Hi! My name is Rachel Varga and I have worked in Nevada brothels as a legal Courtesan (prostitute) for the past two years. I am the LPIN Awards Courtesan of the Year, and I run the site brothellife.com. I started at the Bunny Ranch and moved to The Mustang Ranch. I DO NOT work for Dennis Hof but I used to. No one is sitting behind me telling me what to say. I will answer any question to the best of my ability. Ask anything you like just be polite.

I had to remove my links because traffic killed my site for two days now.

Thank you for the incredible response! I can't answer them all at this point. There is just too many.

I'm at http://reddit.com/r/brothellife or email me at [email protected] if you want to ask questions.

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Penguator4325608 karma

Weird question: are nonsex exployees of the brothels (cooks, security, etc) allowed to patronize the working girls or is that frowned on?

RachelVarga7178 karma

Absolutely not allowed. I can only speak for the Mustang Ranch but the bigger brothels are strict on this because of the amount of drama it would cause. I have seen a girl try to party with a security guard and she was walked out the door.

smpage5093 karma

So my wife and I regularly drive to Reno from Idaho via jackpot, Wells, Elko, etc... And have always wanted to drop in to a brothel just for the experience. Is it possible to just drop by, grab a drink, snag a t-shirt/half a handy, something like that? You know, nothing sexual but totally touristy? Idaho is a pretty repressed state so I'm not sure of the proper etiquette?

RachelVarga6980 karma

Yes, it is 100% okay. We get tourist all the time. I'll take you on a tour, just remind me you were on this AMA.

You do not have to party at all. It is a bar/restaurant and people come in just to eat and leave.

yeyourma4806 karma

Does anyone ever walk in and you think "oh Jesus Christ he's revolting, do I have to have sex with this?"

RachelVarga7170 karma

Hahaha I love the questions you are posting! Yes, there are some guys you just are like "Nope". I just decline. There is always one of the girls who have no problem with him. If you are wondering if I would think you are revolting I wouldn't worry. Just be clean, dress nice and casual, have a good attitude, and you will walk out with a big smile on your face and you will sleep like a baby later that day.

SixT9er4610 karma

How does what you’re doing differ from what independent escorts you see advertised on Backpage etc do?

RachelVarga8697 karma

Technically there is no difference in the act. Both have sex. I work in a brothel because it is safe, condoms are mandatory, and it's legal. I pay taxes and all that.

GlitchyVI2048 karma

Regarding the taxes, do you pay state and federal or just state? Does your profession change how you file? Do you have a W-2 or equivalent? I assume you don’t include tips in your declared income?

RachelVarga3022 karma

I include all tips. We are 1099 contractors. It's legal so it doesn't change anything.

Mockturtle22846 karma

If she is in NV there are no state taxes due to gaming revenue

RachelVarga965 karma

Nevada it is.

melizzer4462 karma

What kind of "work stress" do you get? Do you sometimes think "if I see one more dick today I'm gonna lose it"? Do you ever get female clients?

RachelVarga4924 karma

Hahaha yes, you have those days. I guess you could call it Dick Stress? hahaha Yes, I get female clients.

ExpandYourTribe4178 karma

Do you ever get guys who just want to snuggle and talk?

RachelVarga6776 karma

Yes! A lot of guys want to snuggle and talk. There is this image that you come in, we slap on a condom, we fuck and you get out. Maybe some girls are like that but I am not. You have paid for an hour or whatever so if you cum fast and want to snuggle I am totally fine with that.

A lot of guys talk about things and I don't mind at all.

NotTryingToConYou3388 karma

Would you teach a client how to be better at sex? Edit: And, have you before?

RachelVarga4704 karma

Oh yeah. A lot of guys ask questions and want to know how to do things better. I have guys ask all the time about things. With virgins, I take them through everything as we go along.

mrsoojay3168 karma

How do you deal with guys that are really really nervous and have performance issues?

RachelVarga4161 karma

A lot of guys are nervous and have performance issues. The key to getting past this for me is to not jump right into it. Foreplay and a little time to calm your nerves can do wonders. Performance issues are the same if it is just because you are nervous.

DopeyKing2886 karma

Have you ever declined service to a potential customer and If yes, why?

Have you ever been physically attracted to one of your customers? Did you enjoy that appointment?

