I'm Aella! This is me on Twitter, proving my mettle.

I started off homeschooled, devout, and isolated from the outside world in a professionally evangelical religious family, where I was really into stuff like "protesting abortion clinics" and "a 6000 year old earth" and "feeling superior because I avoided Harry Potter".

Then, in a radical act that surprised no one, I left the faith and spent five years being a camgirl and nude mime on Myfreecams and Chaturbate for five years.

I also had the #1 post on GoneWild for a few years, where I got abducted by gnomes, and then in the years following proceeded to get sent every gnome joke known to humanity.

Then I did high doses of LSD ~once a week for ten months until I almost died. If this story strikes a chord of longing in you, I've made a Discord server which will have an overactive banhammer for the first week.

I just shot a documentary where I did 250ug LSD on camera and shrieked a lot. It's gonna be out next month, and it's by the people who did Oxyana, Florida Man, American Juggalo, and a few other awesome things. If you wanna see it when it comes out, they have a mailing list where they update people on new work. I'll also be posting about it through Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.

I now work on/live in a dating app startup that runs out of New York!

Also if you wanna feed me more of your beautiful data, take this survey about your psychedelic use, or take or this application to a tiny psychedelic festival I'm hosting in a castle in France.


**edit** lovely answering all your questions guys, I'm gonna step away from the computer now. I might come back for another few rounds later on, as I'm addicted to reddit as a chronic issue. Thank you all so much!

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hellofriend193159 karma

What motivated you to keep going through the year of LSD?

Party_Monster_Blanka4823 karma

Probably the LSD if I had to guess.

FlimsyShip408 karma

I gotta ask, where did you get enough acid to even sustain an addiction? Asking for a friend.

AellaGirl488 karma

Maybe I was addicted to acid, but if I was I don't think it's in the sense that most people see addiction. Acid was not an escape, it was not comfortable, and it often was extremely painful. I was afraid every time before I did it. I still am afraid. It felt like masochism. I kept going back because it felt useful and I grew in understanding of myself each time, and I wanted to keep learning.

AellaGirl1830 karma

LSD is super awesome dude. It's extremely intense and I'm really addicted to intense things - especially intense things that I can't escape once it's begun, sort of like a roller coaster and less like swimming in cold water.

_Born_To_Be_Mild_271 karma

Have you ever tried DMT?

AellaGirl483 karma

Yes! It's been a while though, and I have an extremely sensitive throat - coughing after vaping - so I haven't done it recently. I've watched most of my friends do it recently, though.

_Born_To_Be_Mild_73 karma

What was your experience like?

AellaGirl110 karma

Physically intense, I felt like my body was shaking. I saw fractals and egyptian symbolism, though it's hard to remember. I prefer doing larger doses of LSD, but it's possible I haven't done an intense enough DMT trip yet.

randomevenings52 karma

I'm honestly surprised you never had a truly bad trip. You wouldn't be still messing around with it if you had one, it's not gatekeeping, it's true as the earth is round. I was doing LSD often when I was younger. All it took was one truly bad trip. At this point I would likely shoot myself if I found out I was dosed. It left me with PTSD and other issues I had to deal with for many years after. I feel like you aren't respecting the drug. It's awesome, but I've learned that LSD does have a serious element of danger in that one cannot have complete control over where the trip is going to go. If you have learned about all you can about yourself from the drug, I would say stop taking it. At this point you are flirting with some serious mental health problems. There are doors that, once open, cannot be closed. There is knowledge, that once known, cannot be unknown. The relative strength of your character isn't going to make you immune to a bad trip.

(EDIT: I wonder if you are a true sociopath or something similar. That's not meant as an insult, but to do LSD that often and in so many uncomfortable settings... and never have a bad trip that swears you off the drug... One wonders)

AellaGirl126 karma

I think that LSD isn't right for everyone. I've taken it 50+ times and have deliberately induced extremely difficult or dark experiences, such as listening to painful music, forcing myself to think about things, or isolating myself.

I think probably my risk for 'very bad trip' in the sense you mean it is pretty low. It might not be low for others, though, or for you.

Edit in response to your edit: I mean bad trip in the sense you mean it. I definitely suffered excruciating agony on trips, absolutely. If you consider this bad, then yes I've had a lot of bad trips.

TransGirlInCharge2095 karma

Why did you decide to do a documentary where you did LSD and yelled?

