We're the Behemoth and we've been making games for 15 years! On March 2nd we officially released our 4th title, Pit People, after a year on Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview. We're here to answer any questions you might have for us for any of our games and our studio. Bring us your words!

Today, the following people from our studio will be responding to your questions throughout the day:

  • Dan Paladin - Co-Founder / Art Director
  • Emil Ayoubkhan - Project Manager
  • Ian Moreno - Production Coordinator
  • Megan Lam - Community Manager
  • Rich Karpp - Programmer

Proof : https://twitter.com/thebehemoth/status/971446152598966273

We'll also DM a code to our favorite questions. (Please remember to be thoughtful to players who haven't finished the story in our games. Add those spoiler tags!)

If you want to learn all about Pit People, go here

If you want to learn all about our studio, go here

Edit: Updated Proof with today's tweet that includes direct link.

Edit: Rich is joining in on the fun and answering programming Qs!

Edit: We've got a meeting at the moment, but we'll be back soon to answer more questions!

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PandoPon40 karma

Is Castle Crashers world related to the world of BattleBlock Theater and Pit People? (discounting the reference items such as Knight Heads)

TheBehemoth39 karma

We don't have an official stance on specifics like these, as the games are made to be interpreted by the player in lots of ways (like who is under the armor in Castle Crashers). How they all might click together gets hinted at, but is never explained or confirmed.

RealNerdEthan23 karma

What would it take from the players to get Pit People ported to the Nintendo Switch?

It seems like a natural fit :)

TheBehemoth46 karma

It really does, doesn't it?? Fingers crossed, my dude. It's Wednesday, my dude.


snoozeguy21 karma

What's the future look like for Pit People? Updates, DLC?

TheBehemoth23 karma

We’re currently working on another update for the future, but when that comes out and what will be included will be finalized later, after analyzing release feedback. (For science!)


Halfoun20 karma

Will Alien Hominid ever be on Steam?

TheBehemoth30 karma

It really, really needs to. Almost disappeared from all hardware as time has passed! We're well aware and hope to have good news sooner than later.


metalsgdl17 karma

Is there a planned Soundtrack release? The music is awesome.

TheBehemoth19 karma

Yes, we're planning on having an ST but there isn't a set timeline for that yet.

Our soundtracks are created slightly differently than most games, in that a majority of the music are licensed directly from the artists. When creating an official ST, it takes a bit more time to put everything together because an ST requires an entirely different type of license than that of a game release. However, because our licences are non-exclusive, this does mean a lot of these songs are already available directly from the artist!

We're working on a list to publish on our website so you'll be able to see the list of artists and songs. 

Edudud315 karma

Now that you've gotten older and wiser, what new character would you add to Castle Crashers and what would they do?

If you do see this, thank you for making my childhood a great one. ;)

TheBehemoth21 karma

That's a tough question, I think I'd have to do a sit-down for that one. Probably somebody with crowd control and some ram-charges. Maybe the ability to deflect projectiles. A Mushroom from Pit People would fit the bill for all that. I think some other tweaks like letting the Necromancer sprouts wings and hover for a few seconds by holding A would be cool, too.

Thanks for sticking with us and thanks for playing!


drearahl15 karma

Hello! I'm a big fan of BBT and Pit People, and I also love playing Dota 2. If I remember correctly, you were working on a BBT announcer pack for Dota 2. What happened to it :(? I'm still looking forward to it.

TheBehemoth19 karma

Haha, that's correct. This is fully made and done and maybe available somewhere online? But yes, someone just needs to do all the paperwork/ingestion stuffs! Maybe we can knock that out now that PP is one! Stay tuned, it's not completely off the radar! -Ian

RomanValor12 karma

Hey! Thanks for doing this AMA.

My question is what inspired u guys to create the different types of enemies and allies in the game? Was there more you wish you guys couldve added?

TheBehemoth15 karma

Hi! Some of them were inspired by "parts" of strategic warfare, like artillery or healers. But regular artillery is a bit boring, so how about a Rainbow Horse instead that fires its own horns (called "Rainbow Horse" because we figured that's what people who didn't know what unicorns were might call them). And for healers, how about a sweet snack? Except it has frosting, so it's hurting itself as it heals others.

For others, it was often a lot of weird sketches with strategic fufillment brainstormed out.

Smelson2312 karma

Do you find it hard to make a game that suits different play styles, while still following your vision of how the game should be?