RachelVarga6981 karma

Yes, I have declined customers. After we negotiate a price we do what is called a "dick check". Basically look for obvious signs of std or other things. Although we use condoms every single time we still would not want to party with someone that has an obvious case of herpes.

I also decline anyone that is drunk, arrogant or an asshole. We have total control over which clients we accept and it's not worth it to deal with some people.

I had a guy once ask for a discount. He said I should charge less because he had a big dick. HAHAHAAHAH. No, we didn't party.

OktoberSunset5979 karma

Shouldn't the big dick guy pay more? That's how it works at the post office with a bigger package.

RachelVarga1735 karma

Yeah because I'm the one that will be sore.

BigFisch2563 karma

Do you enjoy sex? Is there a difference between sex in your personal and professional lives? If so, how? Is it difficult to have first dates?

RachelVarga3500 karma

Yes, I enjoy sex. It seems natural to me. The difference between professional and personal is like this. Personal for me is someone I care about so it's going to always be much deeper. I think that would be any girl. Professionally I always see it as Friends with Benefits. Having fun with NSA.

I don't date right now so I don't know how difficult it is, but I would love to youtube the reactions I get.

Faithless1952606 karma

Having fun with NSA.

So you're saying the Government is doing more than watching us?

RachelVarga1762 karma

Hahahah You never know.

The_Decoy2233 karma

If prostitution were legalized throughout the United States would you see that as a positive impact or negative impact?

RachelVarga4623 karma

For me, it would be a negative. People would not come to NV and the prices would go rock bottom.

Gumius2006 karma

Have you had any virgin customer?

RachelVarga3609 karma

Yes, and I get a lot! I love virgins. This will sound weird but I like being the first. You never forget the first. I get younger and older virgins. It's just one of my things.

Slevinkellevra7101837 karma

Are you concerned that the new FOSTA law will have an effect on your business in Nevada, even though it's legal in your part of Nevada?

RachelVarga2164 karma

I am not well versed in the FOSTA law but I am reading it now and can maybe post an opinion soon.

DopeyKing1744 karma

Have you ever had married couples as customers? Thanks for doing this!

RachelVarga2560 karma

Oh yeah, and they are a lot of fun. I just watch to make sure that there is not a jealousy issue. I don't want another woman feeling bad because her husband is having sex with me. Usually, I ask them what they want to do and go with it. I have done couples and two girl parties too. That gets crazy.

To do a couple party successfully I think you have to be okay with doing things like that in your own life. I have done it in my personal and I have a lot of fun so that translates to when I have a couple come in.

XipDrone1692 karma

What sort of interesting observations about human behavior might you have that would only come from your line of work?

RachelVarga1347 karma

Let me think about this.

dmalteseknight1677 karma

what is ratio between attractive clients and unattractive ones?

RachelVarga2005 karma

I have no idea. I guess 50/50.

Eacaw1597 karma

Who was the nicest guy to use your services? No need to name names, but what was it that made you think this guy is a genuinely good guy?

RachelVarga2729 karma

Believe it or not, most of the guys that come there are really nice and cordial. There are some that see me a lot and I am quite fond of them. It is hard to tell if someone is genuine but sex reveals a lot of things about a person.

It is hard to say who the nicest is but I have one that is very nice and he is a genuinely good guy. I just sense it and every time we party he always makes sure I am also taken care of.

poconibs1541 karma

Have you ever started to "party" thinking the client was fine but then it got scary or inappropriate?

What is the weirdest request or interaction that you've had?

RachelVarga2495 karma

No. I avoid guys and I am very confident. I think guys like that can sense that I am not taking anyone's crap. We have security and panic buttons. We have armed security and they will be there in 30 seconds flat.

MNCPA1444 karma

What do you report on your tax return as an occupation? Do you file out a business return (sch. C)?

RachelVarga4698 karma

We are 1099. My occupation is McLovin. Lol. I put entertainer. Are you not entertained?

Fryclopz1217 karma

Are there male brothels? Do you think that there would be enough demand from horny women make this a business?

RachelVarga2241 karma

There are no male brothels. I think that a male brothel would do well as long as it offered services to both men and women.

NeverwinterRNO1215 karma

I have seen the HBO series documenting the Bunny Ranch. Have you seen it? If so how accurate is it to the day to day happenings of a working girl?