AellaGirl2679 karma

I was running out of things to do on LSD. Filming it seemed like a great next step.

roastbeefmuff542 karma

Have you seen the doc yet?

What are your thoughts on it?

If not, what are your expectations on how it will turn out?

AellaGirl850 karma

I haven't seen it yet.

I'm really nervous and excited. It's interesting because my memory of the film process is so dreamlike and altered, and so I don't have a good idea at all about what it looked like.

roastbeefmuff180 karma

Oh wow!

I hope it turns out well and portrays you in a good light! If anything, it's exposure so that's good.

Know any cool mime jokes?

AellaGirl276 karma

I love the filmmakers, and I introduced them to LSD a few years ago with a 300ug dose. They really respect the stuff, and this film is an act of honor to the psychedelic experience by all of us.

forever1228156 karma

Damn 300 to start? They must've been on the moon.

AellaGirl345 karma

Yeah I was a little overenthusiastic in the early days. To be clear I do not recommend dosing people 300ug their first trip. This is a bad idea. It went great for them but in general it's risky and I should not have done that.

Laurotica896 karma

Hi Aella!

On Tumblr (I think) a while ago I saw a post about your no-shampoo experience that I found really informative and interesting. Do you still keep up with a no shampoo routine?

Also, what was the best part of your camming experience? The worst?

AellaGirl654 karma

I do still no poo!

It's fuckin great. I love my hair. I love how it feels like ropes, and I'm developing a deep affection for the mild grease that keeps it textured and thick.

The best part was the feeling of being able to entertain and develop skills doing that entertaining. I loved mimeshows, dancing, being creative. The worst was that these things never earned as much money as being sexy. I understand it and I don't judge, but years experiencing greater success about things that were less fun but also way easier really wore on my joy of the thing.

**edit** This isn't the tumblr post you were referring to, but it's a more recent one: https://aellagirl.tumblr.com/post/171109235236/an-example-of-my-no-poo-routine-the-first-photo

Criss-Istr750 karma

Hey. Are you in therapy at all? Or have you considered trying it?

AellaGirl444 karma

I started therapy a few days ago for a really specific stressor in my life that I'm having difficulty thinking through on my own. Why did you ask this question?

turnip-cake379 karma

How do you pronounce your name?

AellaGirl430 karma


McDurr349 karma

What got you into crypto? Most standout psychedelic experience?

AellaGirl616 karma

My damn friend Victor started evangelizing to me in 2012, thank god for Victor.

I was one of the earliest sex workers to start accepting crypto; I advertised accepting payments in BTC in early 2013.

Edit: I forgot to respond with standout psychedelic experience! Probably when I took 600ug alone in my bedroom, no music. It was beautiful, and that was the trip that permanently crossed my feelings of pain/pleasure into one thing.

abominationz777213 karma

Dam. You're probably rolling in $$$ rn then haha

AellaGirl716 karma

The HODL meme is not one to be taken lightly. the HODL meme is powerful, forged in the flame of selling most of my BTC at $300.

dodgingwrenches93 karma

You should get in touch with Spankchain. They're working on a cam site and have a ton of models on their team!

AellaGirl148 karma

I was lucky enough to see their whitepaper before they released it. I've talked with Ameen and he's super great.

bitesports32 karma

Ameen is very smart

AellaGirl49 karma

he really is. I have a lot of faith in Spankchain because of this.

cognitivicta256 karma

Hi Aella! Thanks for chatting with us today.

What do you find is the most beneficial aspect of tripping once a month? Also, what books are you reading?

AellaGirl241 karma

Are you asking me how it was for me when I tripped once a week? Or the general idea of tripping once a month?

If the latter, it's really person dependent. I have a theory that people who trip fall into one of two categories - people who construct beliefs and people who don't. My theory is also that people who don't construct beliefs would benefit more from frequent tripping.

edit Also I'm not reading a book so much as I am hooked on this blog: http://slatestarcodex.com/

cognitivicta78 karma

Definitely the latter and can you elaborate more on "constructing beliefs" and how these individuals would benefit more, specifically? This is very interesting.

When I tripped a long time ago, aside from being high, I found myself asking questions I just had never considered before. So perhaps this is what you mean a bit. How can you know what your beliefs are if you haven't really asked the right questions?

AellaGirl194 karma

So again: This is a theory.

