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How bad is online censorship in Russia - including of social media and messaging services?

Do you feel the need to use VPNs?

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Follow up question:

I would argue that the church is basically a tax exempt real estate holding company. Is that a view widely shared on the inside? If not then do you think it’s honest confusion or a result of self-deception?

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Not just that. The way in which Miscavige managed to get the tax exempt status in the first place is fascinating. If he hadn’t succeeded the money owed because of Hubbard’s brazen history of tax fraud would have ruined the organization.


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Thanks for taking the time to do this!

Do you feel that the US government is doing enough to protect press freedom at home and especially around the world?

Have you ever felt that more official support could be given to (US) reporters and journalists who are imprisoned abroad for doing their work - maybe Jason can comment on this given his personal experience in Iran?

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Will Trudeau be re-elected?