RachelVarga1980 karma

Oh yeah, every working girl has seen that. It is not accurate at all. It is entertainment. There are so many things in that series that I can't stand. It makes us all look like a bunch of whores slobbering all over Dennis when that is far from the truth.

Like I said it's entertainment so a lot is constructed to titillate the viewer. Everything girls say on any show or documentary is watched over. I mean everything in life has a bad side but for some reason on that show it doesn't. It's not a magical land for sure. I'm not saying it's all bad. We had a lot of fun there. I'm just saying that it's not real or accurate in my opinion.

PlannedFiasco1185 karma

How much does the average girl make? Is there a big gap in pay from girl to girl?

RachelVarga1858 karma

Girls are very secretive about what they make. I really don't know what they are making. Also, some girls will inflate what they make because it's competition.

Paw-Paws_Mom1143 karma

How does what you do now compare to what you ultimately aspire for?

RachelVarga3619 karma

Okay, so this question comes up a lot. I think it's always thought of as a stepping stone where girls do this until they move up in life. I have it backwards. I have a law degree and I played the corporate game. If you ask me, this is a step up. My aspirations are more personal. I just want to help those around me and take care of family. That's what makes me happy.

LouisSeize269 karma

I have a law degree

Serious question, were you ever admitted to practice and if so, are you still admitted?

RachelVarga553 karma

No, I decided that I didn't want to take that route after college so I went into accounting.

davidt41037 karma

How did you get into the business?

RachelVarga1649 karma

Long story short. I found Dennis Hof's number and texted him some pictures. He called me and we talked and I was in. Like I was saying earlier, it doesn't usually happen that way but I am someone that goes after the things I want.

RagingCeltik1037 karma

How often is there a client that wants to live the Pretty Woman fantasy, be Richard Gere, and "save" a provider from the life?

RachelVarga2061 karma

It happens every so often and it's a nightmare. They can turn into stalkers. I make it clear that I am NOT looking for a boyfriend and I don't need to be saved.

Plus if I need to be saved then they must think what I am doing is wrong. If it's wrong then why are they there?

m0le969 karma

Do you do any BDSM work, and did you get a lot of requests after 50 shades came out?

RachelVarga1625 karma

Believe it or not, we don't get a lot of BDSM clients. I think it is because BDSM is its own subculture and people can hook up through Fetlife. (By the way, if you want to friend me there my profile at https://fetlife.com/users/5368135)

I like being a Domme in a BDSM party. I am never ever a sub. It is not in my personality so I couldn't do it. I wish I got more BDSM parties because I like them. Some people want to be pushed and I like to see them get a place they haven't been before. Tt is very liberating to do something that you have to hide from the world.

DrugsDrugsRockNRoll875 karma

Hi Rachel.

I'm not sure if you are aware but Reddit recently banned the subreddits that talk about prostitution (e.g. /r/hookers). How does this make you feel seeing as this is a legal profession for you?

Also if nobody has asked yet, how much do you charge your clients and what % of that do you take home?

RachelVarga1242 karma

If they were discussing prices then that's probably why they took it down but I don't know the story. Speaking of that. It is against the law for me to negotiate a price outside the brothel. You have probably heard that you must negotiate in the girl's room but that is not true. The law states that it has to be inside the brothel not just in a girls room.

I don't take chances on anything being viewed as soliciting. Even here so I won't say any prices. I don't want my AMA deleted. I can say I receive 50% of the negotiated price.

Kristyyyyyyy806 karma

How many clients would you see in an average day?

RachelVarga1559 karma

I don't know if I can average because every day is different. I guess somewhere around 4 or 5. The most I ever had in one day was nine. They aren't all sex. Some are just bj or hj. Some last 5 minutes. You never know.

DDaTTH698 karma

Do you shower between clients? If not, what is the refreshment routine?

RachelVarga1548 karma

Every single time I shower after seeing a client.

mysuckyusername748 karma

How much do you earn a year?

RachelVarga1697 karma

All I will say is this. It is six figures. That is the truth and no bullshit.

kokokoko11718 karma

I haven't seen this asked already, ignore me if it has been, but why exactly do you refer to your services as "partying?" Is that what your former organization had their employees refer to the services as?