About 70% of people I talk to report 'belief constructing' on some level, and usually this manifests as a confusion about the environment that turns into a theory about the environment that feels real. For example, I once tripsat a guy who kept thinking his hand was cut open even though I told him it wasn't. Another guy thought he was a prophet sent from the heavens. The higher dose belief constructivists take, the more obvious and intense their altered beliefs.

My theory is that people who experience belief construction tend to find psychedelic use less productive overall - though they certainly find it at least moderately productive.

Deconstruction is more about belief loss - about 30% of people (my extremely rough estimate) report gaining no additional beliefs, no matter how high the dose.

Both categories tend to ask themselves new questions, though.

suprachromat56 karma

Trying to understand your belief constructing theory here. Do you mean to say that people who do belief construction while tripping mistake the hallucinations for reality and therefore "buy in", whereas there's 30% that don't (they realize it's part of the trip?)

Also, thanks for sharing your perspective, this is interesting stuff.

AellaGirl54 karma

Yes, I mean that belief construction happens when people assign "reality" to the hallucinations. Saying that belief deconstructionists realize it's part of the trip is kinda right, but I wanna clarify that they might not think, "I am on a drug, so this isn't real" - I mean that any belief that enters the mind is released, so they might equally question the experience of being on a drug and the experience of their hallucination, as opposed to favoring one over the other.

sanmyaku200 karma

LSD micro-dosing seems to be a trend right now. What are your thoughts (experiences?) on this, given your recent LSD experiments?

PS: Love your Twitter, and your polls.

AellaGirl288 karma

I microdose. I'm trying the microdose routine where it's so low you don't notice it, and look for effects after weeks of use. I'm around week 3.

DennisNedrey143 karma

Where did you get the idea for nude miming?

AellaGirl296 karma

I was a few months into camming and it was Halloween. Someone had left a tube of white facepaint out, so I jokingly 'went mime' for a show. It stuck, I loved it, the people watching loved it, so I kept doing it, bought better mime makeup, got trapped in infinite boxes.

Kittyseattlitech130 karma

Hey Aella! I’ve loved your camshows and you are one of the camgirls that inspired me to try out this profession. What were some of the best and worst things about being a camgirl?

AellaGirl275 karma

Aw, thank you!

For me, the best thing was autonomy, control, and the ability to be creative and experimental in my work.

The worst thing is that it was soul sucking and the version of me that men wanted to pay was not a version that was close to the real me at all. I am very likely on the autism spectrum and my body language and mannerisms are not very warm most of the time.

soiducked50 karma

I'm probably autism spectrum as well and have always wanted to try camming but been too worried that I wouldn't be able to do the emotional performance aspect convincingly. Do you have any tips?

AellaGirl34 karma

Camming is very hard for people with autism, but there's always people into niche. Some guys liked me because I was very different. You won't make top money pushing into that niche, but you can still make a living.

Guiltyhero128 karma

What is a bible verse you like?

When you look into a mirror, which eye do you look into naturally?

Do you plan on experiencing peyote?

What is your outlook on dying?

AellaGirl173 karma

coincidentally my favorite bible verse has to do with looking into a mirror. It's the last few verses of 1 Cor. 13. It's such a cliche passage but I love it:

" Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. 9 For we know in part and we prophesy in part, 10 but when completeness comes, what is in part disappears. 11 When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me. 12 For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known. 13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love."

I look into my right eye. What eye do you look into? I'm going to make this a twitter poll. https://twitter.com/Aella_Girl/status/993883735710892032

I would like to try peyote yes! I haven't had much of an opportunity to. I really want to try mescaline.

I have a love-hate relationship with dying. Right now I'm more on the love side. Why did you ask this question?

mwg543957 karma

If you really want to try it you can order cacti with mescaline in them online and it’s pretty easy to do a crude extraction and end up with a vile tasting mescaline drink. Definitely worth it. Had no clue who you were but pretty interesting AMA. Do you ever trip in total darkness, no LEDs visible or anything? Easily my favorite way to amp up the experience.

AellaGirl50 karma

I didn't know I could do that! Are the cacti legal to order online? I might give this a shot.

I have tripped in total darkness/silence before, yes. I think that might be my favorite way to trip.

trrale001117 karma

Big fan of your twitter polls - are you using them for anything bigger other than the database you shared a while ago? Any good "meta-research" coming out of it yet?

