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JankySwordfish63865 karma

Are you gonna develop Irish accents when talking English?

ACET875 karma

Luiz (one part of couple):I haven't developed Irish accent yet, but we learn a lot of Irish expression like 'Thanks a million'.

lefty52588 karma

Tanks a mill & cheers are forever stuck in my head from my semester abroad there

ACET81 karma

Tatiana: That´´´'s true, "Cheers" for everything! hahahaha

ACET825 karma

Aline: Yes, I think I have a little bit of Irish accent because it is just natural. I have been here for 1 year and 8 months.

JankySwordfish6383 karma

That was going to be my other question, how long have yall been there?

ACET813 karma

I have been for a long time. :) Also I would like to stay more time. This country is amazing. 😁

hamsterbeef14 karma

Not them. But a related factoid here is that apparently Lenin had an incomprehensibly thick Irish accent, because that's how his tutor spoke.

ACET87 karma

Lorenzo: Interesting! We didn't know that.

ACET88 karma

Patrick (teacher): Some students say they want to "lose" their Brazilian accents but I don't think they should try to "lose" or "get rid of anything". Of course they have to try to have clear pronunciation but I like Brazilian accents!

TheOxFromOutOfTheBox28 karma

Hoe have you been liking the cuisine so far?

ACET862 karma

Gabi: For me the Irish cuisine does not have a lot of variety. It`s good, but you can get sick of it very quickly. A lot of potatoes and bread every day... I`m getting fat hahaha

TheOxFromOutOfTheBox5 karma

Any special dishes you liked? Also, the Irish cricket team made its test debut the previous week. Was there any excitement around where you live?

ACET814 karma

Tatiana: My favourite dish is bacon with cabbage!

rowdyanalogue1 karma

How much do you miss Brazilian food?

Have you come up with some pretty interesting ways to make feijoada while you've been abroad?

ACET82 karma

I miss it a lot!! Once in a while someone brigs things from Brazil and sell it on Facebook. We also have the "Mercadinho" here in Cork, which is a Brazilian market, of course. There is a Brazilian cheff here who makes traditional dish from time to time. I've tried feijoada and vaca atolada, and they were very nice.

ACET811 karma

Gabi: I love the Irish Stew and of course the Irish Breakfast, but the last one I eat just on weekends. The rice pudding is really amazing too! About the cricket team, no one here in our class knew about it... in my host family they just like tennis and golf, so I really don't know anything about it.

timchenw17 karma

How do you compare the cleaniness of air in Ireland compared to Brazil?

I am from Taiwan, but lived in Ireland for over 13 years, I went back for a visit a few years ago and I realised I never really appreciated how clean the air in Ireland really is, and in Dublin no less.

ACET81 karma

Aline: I came from a small town in Brazil, there the air is quite clean. But it is just because there are not many industries there whereas in big cities such as São Paulo the air quality is bad. But I couldn’t agree more with you the air quality in Ireland is pretty good.

BolshevikAdolf16 karma

Isn’t it totally awful to go from the brazilian weather to the irish weather? I always wondered what it is for people who migrate from tropical countries to these rainy cold countries

ACET829 karma

Gabi: That's the only thing I hate about Ireland! I could live here forever if the weather was nicer. It's so hard for me to deal with all this rain and wind... and sometimes it's freezing! Cold for me is under 20°C, so you can imagine how much I suffer here

ravenchilde7 karma

Canadian reporting in: 5C is the start of T-Shirt and shorts weather.

20C is just a blissful summer day. By 24C you’re getting to damn hot and need to calm down!

ACET81 karma

In my city, it makes 25 to 35 degrees for almost 8 months, from October to May... That's my "normal" temperature, and I love it!

_dictator4life_14 karma

What's the craic!! What are your favourite Irish expressions and have you started using any of them?

ACET864 karma

Lorenzo: For me, at least, I wouldn't say it's a favorite, but more of a curious one: The fact that people here, instead of saying "bye" once while on the phne, they start a "bye" rampage! "byebyebyebyebye". Like, why?

ACET832 karma

Gabi: instead of speaking "fuck", some people here speak "feck". It is slightly more polite

ACET819 karma

Gabriela: To be honest, I don't really remember any Irish expression that I usually use, but they love saying "grand" instead of ok, great, no problem...