RachelVarga875 karma

Yeah, it's some industry term that all the brothels use. I think it is confusing but I don't know what else could be as simple.

azngirl7689700 karma

What do you do during your time of the month? Also to piggy back off of that, what do you do about birth control?

RachelVarga1096 karma

We use menstrual sponges and I am "fixed".

splein23684 karma

Ever had a guy that was just extremely amazing at sex?

Also what line do you use to turn down guys you don't want to have sex with?

RachelVarga780 karma

Yeah I have had some really good guys.

I don't have a line, it's usually just that thing where you both know and I just excuse myself. Really not a set way.

PM_YER_BOOTY615 karma

Do you have a preferred brand of condom? Is it personal preference or does the Mustang Ranch order in bulk?

I feel like a brothel is a good place for a reliability / satisfaction test.

RachelVarga782 karma

  • Irongrip for small
  • Lifestyles for mid
  • Magnum for big

Awdrgyjilpnj558 karma

Does a meeting with you have a fixed price, or can the cost go up depending on what the client wants? For example do you do buttstuff with your clients? (On both you and them). Does that require preparation on your part?

RachelVarga727 karma

No buttstuff for me. About fixed prices. I have an hourly rate which is the normal things. If a client wants to do something out of the ordinary then yes the price will go up.

Mr_frumpish531 karma

How do you spend your time between clients? Do you earn wages for your time or only when you have a client? Do you have shifts you are expected to work or do you show up to work when you want? Is there a dormitory on campus or do you live off-site?

Thanks for sharing!

RachelVarga793 karma

Between clients, we are always in the bar area.

We are contractors so no wages. Pay is only from the money you receive from the client.

Yes, we have shifts and you have to be there. I can pick when I want to go and work but when there I am on a shift. We stay onsite. Each girl has the same room while she is there.

KaminariGW2530 karma

What's a common misconception people have about being a pornstar comparing to what you do? What is the biggest difference?

RachelVarga1230 karma

Both porn and prostitution are looked down on but porn is more accepted. A few of the girls I am friends with at work are porn stars and the misconception about them is that they are crazy fuck machines in their personal lives. Most are down to earth. A few are friends of mine so I get to AMA them about the porn industry and stuff.

With prostitutes, the misconception is that we are all on drugs and come from a broken home. Many and I mean many of the girls have families and regular lives outside of the brothel. You would never know if you met one like that. The soccer Mom in your neighborhood could be working with me for all you know.

JohnWad500 karma

  • Do you perform "Rusty Trombones"? If so, what is the going rate for this act?
  • Have you had intercourse with any celebrities?
  • What is the largest tip you ever received? By "tip" I mean extra money paid on top of the agreed upon rate.
  • How "big" is Dennis Hof?

RachelVarga937 karma

  1. Sorry, no Rusty Trombones. I would never rim a client. A good way to catch an STD.

  2. No. It's really rare to have celebrities come to the Brothels. I have never even met one. There's a few I would love to come see me though. Lol!

  3. The largest tip I ever received? 5K

  4. How big is Dennis? Hahaha I have no idea. I never slept with him. He and I do not get along at all.

velthos489 karma

What’s the youngest client you have had? And have you ever denied a client due to age?

RachelVarga914 karma

They card you at the gate so no underage person is ever in there. Youngest guy was 18.

jedi_trey475 karma

Can you walk me through a typical visit to your establishment? Is it a time based thing? Like say for the sake of argument I cum really fast...is it a one and done?

RachelVarga1082 karma

You come into the restaurant/bar and a lady will approach you. You can tell her who you are interested in. We don't get offended. You talk to the girl and if you agree to negotiate then you got a negotiation room and discuss and agree on a price.

It is time-based. Some girls are one orgasm and that's it. Some of us are the opposite. As far as I'm concerned. If you can get erect again and we have time then we will do it again. I believe that if you paid for an hour then that means an hour.

Elijahxxp442 karma

Ever been with a gay guy that just wanted to try being with a girl?

RachelVarga555 karma

Not that I know of but I wouldn't mind. I'm sure it would be interesting.

well_damm427 karma

If you weren’t doing this line of work, then what?

RachelVarga1360 karma

I would become an international arms dealer. No, seriously I have no idea. I could go get a corporate job. I really don't think about it too much. The moment you make plans and think you control your destiny the Universe comes along and punches you in the face.

rapbitspore419 karma

What do I need to do to get into this business? Like are there weight and measurement requirements?

