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Pharmaceutical companies have much to gain from constantly supplying us with drugs that make us feel well (whether the underlying problem is psychological, environmental or medical) but without actually curing us.

As more and more people are on constant anti depressive medication, pain relief, sleeping pills, dietary pills and so on how can the true scope of public (ill)-health ever be measured and what can be done to promote healthy living and preventative medicine with all the ad hoc solutions being so readily available and easily accessible to anyone who wants them?

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That's kinda the answer I want to hear but don't need to hear. I mean how can the true scope of the problem ever be relieved or even calculated if so many people are dependent on products that obfuscate the reality and gravity of the problem while shifting large amount of capital into the hands of these corporations that then use it to fund candidates suspectible to their message. The later part is a political question but the earlier part much more a medical or statistical one.

How are the costs of sleeping disorders correctly measured if instead of not taking pills and costing yourself and society money by being tired and unproductive or re-adressing the issue that caused the problem you do take a sleeping pill every night and go to sleep despite having a ruined sleep cycle and too much stress in your system.

Just to take one example. It seems that we are stuck in a loop where we keep relieving the symptoms rather than realising the scope of the problem and dealing with the issues that cause them, which you partly mentioned. But again, if society keeps on trucking along using these medications, how can it ever be argued that those issues are really important?

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The last site that they will block traffic to is Youtube. People should be informed about what exactly net neutrality means. It means that you probably will have cheaper and easier (even potentially free) access to corporate controlled internet hubs including those controlled by Google but I imagine even sites like Reddit. These websites will make their money (and pay off the ISPs) using adverts and by mining (as they are doing now) your data, creating profiles of you so as to sell to other large corporations and possibly political parties and lobbyists.

Personal websites, innovators, independent journalists and radical or radically honest politicians, people critical of previously mentioned corporations, small business websites, etc will all suffer or will be hubbed/centralized even more and forced to subscribe to services that are today free or semi-free like Google or Yelp to ever get noticed.

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Bro, Im like the least indoctrinated person you'll ever meet.

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Well you do have candidates that advocate reasonable positions but the problem is again proving the problem exists because what we have now in both your country but more and more in Europe and elsewhere is a shifting of GDP (peoples incomes) into these ad hoc solutions, short-term reliefs and what not.

You get people that seem productive on the outside but whose bodies or minds are being destroyed until they collapse. That then is treated as a different statistic than the one that really caused it. Doctors are in cohoots with the companies that are in cohoots with more and more of our governments. Prescriptions are hitting records every year ( https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=prescriptions+record+high) but society just keeps trucking away.

So it's hard to advocate for "easy" solutions or even common sense solutions and preventative care because that requires long term investment and that is only budgeted if the problem can shown to exist, which is problematic because it is as of now obfuscated by the relative high productivity of the western individual.

Even when it comes to non-pharma solutiosn the problem persists out of a willingness for short term savings. For example cognetive therapy is ever more common instead of "deeper" forms of therapy.

Cognitive therapy cures you of the current symptom through cheaper, shorter sessions that essentially brainwash you into thinking that you do not have to fear something or worry about something but they do not deal with why you have that fear or worry.

I may be TL:DRing now but I'd say this is just a part of our society as a whole where short term gratification is promoted while long term stability and happiness is almost thought of as impossible in certain sectors of our modern, urban world.