AellaGirl86 karma

Thank you! I really wish I were, it's hard to get meta research because twitter polls are maybe the shittiest format you can get.

Not much meta research from the twitter polls, except maybe that the people who follow me on twitter are getting more normie over time.

For context for others: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1q2plaBw2UEYelx8bFP1dEi9zAcH5se_ZJvxLZISdN8o/edit?usp=sharing

hellofriend1971 karma

Do you personally use any nootropics?

AellaGirl126 karma


Actually it's mostly Phenibut right now, which is fucking incredible. I've reduced my alcohol consumption by like 80% since taking Phenibut. Best thing for parties, reducing social anxiety, increasing talkativeness and comfort. It's like super low dose, way more subtle version of MDMA.

dysgraphical63 karma

What was your experience with homeschooling? Do you feel you got an adequate education on par with other students?

One of homeschooling's rather biggest criticism is the inability, or difficulty in having the student engaged in socialization - do you feel this criticism was true in your experience?

AellaGirl176 karma

I was homeschooled for all of it, minus 3 months when I was 14 and they stuck me in high school (they later removed me because I had unsupervised internet access there).

The inefficiency of public school was absolutely astounding. I spent SO MANY hours in that building and learned a fifth of what I could have learned in a half day at home. I couldn't learn at my own pace, I had to wait for teachers and other students. I did busywork.

I didn't understand cultural norms though, and was definitely the weird Jesus kid. I was well socialized with other homeschoolers, though - all the local homeschooling families got together every Monday to have little homeschooled classes taught by the moms.

CastiNueva60 karma

I took a look at your mime stuff and it's hilarious. You seem to be a very creative person with a great sense of humor.

One of the reasons I got into doing recording for GoneWildAudio here on Reddit was for the creativity. I got a name for myself at one point for being about the only person doing genuinely humorous erotic audio recordings. I discovered that I am a creative person, though part of me suspects that I'm wasting it here.

Did you ever feel that way about being in adult entertainment, that your talents were wasted on people who were just looking for a quick fix? Have you ever regretted going down that route as opposed to something completely not sex related, and yet in a creative industry?

AellaGirl71 karma

Can you link me your best thing? I've also done a humorous erotic audio recording or two: https://aellagirl.tumblr.com/post/157508955376/aellagirl-so-a-few-years-ago-a-guy-online-sent-me

I don't regret camming, even though I didn't enjoy a lot of it. The 'talents being wasted' thing is sort of benefit as well. I did well because few other people were doing entertainment stuff, so I didn't have much competition.

grade_a_eggs58 karma

Hey there! First off, it's wonderful it is to have people like you making nudity fun and funny.

How many dick pics do you get sent per week?

How many do you open?

AellaGirl45 karma

I quit camming in... September 2017 I think? And I scrubbed most of my easily accessible public image of things like lingerie and boobies, so I don't get dick pics anymore. I'm extremely dick pic ambivalent. I think I'm ambivalent about most things.

lddiamond51 karma

Hi Aella,

Do you feel your mental capacity has changed in any way from all the LSD? As in long term effects.

I'm curious because LSD is starting to show up as alternative medicine for a lot of disorders.

AellaGirl51 karma

I wrote a post about this! https://knowingless.com/2018/01/17/permanent-mental-effects-from-lsd/

I do have long term effects yes. Some are negative but the majority are positive.

stevenr445 karma

How do you think your life would have turned out if you were born male instead of female?

AellaGirl55 karma

I am deeply unsure. My upbringing was very very gender role-y; women were trained to be submissive, and 'obeying your husband' was like a well accepted cultural virtue. My world would have been completely different if I were a boy; I would have been conditioned to be more aggressive, and more pressured to make more money to support a family one day.

If I were a boy I assume I would be less afraid of life in general, that I would have more preferences, and that I would go for what I wanted more often.

bebblebr0x41 karma

No one's asked I don't think

What religion were you raised in? Former Adventist wondering :-)

AellaGirl53 karma

Oh I was one of those dirty Sunday worshippers. I was Calvinist.

Vic_Rattlehead40 karma

So you were predetermined to go into camwork! It was all part of the plan all along...

AellaGirl40 karma


hellofriend1941 karma

How did you get started on LessWrong/SSC?

AellaGirl51 karma

I dated a guy who was into it, and slowly by osmosis I realized I was into it too.