RachelVarga730 karma

Usually, you can go to any brothel's site and they have a form or email to fill out. There are no requirements but you have to be realistic and I know that sounds horribly mean but it's true. A good attitude is a must to make it. If you have an alcohol problem I don't recommend you work in a brothel. You will spend all your money at the bar and keep the rest of us up all night.

dwayne_the_roch369 karma

Have you ever had a customer so ugly you declined? I'm not talking about poor hygiene or sloppiness. I mean someone who could come in smelling like a rose and dressed in silk and you'd be like "nah".

RachelVarga530 karma

Yes, but it's usually more hygiene.

MonkeyMazes357 karma


RachelVarga356 karma

It really depends on the girl. There is no average on that. I am sure you could go into another adult business.

In a couples party, you have to ask what they want to do explicitly. I stay within the boundaries of what they want to do and if I think she is uncomfortable I will change things up.

Dustin_B352 karma

What do you do if a patron can't "perform" or finish?

RachelVarga663 karma

If you can't cum and the time is up then you will have to rebook. I don't have this problem. I had a party with Max and a guy and it took a really long time. I think he booked three hours. We had to work for our money on that one.

If you can't perform then we will do other things. If a guy is not erect we can still play.

Flummeny336 karma

What size were the biggest and smallest dick you’ve worked with?

RachelVarga880 karma

Smallest? Two inches maybe. Biggest. Well, this client was a small guy but he pulled out this huge cock. Like Mandingo huge. He only wanted a blow job. Thank God, I don't think I could take that...seriously.

willflameboy331 karma

Can I ask about Courtesan of the Year? How is that judged?

RachelVarga483 karma

It's voted on by clients that come to the brothels a lot. Anyone can register but mostly it's regulars.

lawn_gbord331 karma

Thanks for doing this, a lot of working girls refer to their clients as tricks, it’s just a job etc, based on your answers from other questions you do enjoy making people happy, but is it just a 9-5 to you? Except instead of servicing cars you service people? Or do you have clients that you genuinely enjoy fucking, I.e a certain client will schedule an appointment and you will anticipate that appointment the day it comes?

RachelVarga438 karma

There has to be a business structure if you want to succeed but if you act like that in the bedroom you won't last. I drop all that in the bedroom. Yes, time matters and things you have asked for are already agreed upon but I don't think about business. I think about having a good party. You have to drop all the business like attitude, talk, etc.

I just want to have fun. If I didn't have fun I would burn out. I can't have fun thinking about how much money I'm making during sex.

drippingthighs309 karma

Ever catch anything from this work?

How long you been in this and what does your future plans entail if it involves this?

Did you catch any flak from friends family when starting

RachelVarga591 karma

No, I have never caught anything. We take std tests every week and I have never had a problem. I have only seen one time did someone fail their test and that is a lot of girls every week for two years.

I have been doing this two years and I my plans are to work until I don't like it or until I have a big nest egg saved up.

No family and most of my friends are other girls I work with.

Skills123Guy283 karma

Do you have sex with people of the same gender?

RachelVarga1052 karma

I kissed a girl and I liked it

electricpheonix271 karma

Does the service end when a time limit is reached, or when the customer has an orgasm? Or whichever happens first?

RachelVarga525 karma

Parties are time-based. You negotiate a price for a certain amount of time.

When it comes to how many times you can cum it's really up to the girl. Personally if you pop fast and can get going again then let's do it. You paid for the time right?

VonDrakken242 karma

Understanding that every market is different, what characteristics in a courtesan (either demographics or skills) do you think allow them to significantly raise their prices?

RachelVarga379 karma

I wish I knew because I would be doing it to the max

FreakyBugEyedWeirdo241 karma

What would be proper etiquette when going to a brothel?

RachelVarga659 karma

Just be clean and be nice. The nice guy finishes first in the brothel.

Okay, I see how that looks. Lol

DDaTTH212 karma

It’s the age old question, does size matter?

RachelVarga418 karma

I had this debate on /r/smalldickproblems. It depends on the girl. Every woman is shaped different, some of us are tight and some aren't. If she isn't then yeah it might but if she is tight then it probably means less.