TheBehemoth10 karma

It's not an easy task, but it's not frustrating or anything, either. We find exploring new territory to be one of the most potent sources of fun. What happens when you can't traditionally pick targets? Apparently a LOT! Then comes the expectations from the genre that you have to navigate either by including them another way or putting something else in its place all together. Lots of trial and error in spots. Other spots just naturally came together from the initial choice! -Dan

RotallyRotRoobyRoo11 karma

I must say no games have managed to entertain me more than Behemoth games. Your humor works across all ages, and my son and I both love to play castle crashers together. Anyway, my questions:

  1. Who or what inspired you to get into gamemaking?

  2. How do you manage to stay consistently funny across all your games. My bet is on a demonic pact.

  3. Pineapple on pizza?

TheBehemoth20 karma

Wow, thank you!!

  1. I really liked a lot of games. But River City Ransom, Populous, Brataccus, Typhoon Thompson stick out to me. Most of those on an Atari ST.

  2. I haven't the faintest idea other than to never take your work too seriously. If you can't work a couple wet/dry megafarts into your game then you're taking it too seriously IMO!

  3. ABSOLUTELY. I haven't had pizza without pineapple in decades.


WachAlPharoh11 karma

I am adoring the game lately, especially the fun in creating and customizing my plethora of parties! That said am curious, were there any other units ever considered to be added as playable? (Referring to the snowman and pterodactyl in the opening cutscene) also what made you decide on 6 as the max party size? Thanks again for the great game!

TheBehemoth14 karma

There were a lot of characters that got brainstormed up front, but they weren't ever intended to all go in since it'd be physically impossible to finish the game if we picked them all. I hope that some day we are able to add even more than our 17 (technically 18) fighter types to the mix. Even 1 type changes the entire landscape - which makes it quite scary in the design world when adding one, too.

It used to be 7 party size, but that seemed to allow a player to bring enough to cover any and all weaknesses. We felt 6 allowed for having to make a hard choice sometimes and the half-slotters like Gnomes or Zombies weren't so out of control when you had 2 player teams (currently 12 singleplayer and 24 two player max).

Since the spirit of the game is allowing a player to go fast per turn, 6 also seemed more fitting. Glad you like the game!!


TheBehemoth11 karma

To clarify for players who haven't recruited all fighter types in Pit People, we count 18 fighter types because the archer has its own set of rules on the battlefield even though it's also a human. But if you're merely looking at it from a species standpoint, then it would be 17. -Megan

Slatersaurus11 karma

I am surprised to see that Castle Crashers, Battleblock Theater and The Pit People are all rated Teen by ESRB. From what I've seen, they all look suitable for younger players. Do you agree or disagree with the ESRB's rating? As developers, do you take the ESRB ratings into consideration when developing and releasing a game?

TheBehemoth32 karma

We don't necessarily 'disagree' with the rating since it does land under the descriptors that add up to Teen. However, we do observe the fact that nearly no one finds our games inappropriate for people under the teen ages.

I think they are be a bit strict... Fact: At one point we actually had to contest an M rating for Castle Crashers. If we defined the Pink Knight's gender we could get a descriptor for having homosexuality -- and somehow a homosexual kiss was more mature of a kiss than a heterosexual kiss back then? I guess? A few weird ones when developing the game we never expected, no doubt.

If you look at BattleBlock Theater's listing of violence, it gets pretty crazy. Decapitation, dismemberment, being burned alive, being impaled, drowning, etc.... Sounds like a terrible time. lol

We've been around the block enough times on the ESRB stuff to be cautious of their rules current-day, but we never compromise our creative vision. It does seem to be potentially getting stricter as time goes on.


Slatersaurus9 karma

So... decapitation, dismemberment, burning alive etc, are all acceptable for a Teen rating, but a homosexual kiss pushes it over the edge. It would be funny, but I know way too many parents who don't think twice about violent content, but go to great lengths to shield their children from anything remotely LGBT.

TheBehemoth16 karma

To be fair, this reference I had is over a decade ago. I would expect/hope those ESRB decisions are much better than back then!


Skisword9 karma

Are you planning on doing special online events? like modifiers on the match, only unicorns ,double movement, etc

TheBehemoth7 karma

We do have something set aside for the Unfair Challenge that I'd like to introduce in the near future.... We have some other ideas that I'm not 100% sure whether they'll make it as well.


notworthknowie8 karma

Will you implement a way to play 4 player multiplayer on pit people and are you planning on making another game which have a 4 player multiplayer in the future?

TheBehemoth12 karma

Technically, there's 4 player in 2v2 and 6 'player' if you count 2v2 with 2 spectators connected.

We tried our best to make Pit People 4 players, but it didn't seem like a natural fit at all. However, without dancing around it, no plans for Pit People 4 player at this time. As for making another 4 player game? Oh yes, I very much want to and will try very much for!!


PixelPusher878 karma

You guys may just be my favourite developers, keep making local co-op games. Me and my girlfriend love the game, we finished it a few days ago.