Then one day I was in irc in some random religion channel, and I met some dude who happened to have been the same type of faith I was (reformed Calvinist), and lived 20 minutes away. He invited me to a Lesswrong meetup. This was in Seattle at the time, in the early stages of its rationalist community. I went and got absorbed completely.

Trinitykill13 karma

Not really a question but there's a rationalist fanfic of Harry Potter called Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality that you might like, in case you haven't read it already!

Edit: I also just thought of a question, after all your experiences, what would be your advice to someone taking LSD for the first time?

AellaGirl28 karma

oh yeah man I went to the southern coast of Turkey in a treehouse but instead of enjoying the sights I got sucked into that damn book

bluemitersaw6 karma

Never heard of LessWrong until this. Well it's right up my alley!! So thanks for that.

Side note, which won't of the Calvinists by chance? Do you mean the Christian Reformed Church by chance? Aka, Dutch Reformed Calvinists?

AellaGirl8 karma

I don't mean the Dutch, actually, I mean Calvinist theology, 5-point Calvinism and catechism memorization.

Deranfan29 karma

How does someone go from extremely religious conservative to camgirl taking drugs?

CrusaderKingstheNews58 karma

Pretty sure that story is more common than an extremely religious conservative staying that way.

AellaGirl65 karma

It's not, but it's a story you hear more often. You don't hear about the majority of religious conservatives that stay that way for the rest of their lives. Almost everybody I knew growing up are still back there.

mapipolo28 karma

Do you continue to cultivate close relationships with fundamentalist Christians (other than family) from your days in those circles? If so, what do you feel you get out of those relationships, and conversely what do you feel they are “in it” for?

My own story is quite similar to yours (homeschooled ultra-fundamentalist Christian in SW Montana... now a dirty atheist east coaster) and this is a dynamic that has never been comfortable to navigate. So many kind and cherished people, but with few exceptions they seem to prefer to pretend as if nothing has changed.

AellaGirl45 karma

No, I have no close relationships with fundamentalist Christians. You have to understand and accept a person to be close with them, and I feel not understood or accepted by them, while I feel at least a marginally greater level of understanding and acceptance of them. This has made my relationship with my mother really difficult.

I've got the privilege of living in NYC right now, so I don't have to deal with it. I'm sorry you're stuck in SW Montana, that's rough country. I grew up in Idaho.

garglemyload28 karma

How much have you earned?

Does your family know what you do, and if so how have they handled it?

AellaGirl103 karma

So I didn't actually earn that much total, but I made around $200/hr, and my best earning month was around $400/hr.

My family knew what I was doing and they were not okay with it. They mostly don't talk about it. My mom is very much of the 'pretend everybody is a happy traditional family' mindset.

AellaGirl38 karma

I did! I met him at the vegas AVNs a few years back. My friend Kate and I did a little interview for a documentary being made about him at the time, but this was a bit before his reputation went down like a poorly built boat.

Reagalan12 karma


I'm also doing LSD every week this year. Now in the fifth month. Microdoses or light trips on weekdays, proper trips on the weekends, a dose every 2-3 days on average. Had 35ug just eight hours ago and had some respectable closed-eye visuals. it's been unexpectedly smooth so far. No HPPD, no anxiety, not really anything negative to say about it.

I probably wouldn't be trying this if I hadn't run into your post about it. Thanks for the inspiration!

Do you forsee LSD and other psychedelics legalized for recreational use at some point in our lifetimes?

AellaGirl20 karma

That's fantastic! I would love if you keep updating me every few months on this journey. What doses are you taking for the weekends? How are you dealing with tolerance build?

For me, month 5 was also really incredible. I'm interested if you begin to lose yourself too.

Snuffy171711 karma

Your dinosaur dance was top notch!! Keep up the great work :D

A few years back you and a bunch of other girls stayed in a giant house together and all cam'd for a few days... Any chance of a repeat?

AellaGirl19 karma

Thank you! Unfortunately no. I'm still good friends with two of those girls, but the third one is on her own path now. Also I quit camming.

mmorekarma7 karma

How do you recommend getting over a bad trip?

AellaGirl20 karma

Don't try to get over it, just watch yourself have the feelings you're having, and accept it. What an interesting experience this is!

Threeknucklesdeeper7 karma

Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck?

AellaGirl6 karma

I did not prepare for this. Let me crowdsource my answer https://twitter.com/Aella_Girl/status/993887277574221824

I_Ajvanho_I5 karma

What would you rather to exist?