I know that is no way scientific. Lol

fadufadu212 karma

Are you not a potato? Yes or no?

RachelVarga561 karma

I am not a potato. Does it count if I'm all that and a bag of chips?

winter_storm140 karma

Do you also charge for the bag of chips?

RachelVarga239 karma

No those are free .

lubeskystalker207 karma

If you had to fight, would you choose to fight one horse sized penis or one hundred penis sized horses?

RachelVarga352 karma

Good question. I think that a hundred small horse could overrun you even if they are small. A horse sized penis would be better because it makes an easy target for an RPG.

KubrickIsMyCopilot162 karma

Ever do pro bono work for the less fortunate?

RachelVarga520 karma

Hahahah No sorry, I don't. I admit I have felt sorry for a college boy that didn't have quite enough and lowered my price. He was just so cute and innocent I couldn't say no.

Now don't show up claiming to be a college boy with puppy dog eyes.

214b104 karma

What are your thoughts on Denis Hof? I know he is somewhat controversial within the industry and among sex workers in general.

Do you support the brothel model of Nevada to legalize sex work OR a decriminalization model, such as what New Zealand has?

RachelVarga225 karma

A loaded question. Most people know my opinion. I don't like him because I feel he has hurt prostitution. Sure, Cathouse brought in a lot of customers but that is over and what is left? A completely distorted image of brothel life that makes us look like a bunch of air head stupid girls that fawn over him. There are some other reasons but I don't want to start a war.

Penguator43277 karma

I understand if you can't answer this, but do local residents get better rates than tourists?

Asking because I'm seriously thinking about moving the Nevada to restart my life. (It's not just for the brothels, for the record)

RachelVarga28 karma

Not really. It's more like if you visit a girl a lot she will usually discount because you are a repeat. Not always but most will. Volume discount I guess. Lol.

thaomen52 karma

With the countless benefits brought by legalisation for the working girls in terms of safety and protections, do you still find a large number of newcomers to the industry to be vulnerable women or has bringing the industry out of the shadows resulted in less being coerced or manipulated into being a sex worker? When there are concerns about a potential new girl what kind of resources are available to help them decide if it really is a suitable option for them?


Finally, what more needs to be done to provide even better protect and support the women, not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well?

RachelVarga62 karma

The industry has come a long way on that subject. There was a time way back in the day when pimps had their girls there. Not now. Brothels have a lot to lose getting caught up in any kind of trafficking publicity.

redstonewizard25 karma

Do clients ever give you orgasns?

RachelVarga40 karma

Yes, some do. It's not possible every time. Anyone that says they orgasm every single time is full of it. Well maybe a few of the girls I know but I do have orgasms.

Cowajc0012 karma

Do you like grapes?

RachelVarga27 karma

Yes, I like grapes. I love to eat them and I love to smuggle them. ;)

KubrickIsMyCopilot2 karma

Have you seen the HBO show "The Deuce," and what do you think of it?

RachelVarga2 karma

No sorry, I haven't seen it.

psikotiq-1 karma

What do your parents think? Do you wish you had other services or skills to offer society other than just your body? What would you do if you got pregnant? How much longer do you think you can do this for? Have you had any females hire you for one on one time? Do prostitutes who work in brothels think they're above street walkers and strippers? How did you enter this line of work? Have you come across anyone you know or are related to?

RachelVarga26 karma

My parents have passed away and I don't have much family left so it's not an issue.

Skills to offer society besides my body? I have lots of skills but I like what I do. I really don't care what society thinks. If a woman wants to have sex for money who am I to tell them it's wrong?

I won't get pregnant but let's say hypothetically I did. I really don't have an answer for that. The reason is that a million things can go wrong in life so I do my best to be safe and don't worry about things like that. So the answer is that I don't know.

I can do this for a very long time if I want. I will probably do it until I have saved enough up to have a retirement nest egg.

I don't think we are above street girls or strippers.

I just stumbled on it. I was watching Cathouse and it just struck me that this might be something to make good money and work my own hours. I did A LOT of research. I read everything I could find out about it and then decided it was something I might really like doing. I found Dennis Hof's number. I sent him a text with some pics. He called me back and we talked and I was in. Doesn't always happen like that. I just got lucky to talk to him directly.

No, I have never come across anyone I know. My question to them would be, "What are you doing here?" Lol