimMeadowsOnReddit335 karma

Absolutely not. Probably the best sketch player ever.

IanMcKellenDegeneres150 karma

My friend was a touring guitar tech with Elliot Smith when he was on SNL so he got to go to a taping. He mentioned seeing a sketch you did. Something about winning the lottery and being interviewed by the news and you said you were going to buy the Dr. Pepper company and rename it Dr. Poop. Said it got cut from the final show or something like that

Is that accurate? What's a funny sketch you did that was cut from broadcast?

TimMeadowsOnReddit237 karma

I do remember that. I believe that was an Adam McCay sketch. I did a centaur sketch that was cut from dress, deservedly. I played a centaur who was in high school, and Chris Walken was trying to get me to go out for track. It was a costume dilemma. The costume was too cumbersome - it was a plastic horse half. If hat been a stuffed animal type design I could actually run around in.

shamelessseamus146 karma

Mr. Meadows, I gotta say that Leon is one of my favorite characters from SNL, period. What us your favorite SNL memory?

TimMeadowsOnReddit378 karma

When I met Mick Jagger and he asked me to be in the Rolling Stones, that was pretty cool.

soulisgreen133 karma

Do you still like awesome blossom?

TimMeadowsOnReddit235 karma

Not when it shoots out of my nose.

ABoxOfFlies124 karma

I play a lot of video games, how do you catch yourself wasting your own time?

TimMeadowsOnReddit408 karma

Doing AMA's.


Kiylyou111 karma

What is the weirdest thing you ever peed on?

TimMeadowsOnReddit561 karma

Not me, but a friend hired some Russian hookers to pee on a bed in Russia.

PUTINsTiTs110 karma

Can I buy you a fish sammich?

TimMeadowsOnReddit169 karma

Absolutely not.

Copywrites100 karma

How did The Ladies Man come about?

TimMeadowsOnReddit191 karma

I made crank phone call using that voice (for years) then I told some of the writers on the show about it and they suggested the Ladies Man idea.

Jurais1392 karma

Big fan, you are still one of my favorite castmates from SNL even if you did sign a 30 year contract. Do you have any interest in directing?

TimMeadowsOnReddit346 karma

I don't have any interest in directing, unless you know of someone hiring a first time director (or if you all help us get Step-Brothas off the ground I can direct that).

Grngeaux90 karma

How were the hog balls and what were they really?

TimMeadowsOnReddit134 karma

They were very meaty! They were matzah balls I believe.

DudeImMacGyver86 karma

How many squirrels can you take in a fight?

FYI- Neither you nor the squirrels are armed, however, you may fashion weapons out of any squirrels you are able to obtain.

Think carefully before answering, this is an important question.

TimMeadowsOnReddit242 karma

Probably two squirrels. The first squirrel i would hypnotize and make it believe it was a spear. Then, I would "spear" the second squirrel with my squirrel spear. Easy peasy.

ConstableGrey86 karma

Are all those daytime talk shows actually fun to go on as a guest? Any more exciting than others?

TimMeadowsOnReddit331 karma

I personally find all show business to be anxiety filled. So, no I personally don't find any of it fun. Now squirrel spearing, THATS what I call fun.

TimeTravelMishap69 karma

What show out of all show's in history would you pick to have a guest spot on?

TimMeadowsOnReddit156 karma

Hawaii 5.0 circa 1970

djackieunchaned69 karma

Hey Tim! I'm a big fan of all your stuff but as far as the less mainstream things I always get very excited when I see your name pop up as a guest on Improv4humans. Who are some of your favorite people to improvise with?

TimMeadowsOnReddit99 karma

Matt Besser, Matt Walsh (who is also on No Activity), Dan Lippert, David Pasquesi, Brad Morris, and Joe Canale.

ge0rgew0nder62 karma

Huge fan! Did RDJ ever contact you about your bringing up on the 40th anniversary special that he was the worst cast member in Rolling Stone? What was the conversation like?

TimMeadowsOnReddit244 karma

It wasn't that he was the worst, it was that I had done better than him. That was the joke. No - we don't talk about it, he is too busy making big budgeted movies and I am doing an AMA at Reddit.

andrewjimenezz60 karma

Do you think Son of Zorn would have found more success had it been on FXX instead of Fox?

TimMeadowsOnReddit171 karma

I don't Monday morning QB. If its gone, its gone.

SuggestAPhotoProject56 karma

Look at ol’ Glasscot, using Reddit like he’s just one of the kids!

Hey, what was up with that weird Goldbergs episode that had no Goldbergs in it?

TimMeadowsOnReddit124 karma

You will find out January 9th, asshole.

Knoxgrassdealer48 karma

When you make finger guns do you use 3 fingers or just 2? Also, do you make any noises when "shooting" them?

TimMeadowsOnReddit103 karma

I use two. And I go pkew pkew and I bend my thumb.

X_Static_X47 karma

If you had to describe "No Activity" using 5 words or less, how would you describe it?

TimMeadowsOnReddit140 karma

Waiting for Godot on acid.

MusicIsTheWay32 karma

What do you do to stay optimistic with how divisive the country is?

TimMeadowsOnReddit189 karma

Its nice that we have legalized marijuana. So we got that (shoutout to r/trees).

SharpTenor32 karma

What's your best tip for creating good comedy?

TimMeadowsOnReddit76 karma

Just being inspired, you know you have a good idea when more than one person responds positively.

ChaoticScott24 karma

How many peanut M&Ms can you fit into your mouth at once?

TimMeadowsOnReddit63 karma

In my mouth at once? 4,025.


SoManyWaysToDie22 karma

Are you willing to accept my challenge to a duel to the death?

TimMeadowsOnReddit100 karma

Aaron Burr is that you?

cremedelapoo7 karma

Hi Tim, did you pick up any good Cyber Monday deals? I got a new electric toothbrush.

You still in Detroit, let's meet for lunch.

TimMeadowsOnReddit30 karma

I didn't do any shopping Monday, but i did do Black Friday and i bought kitchenware for my (multi-million dollar) mansion.