That said, any tips for beating the INSANE unfair challenge? It is pretty unfair.

TheBehemoth12 karma

At least 1 Cupcake, if not 2. Try a hero Cupcake for those up-to-20 heals sometimes. A couple shield users. Delay the ends of the fights while using the Cupcakes to heal everyone back up. The rest up to you!


germanic_ogre7 karma

I just want to say thanks for all your hard work with all the games you've created, I cant tell you how many hours i've spent with friends in Castle Crashers, and Battleblock Theatre.

My Q: How/Where do you decide to get the jokes/running gags in the games? Are all of you just amazingly funny or do you have a think tank going on?

They're always so great and add so much more to the game.

TheBehemoth16 karma


Jokes and running gags are often naturally born while working on the game. Tom and I were giggling like children on Pixie Sticks when we implemented the forest animals in Castle Crashers. Stamper and I were singing a song about buckles when John was making a Necromancer belt buckle for a Kickstarter project. The real trick is to never take your project so seriously that you can't have some dumb fun with it. It's for you guys afterall!

Glad you like it!


AleHisa7 karma

What made you choose the name Pipistrella (she-bat in italian)?

Was there a specific and obscure reason or it just sounded funny?

Also, is the space bear the poor bear that Lou Ferrigno launched into space in the 80s?

TheBehemoth9 karma

Pipistrella just sounds like a princess name, doesn't it? Originally when I designed her I was thinking she'll be using blunt hammer-like weapons -- we even considered just giving her a standard baseball bat. A princess with a baseball bat just sounds cool. Pipistrello is the bat from Castle Crashers and the nod to it was nice, too. If you want her to have a baseball bat instead I can thankfully say that's possible to do.

I have no idea what this Lou Ferrigno reference is, and I'm going to have to google it soon lol


AgzerYT6 karma

What Was Your Thought Process When Making Those Funny Jokes?

TheBehemoth17 karma

I Was Personally Thinking Of Book Titles While I Made Some. Honestly I'm Not Sure, I Think It's Our Natural Humor!


Fallenglory0106 karma

Hi! Played all your games, played the bèta of Pit People and promote the game to all my close friends. Basicly I'm a groupie of your studio :) However one question has been burning in my mind ever since I learned of Behemoth..

Where do you get your wacky sense of humor from?

TheBehemoth10 karma

Thanks! The humor comes pre-determined, I think, and we just let it shine through. Juvenile humor, here I come! I'll act old when I'm dead!!!


TheBehemoth5 karma

Thanks for your support since beta!

Hmmm.... I got my sense of humor from Dan and Emil. trololol -Megan

Mr_Sir_Koala5 karma

Who made the music in your games? And how can I buy the soundtrack?

TheBehemoth10 karma

They're incredible at what they do, aren't they? We're planning on releasing an OST. We have lots of musicians involved, but I'd wager on Patric Catani doing the majority of the tunes. You might recognize his work from BattleBlock Theater levels as well!

Patric's contribution is available on following platforms:





TheBehemoth6 karma

If you take a look at the pause menu credits you'll see a general "Music by" section and a list of all the artists involved. We're actively working on an official ST release, but take a lil' extra time on our end. One thing to note is that we license most of the game music, therefore a lot of the tracks are already available via direct from the artist. Patric Catani, who holds a majority of the music in PP will be releasing his stuff digitally if not already. - ian

SP50214 karma

What was the process of recording the voices for this game? Did you just tell the voice actors in the booth to "go nuts", or was there a methodology for "Pit People speak"?

TheBehemoth8 karma

I'm so happy you asked because we put together some dev blog posts last year to go over the process and we even have some outtakes that we shared! http://blog.thebehemoth.com/2017/03/28/the-voices-of-pit-people (If you click on the names of the VO actors, it'll take you to spotlights on the actor's we've had the chance to cover so far)

If you want to go straight to the outtakes and examples of character voices, we have playlists on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/the-behemoth-205401120/sets


ImSplintey4 karma

Who is everyone's favorite character/class in Pit People?

Personally I love the troll mom, a pain to catch but well worth it! (Loved Castle Crashers and BattleBlock by the way!)

TheBehemoth7 karma

I'm almost more of a fan of a combination of characters - like a Cupcake with Kobolds. Or a few Wraiths with a cybergun wielder. Try the Cyclops with a medium sword! I know it sounds dumb but they move 3 and there's nothing quite as spooky as a Cyclops keeping up with everyone.