A giant lobster that lives in the sea, but sometimes comes out into cities and rekts the place up

Or a giant mosquito that lives in African deserts, but sometimes lands in cities and rekts the place up

AellaGirl7 karma

I'm imagining the mosquito as softer, which is slightly less terrifying. I feel like it would be easier to snap body parts off of it. Now I feel guilty for thinking about snapping off its legs.

roastbeefmuff3 karma

What do you think you would be doing if you hadn't stepped outside your religion?

Does your internet fame play a part in your real world day-to-day activities? Do random people recognize you?

AellaGirl9 karma

I would be married and a pregnant stay-at-home housewife right now, definitely.

Random people do recognize me. I just met someone who somehow recognized me from the Gnome post, despite that it was four years ago and when I met him I my hair was up and I had glasses on. I'm so impressed by that facial recognition. Hi Michael!

keestie3 karma

Holy shit! I saw you in those GIFs, and you were in Vice's "Cam Girlz", right? So sweet learning that you had a similar upbringing to me, and interested in similar things! I really wanna cam, but us male-bodied people have a harder time if we can't pass.

Anyhow that's enough blah-blah. My questions for you: what is your take on this FOSTA bullshit? Also, since you are moving away from belief-construction (which I find fascinating), what do you think about how we should (or whether we should?) approach creating positive social change, since basically all of our social change and social organization structures have historically involved belief construction?

AellaGirl5 karma

That was VeryApe's documentary, not Vice! You can watch it here: http://www.veryape.tv/camgirlz/

Yeah, cam guys have it rough. I still think there's a market out there for actually good male cam entertainers though. Try imagining you're a girl and then go to the male section of chaturbate. It's the shittiest shit one can shit.

I haven't researched FOSTA enough to have an educated opinion on it, but I've heard the whole "it's fucking up the lives of sex workers" and if that is true then I am mad about it. I'm also generically mad because I have a default 'no' state to regulation.

I think if we have a hurtful stimuli, we can relieve it in one of two ways - either we stop the stimuli, or we modify our response to it. I think social outreach is very much a "stop the stimuli" thing, which is a perfectly acceptable method. I prefer the "modify our response to it" way of thought. A lot of what I'm interested in is changing our relationship to pain, in a sort of zen sense. I think this is why I'm moving towards belief deconstruction.

greenturtleshell3 karma

Hey there umm how do you think your inner philosophy differs from most people? In a similar vein, what unique aspects do your thought processes have?

AellaGirl3 karma

The way my thoughts 'feel' inside my head are radically altered after heavy LSD use. It's extremely difficult to describe. It's sort of like.... instead of a tightly woven mesh, it's been loosened, and I know where the fabric is but I also am hyper aware of where all the fabric isn't. I feel more awareness of where thoughts get birthed, than I used to.

My inner philosophy is pretty zen, or at least matches up the best with what I've heard zen people say. It has to do a lot with like... causality reversal? Instead of "reality creates you," it's "you create reality." Instead of "You discover truth," it's like "you create truth."

I want to be careful saying that cause I feel like it's very easy to take those words in a way that I don't exactly mean.

derbz2 karma

Hey Aella,

Just want you to know I love your twitter, you get me thinking a lot. I use your polls pretty consistently as discussion starters. It's fun.

People talk about 'trust' a lot when it comes to blockchain and crypto trading. Some call the process 'trustless' as there's no one you need to trust - no intermediary, no interaction with your counterpart. I'm curious how you feel about the term 'trustless.' I think it's a bit misleading as it makes it sound like the process shouldn't be trusted, but I have a hard time coming up with another term. What do you think?

AellaGirl6 karma

This reminds me of when I first heard the word 'priceless.' It confused me so much - wouldn't priceless be objects priced at zero? Wasn't it just trash?

Priceless still sounds a little weird. I agree with you on the term trustless, but I also sort of like the sharpness of that word. I like that it makes me feel like a distended node.

ExestentialBread2 karma

Hey Aella. Your use of Twitter completes my life. What is a previously strongly held belief recently that you changed your mind about?

AellaGirl13 karma

Besides thinking evolution was a lie and that God created the world in 6k years?

Probably some deep epistemological shifts. I used to have a framework about reality that I don't anymore, but it's pretty hard to explain in a quick reddit comment. I shifted from a more western to eastern view, in a sense? I don't know anything about philosophy though so I don't know if that's even an accurate description.