ACET818 karma

Luiz: In Cork city, people call you "boy" and "girl". It doesn’t matter how old you are. For example: "Thanks boy". Or sometimes even kid. For instance: "What's up kid?"

jp_books1 karma

Is that the same concept as calling someone moco or moca?

ACET81 karma

Luiz: yes, kind of. The correct spelling is Moço or Moça, in Portuguese we have this c: ç

ACET811 karma

Tatiana: "Do you know what I mean?" - you'll hear this expression a lot and it sounds like a single word!

goldenhawkes9 karma

What has been the most difficult thing about the english language to understand? And how has the english you learned before going to Ireland been different to what you are learning now?

ACET835 karma

Lorenzo: The Irish accent(s), expressions, that kinda stuff.

Well, the difference between traditional English, the one I have learned, and the same language in this island so close to England is mostly getting what people talk about, or, like, regular stuff as mundane as understanding the person that works at Tesco when you ask "where the heck do I find cabbage?" and they just go all out cork-city-accent on your ass. Which generally ends in my face just being a living question mark, because some people here are as bad as Aussies when it comes to making your life miserable when trying to understand them.

triface16 karma

Everyone in the class, including the teacher, runs for president. Who gets your vote?

To the musician: What instruments do you play? What genres of music do you like? (and no none of that, "I listen to anything I like" cop-out answers!)

To the vegetarian: I'm a vegetarian so it's cool to see what the landscape of vegetarian food is like overseas. What do you usually eat in Brazil and Ireland? Favourite dish? Favourite vegetable?

ACET810 karma

Tatiana: I'm the musician one! So, I've played the piano and the guitar since I was a child. As a Brazilian, I enjoy a good samba and bossa nova. Because the music classes I had done in the past, I started enjoying classical music as well. But to be honest what I'm really crazy about is rock'n roll. What I like the most are the classics as Led Zappellin, Deep Purple and Queen.

ACET81 karma

Patrick: Hi, I am the vegetarian. Being a vegetarian in Cork is great. There are loads of excellent vegetarian restaurants. There's one for all kinds of budgets. My Goodness (a cool market stall selling raw vegan food) and Cafe Paradiso (a very expensive but high quality restaurant) are my favourites but I can think of about 10 more. There are also lots of nice shops. Unfortunately the range of fruit and veg grown here can be a little limited and some things have to be imported. For instance I am crazy about bananas, avocados and aubergines and we import all of them from far away places.

In Brazil you can grow almost anything. I love the fruit there. I am from Ireland so I am not an expert on Brazilian cuisine. However, I did spend about 6 weeks travelling around the south and ate some delicious food. I mostly ate fruit. Watermelon, mango, açai, etc. I often ate basic dishes of rice and eggs with some tomatoes in restaurants. Unfortunately, most of the beans were cooked with meat so I couldn't have any. I love farofa too.

triface11 karma

Wow that's really awesome. Has it always been this way, or would you say it's more a surge in interest in vegetarianism that has led to so many food options?

ACET81 karma

Patrick: There has definitely been a recent explosion in interest in and demand for vegetarian food. About half of the veggie restaurants just opened in the last two or three years.

ACET81 karma

Tatiana: My vote goes to Patrick because I don't trust Brazilian politicians! I choose an Irish President! 😂

palbuddy12346 karma

What's the best way students can remember phrasal verbs? My students have the most trouble just using the appropriate ones. Also how can I teach the 'Th' sound in American English the best way so that my students can use them. Thanks in advance! Good luck in your studies!

ACET88 karma

Gabriela: About phrasal verbs, I think it helps when we learn the simplest and most used ones first, and then, when we have them memorised, we go for the "next level".

ACET86 karma

Lucas: I believe that the best way to remember phrasal verbs is to use them, but eventually we forget some that we don't use very often.

There's also a mobile game called Phrasal Nerds, although I haven't used it myself, I've been told it helps a lot!

ACET85 karma

Luiz: I prefer memorize list of them, it’s for me.

ACET83 karma

Gabi: for the TH sound, make sure your tongue is touching your top row teeth at the front. Some people put their tongue between the top row teeth, and other put it behind. Both are correct. The tongue should not touch the top of the mouth (palate).

etritor5 karma

Vocês poderiam dar algumas dicas para outros brasileiros que desejam melhorar a pronunciação em Inglês? E o que vocês estranharam quando chegaram Irlanda, comparado a cultura brasileira?

