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What skills should someone have before taking what seems to be an extremely difficult but lucrative job? What makes someone stand out versus what makes someone not fit the mold, in your opinion.

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Do you ever get to a point where the money and fame aren't worth the energy you're putting in? How do you power through?

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Hi there. If you don't mind answering something from your Mormon past. I've met quite a few Mormons overseas. Though their intentions are good, and they try their best to assimilate by learning local languages and customs it always seems they get tricked by locals into various scams. I've met more than a few that come to teach English in China, though don't make money, live in terrible conditions, and more often than not teach on illegal visas. My question is do many Mormons just kind of accept this as the cost of doing their missionary work? Or perhaps is there a bit of intentional blinders. Any stories of being overseas yourself? I try my best to help them out, cooking American food for them and help them out but always feel there is an artificial wall as they really don't want me to taint them. Am I correct in this assumption? All the best!

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As an adult, are you aware how weird the teletubbies are?

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Wow! How did you go from Roots to Star Trek to Reading Rainbow? That's a varied resume of different films! Do you actively search out different movies and TV shows? Or does it just kind of happen! Thanks! I read to my kids every night!