ValterSkywalker1 karma

Hi Aella! Did you ever try to write a book of your life? Your story is amazing sex drugs everything that sells. You must have so many stories and lessons to tell. Thanks for your time

AellaGirl2 karma

I was recently approached by two different agents expressing interest in representing me for a book, so.... yes, I'm starting the process now.

Charred_Ice1231 karma

You tryna meet up for some LSD and body paint...? In all seriousness if you say you've done it all on LSD you haven't until you've crossed off dosing at a water park and LSD/body paint with your S/O. Two wildly different but incredibly rewarding experiences

AellaGirl3 karma

ah my apologies I have not actually dosed at a water park. That sounds fuckin incredible.

I did, however, once meet a guy off okcupid. He showed up at my door for the first time, we immediately dropped acid, and then went to church, and after the service was over I told everybody I was god.

imredheaded1 karma

Hi Aella! Big fan!

Do you have any recommendations or tips for a male that wants to enter the cam business? I had a following for a while but kind of got bored with it a bit as it felt I had shown every possible angle in pics/videos so it fell off for me.

AellaGirl4 karma

I've told a million men this who've never seriously tried, but I think there might just be a market for a guy who's a good entertainer. It's not hard to stand out! Go look at the wall of jerking dicks. You gotta do like literally one tiny interesting thing with one prop and you're way ahead of the game.

SnakeArmpit1 karma


AellaGirl15 karma

I don't really understand the question, would you mind rephrasing?

fartfacepooper1 karma

Why did you avoid Harry Potter?

AellaGirl2 karma

Because it was occultic, featuring magic, ghosts, all that stuff.

Palerider007-1 karma

Hey! With your unique knowledge of blockchain etc and cam world and being sex positive, do you see some decentralized platform where the witch hunting sex neg politicians and there thugs can’t shutdown concerning adults who want to do what they want.? Ie the Craigslist fiasco and coming federal laws.

AellaGirl2 karma

I'm not knowledgeable enough to know how feasible that is. This is definitely my fantasy though, I've got libertarian-sympathetic blood pumping through my veins and sometimes I just sit there and imagine a world free of shitty government and then my body feels really good.

MemoirsofCrime-15 karma

Man you're such a slut. Like, why do you sell your body and stuff? I mean I watch porn as any gal and girl does nowdays but it's not like I have respect for these people.

Plus camgirls are essentially people faking emotions and likability for other people. It's a symptom of our society n shit, you know...meh. People need fake friends(networking/social media) and fake lovers (you) and fake listeners (psychologists) and fake supporters (astrosurfing)

AellaGirl7 karma

Why does the concept of "selling your body and stuff" feel bad to you? What about this makes you lose respect?

MemoirsofCrime-6 karma

It's supposed to be a little special treat you share with that special someone, intimate and real. You sell it "too cheap" even if you're expensive, in that sense.

AellaGirl2 karma

It sounds like it functions like something really special and intimate, to you. I think that's totally fine and makes sense. I also think that some people have brains that are constructed differently, and that they might have a different experience from you. I think that's also totally fine and makes sense.

PaleMeridian-22 karma

Don't you think getting naked on camera for a living is unhealthy for the mind, soul and body?

And secondly...

Isn't it unhealthy for all the men who are already addicted to pornography, and pay you money to continue to aid their addiction?

AellaGirl9 karma

It sounds like you think it's unhealthy. Were you really just interested in telling me you felt that way?

PaleMeridian-15 karma

I asked you two questions....

Are you really going to ignore them while questioning my intentions with a possible theory about why I'm asking them?

Questions remain, but I'd like to add some extra spin...

Don't you find it ironic that most adult models exercise some form of drug abuse?

Do you respect "shame" as a form of currency, and if so how much is human integrity worth to you?

AellaGirl3 karma

I mean you're using words like addiction, you're phrasing questions like "isn't it unhealthy" and "don't you think". Context clues are really important, and I'm getting from the way you're phrasing things that you feel negatively about sex work. I'm asking you if this theory is correct.

I think adult models do have disproportionate drug abuse uses. I can talk about why I think that is, if you're interested, but I also feel like your theory is that "sex work is unhealthy and adult models turn to drugs to cope." Let me know if that's accurate.

I don't know what you mean by shame as a form of currency, could you elaborate?