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Those are the big ones for me, too. I'm also celiac and allergic to dairy and corn.

Kill me.

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I was under the impression that dwarf was a specific medical classification for individuals of a particular cause for height. (Rereading that, I know what I meant, but I'm not sure others will)

Anyway, I personally like the term dwarf. Dwarves are badass. I'd call myself a dwarf were I vertically different.

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I just want to say as someone who loves building and fabricating ideas from scratch, you're one of my goddamn heroes.

If you had unlimited resources but only a week to build, what project would you throw yourself into?

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"If a woman gives consent the night before, but retracts that consent the next day and reports the man as being a rapist that's ok?"


I saw that coming, and I have a feeling she knew damn well that it was relevant. The fact that they took effort to move in front of your sign just shows me that these people don't see any irony in attempting to quash your right to say anything counter to their ideas on the matter.

There was definitely an impression in the tone of speech some of them used that was very "If you're not with us, you're against us". How blatant was that at the time? Did anyone confront you regarding getting you to leave?

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Fuck you, I don't want Harper staring at me each time I pull a 20 out of my wallet.