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Timo Thanks for doing this AMA. I have 3 questions.

  1. Why haven't you called upon me to sever my hands to feed the rats inside the basement of your castle?

  2. Are you aiming for another Finnish winter release for Iron Sky 2? I had a lot of fun drunkenly walking around Tampere in the snow after that premiere party for Iron Sky. We dont get that much snow here in Australia.

  3. Will you re-sign my coat? Your signature doesn't look this fresh anymore


-- Rattus

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Hey Julia,

Thanks for doing this AMA.

You might not remember but we met at the premiere of Iron Sky in Tampere, And you signed my suit along with Timo, Stephenie Paul and Gotz Otto.

Anyway I just wanted to ask what it was like working with Danny Trejo and Jonathan Banks on Bullet.

Also how excited are you head to the Hollow Eath in Iron Sky 2?

Anyway, its 4am and It's time for me to go back to bed, I set my alarm so I didn't miss your AMA

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Asking for a friend?

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Thanks for the answer. Jonathan Banks looks like an angry man so its good to hear that he isn't an asshole or anything

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  1. Looking for places that sell dry ice.
  2. SNOW!
  3. Excellent.

Is the hang over from jaloviina? If so, I will gladly take any leftovers off your hands so you are not tempted to drink any more. I'll even pay shipping