ACET81 karma

Luiz: sorry, I don’t want to be rude, but could you write in English.

Some people could be interested in your question.

etritor1 karma

Could you give some tips on how to learn pronunciation? And what did you think was weird when you arrived in Ireland (compared with the Brazilian culture)?

I'm not really sure if this is an accurate translation of my question but it will do the job.

ACET82 karma

Luiz: People can have a culture shock at the same moment that you arrive here, because all sign is bilingual (English an Irish), people are pale and shy, the currency is different and the products prices are as well. We like to celebrate more parties than Irish people, however the like party and holidays too.

My advice is open your mind, make friends and you should find you accommodation as fast as you can because here it is tough to find one bedroom 😎😂👍🏻

aslan-azjo5 karma

Hey there! A good friend of mine is moving to Dublin from Braganca Paulista in November. Any advice for a Brazilian who is looking to settle down in Ireland? :)

ACET82 karma

Luiz: The best advice I can give to him is good luck 🙃. He should come with his mind open and enjoy the city and make friends, because in November start to become darker and darker.

knightni735 karma

Why did you choose to live in Ireland instead of the UK or America for this class?

kamikazekeyser16 karma

Ireland has an education visa programme compelling to those wanting to avail.

ACET84 karma

Luiz: it’s true, we can study and work part time during our visa time in Ireland. The student visa here is called “Stamp 2”.

solid_russ3 karma

What's the biggest cultural difference between Brazil and Ireland? What made you think 'why the hell do you do it that way?' when you first encountered it?

ACET84 karma

Tatiana: Driving on the left! 😂

ACET81 karma

Lorenzo: Orange women, skirts being used in freezing cold nights, the weird fact that every single teenager has the exact same haircut and a weird affinity with tracksuits. Like... Irish gopniks? Young people here seem to lack personality or some sense of identity. I've got long hair and those fellas look at me on the street like "What's his deal?"

ACET81 karma

Lucas: some women here have fake tans on their legs, and it's really weird for me because they have really white skin and only their legs are orange!

saipanne3 karma

How do you feel about the number of Brazilians in Ireland? I know if I went to another country and saw so many Irish people I would kind of be disappointed, as I would like that experience to be something far away from my homeland.

Know what I mean?

ACET83 karma

Gabriela: Sure... I think everyone thinks like this before coming. I used to say that I would not make Brazilian friends, so that I would not speak Portuguese. But then I realized that speaking some Portuguese sometimes won't be that bad. Of course we have to be focused and make friends from other places as well. We're always helping each other, like for find house or job, what's very good.

meurynha2 karma

How do you guys like Gabrielle? Because I don't.

ACET83 karma

Gabi: No Nutoka for you

ACET81 karma

Gabriela: Who said we like her? Hahah I'm just joking, she's very nice 😁

ACET81 karma

Gabi: I'm not liking the direction of this conversation hahahahaha

contra_account2 karma

How do you feel about the English pronunciation of the letter R?

ACET82 karma

Lucas: I'm already used to it, but it was difficult for me to learn the pronunciation. Some parts of Brazil, like São Paulo, on the other hand already use that same sound in Portuguese, so it might be easier for them.

ACET81 karma

Gabriela: For me it's a trick one. Usually we tend to pronounce it as we do in Portuguese, especially when it's in the beginning of the word, like remember and relax. I don't even realize when I do that, so for me it's good to have someone who is always remaining me about it.

ACET82 karma

Gabi: I live in a city near São Paulo, and our accent is known as "hillbilly" by the other states... our R is very similar to english, so for me it is easy

nightmaretraining2 karma

What does the world think about Brazilians, and what do Brazilians think about Brazilians?

ACET81 karma

Gabi: unfortunately, some guys think Brazilian girls are quite "easy"

ACET81 karma

Lucas: I believe that people think that Brazilians are mostly happy and friendly, whereas most Brazilians I meet here focus on our flaws, like politics and some social issues.

ACET81 karma

Tatiana: The world thinks that we live in a big carnaval party or we keep swimming on the beach in a kind of holiday that never ends!

xsti2 karma

How do you porra caralho?

ACET82 karma

Luiz: Bad words

ACET82 karma

Tatiana: Bad language and bad grammar!

octopoddle1 karma

Have you ever seen a ghost?

