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With Google potentially crippling / breaking adblock in the not too distant future, do you have any plans to implement it as a competitive advantage?

If not, what do you see as the value-add for Edge given it is using the same rendering engine as the competition and appears to have less functionality?

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Do you do any BDSM work, and did you get a lot of requests after 50 shades came out?

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I'm a dom, and can understand why it's not a common thing to have subs for pay (because the essential part of BDSM is trust). I just wondered if it had gone crazy after a terrible depiction had gone mainstream. Thanks for answering!

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Read comment, thought "I bet fwd will be on this one", only to see that you're ahead of me. Bravo.

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How do you think we can defend democracy against the self-polarisation / bubble tendencies of ultra personalised news and opinion?