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Some people have the misfortune of remembering those experiences.

Presumably, this is why anesthesiology is one of the more highly paid medical professions.

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Hey u/donvultaggio,

I've kept a can of AriZona Iced Tea that has no 99c label on it. Is this a rare enough occurrence for me to hold onto it? (It's in the office, so I don't have a pic readily available. I just know it's a cross-promotional can with a film release of some sort.)

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As somebody who is completely uninterested in this debate (heh, marijuana isn't my thing), I'm going to silently applaud you guys for carrying civilized discourse with an anonymous name over the Internet.

We don't see that from anyone, be it celebrities, other law enforcement agencies, corporations... everyone's scared of legalities and PR debacles to the point where everyone just clams up, so thank you. :)

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How would you rate speaking at Infiltrate Con vs other major shows? I know I have my own experiences and opinions about Blackhat / DEF CON / BSides LV but it's always neat hearing about the other cons outside the Vegas Trio.

(fwiw, I build security programs, so I'm down to trade ideas to bring product security forward in industries/verticals where people seem not to care... you know, like in the hospitality business)

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I like that everyone involved in this fairy tale is still at least somewhat active on reddit.