ACET85 karma

Tatiana: Yes for sure! You will find one in Cork City Gaol or in Spike Island in Cobh! ;)

croninhos21 karma

Hey, a cousin of mine just arrived in Ireland for the same thing! How long have you guys been there?

ACET81 karma

Gabi: I have been here for 3 months almost :)

croninhos21 karma

Como tem sido as coisas ai? Quais as maiores dificuldades?

hehe, aqui a família está toda preocupada com meu primo! Mó saudade já

A galera ai, em geral, tem perspectivas de ficar mais tempo no país?

Sei que foram meio "grandes" as perguntas, então podem responder o que quiiser

ACET81 karma

Just in English guys, please!

paajehu1 karma

Have you been traveling around there? What places would you recommend to visit? I've got a trip booked for July.

ACET81 karma

Lucas: I arrived here recently so I haven't traveled that much, but there are some astonishing views in The Ring of Kerry near Glengarriff!

lordyhill1 karma

missing the sun already?

ACET81 karma

Gabriela: We missed it for a long time. But now it's great, incredible 17 degrees and a very sunny day.

ACET81 karma

Tatiana: I've been missing the sun since the day I arrived here on the 26th of May 2017.

BrickTopsHenchman1 karma

Boa tarde! Eu estou aprendendo Português. Devo aprender Português Brasileiro ou Europeu? O que mais fácil ou mais  útil?( Sorry if that's not perfect, I'm finding European very hard!!)

ACET81 karma

Aline: You are doing well. Your Portuguese written is pretty impressive. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

MarconisTheMeh1 karma

McGregor vs RDA. Who wins and why?

ACET82 karma

Hopefully RDA. I think he might have the edge because he is better if the fight goes to the mat but it is a tough one to call. I would love to see them fight. I will definitely be cheering for RDA in his fight against Covington.

Hoffmann991 karma

Cabe mais um? Hahah

ACET82 karma

Tatiana: We don't recognize Portuguese! In English, please! 😂

Hoffmann992 karma

Sorry, hahah. I've asked if there's any room for another one.

ACET82 karma

Of course there is room! Come and join us. :)

SopaDeMolhoShoyu1 karma

Ae, brasileiro também aqui! Tenham muito sucesso nessa jornada na Irlanda!

As a sports fan, is soccer popular in Ireland?

ACET82 karma

Aline: Yes, soccer is popular here although if I compare to how we are crazy about soccer in Brazil, the Irish people are not that crazy about.

freddy112rs1 karma

Is that more than a billion??

ACET81 karma

Luiz: 200 million

GraharG1 karma

Do any of you have those cool teacups with straws they have in South Brazil? Is there much cultural differences between the north and South of Brazil?

ACET81 karma

Luiz: Yes, a lot of differences. I am originally from southeast of Brazil and I can’t understand their Portuguese sometimes. The difference could be found in several cultures such as food, arts, clothes and human features.

ACET81 karma

Gabi: as you said, this is pretty common on the south of Brazil. if you visit the north and the south, you may think that they are even different countries! The weather, the food, the accent (some words too), the economy, mostly everything vary each part of Brazil. But I have to say they are both wonderful in their own way!

WhereisAlexGulikers1 karma

My jiu jitsu coach is from Brazil so I'm very familiar with the accent.. But I can't imagine and Brazilian-Irish accent. Any chance you guys could make a video so we can hear how your English is coming along? Obrigado!

ACET81 karma

Gabriela: Wow, that's a good idea! 😀

ACET81 karma

I like that idea too!

IstvanPVP1 karma

What is your main goal of learning English? Im from the Netherlands myself and my sister lives for 3 years in Rio. Pretty funny she is teaching English there. I have been to Brazil a few times to see my sister but barely anyone spoke English.

ACET81 karma

Aline: Whereas in Netherlands the majority part of population speaks English. Luiz and I, I am the another part of the couple, we had been in Utrecht for 3 months before we came to Ireland. We just learnt some words in Dutch but we could communicate really well in English when we were there.

ACET81 karma

Aline: Unfortunately you are right, just 2% of our population is able to speak English. Although the young Brazilian generation have studied English, because nowadays it’s a essential skill even when we don’t want to live abroad. Answering your question I think the desire of all of us is becoming fluent in English.

