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Congratulations on hitting the absolute top of /r/all with absolutely zero comments. https://i.imgur.com/rXYlAvo.png

I mean if I had to pick a question out of nowhere... how do you feel about other countries issuing warnings about local cannabis laws as they pertain to your country?

The_Great_Curve4 karma

congratulations on your comment not getting removed this time!

i feel pretty special. we gots weed!

eganist2 karma

It was like a battle. First time I posted it, removed. Second time I posted a question but forgot the questionmark... removed.


I don't personally indulge (reasons) but it's good to see you guys have the option up north. Easy way to stay sane through the cold I'd guess? How often do you guys just get plain tired of the lower temperatures?

The_Great_Curve5 karma

lol i was watching the whole thing man, good job finally being able to post lol

yeah lol weed definitely helps in colder temperatures! and lemme say this, i am ready for winter to be over already

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is the weed Dank™?

The_Great_Curve4 karma

im from canada where the weed is dank

watching the next karate kid with hillary swank

tried to fuck yo momma but her pussy stank

driving around in the maserati with a full tank

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How do you manage the cold for half a year?

The_Great_Curve13 karma

i dont


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Will Trudeau be re-elected?

The_Great_Curve8 karma

yes! :)

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What, no thank you or sorry? I thought canadians were overly polite.

The_Great_Curve2 karma

oh sorry about that! thanks for your cooperation

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Hows the snowboarding these days, i haven’t been since 2007?

The_Great_Curve2 karma

im not big into snowboarding but i bet its good!

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sorry canada's so much better than america!

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Why do you say aboot instead of about and say things like "I was in hospital" instead of in THE hospital like we do?

The_Great_Curve9 karma

why do americans say things funny

"howdy yall howdy yall"

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How many times have you smoked weed this week?

The_Great_Curve3 karma

more than you im willing to bet!

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relocating anywhere from texas is a good idea

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Do Canadians downvote comments on Reddit?

The_Great_Curve6 karma

i pity upvote

Ubarlight5 karma

That's coo- Wait.


The_Great_Curve2 karma

you're welcome for your pity upvote :(

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is it true that you only have gravity for 8 hours a day?

The_Great_Curve5 karma


that was me floating off into the vacuum of space

Shindo9892 karma

Couldn't you just hold on to a lamp post to stop yourself flying off into space?

The_Great_Curve1 karma

fuck why didnt i think of that

now i am going to die from oxygen loss