ACET81 karma

Gabi: in the old days, English was seen as a plus to get a job. Today, however, having fluent English is a necessary requirement for almost any job in Brazil. Because is the most importante language in the world, is very important for us to speak the best english we can. Also, all the tests to enter in universities (we call this exam "vestibular") have some questions in English. Last, we need english to travel, to communicate with people from other nationalities, to listen to foreign songs and to watch foreign movies...

BroBrown_1821 karma

Sou brasileiro também! Tenho interesse em fazer um intercambio, poderiam dizer quais as vantagens/diferenças da Irlanda pro aprendizado do Inglês?

ACET81 karma

Tatiana: We don't recognise Portuguese! Just in English, please!

meurynha1 karma

Do you know that Gabrielle isn't spanish?

ACET81 karma

Gabi: OMG, you told the world my secret

catacavaco1 karma

Whats the story ? How's the form ?

ACET81 karma

All good.

ACET81 karma

Morning glory? (reference)

iforgotmysn1 karma

English can be a tough language to learn, what tools helped you with understanding English? My friend's mom is trying to learn English through games, any online games or phone apps you recommend for an older generation?

ACET82 karma

Duo Lingo is the most popular but it is probably only good to get started. BBC Learning English is a fantastic website.

ACET82 karma

Tatiana: Netflix is absolutely useful for me because I can watch movies with audio and subtitles in English. It helps me a lot with pronunciation and spelling.

danielle_kb1 karma

Since you guys are fairly fluent in English but still learning, what are things that native speakers can do or not do that makes understanding and communicating easier?

ACET83 karma

Lucas: My main issue when I got here was that people talk really fast, it took me quite some time to get used to it.

danielle_kb1 karma

Did you just try to pick out key words in order to understand?

ACET82 karma

Gabriela: it depends on the person who you're talking to. Usually, for me, it is still almost impossible to understand everything, so it's essential to identify some key words and the context.

TenAndTwoAndBack1 karma

Are any of you from Recife? What do you think of Naçao Zumbi?

ACET81 karma

Aline: No, the majority of us are from São Paulo or cities nearby. Lucas is from Espírito Santo and Gabriela is from Bahia.

kdp1231 karma

How many Guinness have you had today?

ACET82 karma

Gabi: Any bottle because is still early... I can answer you later with a different score hahaha

ACET81 karma

Tatiana: I don't remember! We are still drunk!

omaixa1 karma

Olá! Were you prepared for the difference in climate or did you have to make adjustments once you were in Ireland?

ACET82 karma

Gabriela: if you have a waterproof jacket, you're prepared haha I knew that the biggest problem is the annoying rain, but to be honest, it's not as bad as I had thought before coming. It's very cold (at the least for me) in winter, but there's heater everywhere. Now it's summer and it's great! It's bright until 9 or 10 pm.

DroIvarg1 karma


ACET82 karma


ACET82 karma

Our friend Chris, who works at the school, does BJJ. He trains at Irish Martial Arts Studio which is a great place.

SchoolingLife0 karma

Does every Brazilian plays futebol?

ACET81 karma

Definitely not hahah I'm not even interested in football. Ah, and it's the same about carnival!

ACET81 karma

Definitely not hahah I'm not even interested in this.

ACET81 karma

Tatiana: Yes, absolutely! I broke my friend's leg once at school... I was a really, really good player! hahahahaha

Honeymnstr0 karma

Is it okay to make jokes about 7-1 now?

ACET82 karma

Gabi: NO! We will never forget about it :(

ACET81 karma

Aline: As far as I know the Brazilian team won a World Cup in Germany. Also the last game was between Germany and Brazil. 😂😂😂

ACET81 karma

Tatiana: Are you German? 🤔

jp_books0 karma

How long did it take you to understand the grammar of calling yourself a "class of brazilians" without having to specify you're talking about people? Most English learners would say "a class of a thousand people" or "a group of billions of students" but it takes a more advanced level to understand you can just say dozens, brazilians or any other number without specifying that you are talking about people.

Also, oi de Fortaleza.

ACET81 karma

Luiz: Thuba

HAC522-1 karma

Why is Brazil so terrible at sportsmanship?

I've never seen a more unsportsmanlike audience during the world cups and Olympics.Truly shameful. Throwing garbage at, and actively booing, oposing teams.

ACET82 karma

Luiz: we are nice, but we’re very competitive and also emotive.