TheBehemoth5 karma

I love using the Gorgon, especially as me hero! Those baby snakes can be so helpful. You can turn on allow comm icons (even when you aren't doing co-op) and flag which enemies to attack. The AI units helping your team, whether it's snake babies or a random NPC in that particular mission, will generally go towards that flagged enemy! -Megan

ShadowLucid4 karma

I am a big fan of Behemoth games not only because they are great in both tone and gameplay but also because you guys make the effort to put things out on Linux which I sincerely appreciate.

So of course, I have to ask: Is there a Linux port planned for Pit People and on a vague scale of internal priority, how high up there is it?

edited to include title

TheBehemoth4 karma

Hi! Thanks!

Now that the game is done we're working on Update 7 while considering platforms and other features. We still have to officially meet on the platform side of things at this time. It's difficult to tell you whether or not it'll be decided.

I know Linux users are craving games. We've had multiple threads on Steam requesting. I'd recommend getting more people interested in Linux on Steam to for a heftier pull on all developers - I think it's something like 0.4% of Steam users. Gotta get more troops out there fighting for the cause!!! Stay tuned!


John-Visconti4 karma

Are all of your games a multiverse , a universe or completely separated things?

TheBehemoth7 karma

We don't have an official stance on specifics like these, as the games are made to be interpreted by the player in lots of ways (like who is under the armor in Castle Crashers). How they all might click together gets hinted at, but is never explained or confirmed. -Dan

Mikito7814 karma

Will anyone make a sleepycast episode talking about their experience with making the game?

TheBehemoth8 karma

I imagine you asking that with your arms out, slightly raised voice wondering if anyone is listening.

I hope to recap some of it in some interviews, but I don't know where that'll be!


Jazz_Hands_Blitz3 karma

What's your favorite injoke that made it in Castle Crashers? There's a lot of just odd things that seem to be snuck in there, so I'm guessing some of them might have glorious context. [My favorite moment ends up being when the bear shits in the woods, and I make the joke to my groups dismay every single run]

TheBehemoth8 karma

We'd sing really, really strange songs about Davey Crockett. We aren't sure how or why this got sparked much like the majority of our jokes but that one seems to stick with me.

"Find the gems and put them in your pocket, have a 6 year relationship with Davey Crockett."


BuddyIsKewl3 karma

I love all of the games you have made that I have played (haven't gotten to Pit People yet)! My question is will all of the star head prisoners come back on rotation eventually? I am trying to collect all of the heads and have missed a few. Also, is there any chance of an Alien Hominid steam port or a switch port of any of your games?

TheBehemoth4 karma

Hello, with regard to the star heads the answer is yes and no depending on which platform you're playing on. If Xbox360, then yes, all have been in constant rotation since release. With Steam, all have been in constant rotation minus 3 prisoners that were part of an exclusive giveaway, but can be found via trading. Hope that helps! - ian

MegaStrimp3 karma

Who is your favorite Behemoth character?

TheBehemoth9 karma

That's like asking a mom or dad to pick their favorite child! I could never answer that because I don't have one, in all honesty. I get to pick what to draw, and what gets picked is something I normally tend to really enjoy!


TheBehemoth12 karma

Don't lie, Dan! Mom and Dad always have a favorite child... they just don't say it out loud. You can tell us though... we won't tell the others... -Megan

Rhodderz3 karma

Will we ever see the princes;s again from CC?

TheBehemoth5 karma

I hope so. I really like them. Tom and I had planned to make them super-mage unlockables but we ran out of development time and could only have 1 main type of player character.


Chlorinium3 karma

In another comment, you mentioned that you use a form of C to code your games. Would you be able to talk more about what the process is for a relatively small studio to make a game? I would love to try creating some small games myself, but it is difficult to figure out where to start. In the meantime, thank you for all you do, I'm loving your games!

TheBehemoth6 karma

Thanks for playing our games! The Behemoth's games have all run on an engine that's written in C++ and has evolved over many years. Some of the games use ActionScript for the game logic and some (like Pit People) are entirely C++. It's great that you're interested in making your own games! If you're interested in the technology and want to get deep into figuring out how things work at a fundamental level, then making your own game engine is a lot of fun but very time-consuming. If you're more interested in gameplay and exploring how to make something fun, then there are plenty of game engines that you can start using right away: you could try GameMaker if you don't want to do a lot of programming or try Unity or Unreal to learn programming. There are lots of tutorials for each of those engines that make it pretty easy to get started.


Rewrioeer3 karma

Is there any concept art you guys haven't showed us? How was the story going to be like initially? and is the game selling well?

TheBehemoth4 karma

Dan has a few sketch books with early sketches and we're hoping to share more of those in the future. Here's a post with media from early development: http://blog.thebehemoth.com/2015/05/19/first-20-minutes-of-game-4/

Also, here's the first sketch of Pit People Dan made:


(Dan: "Pit People was the name written on the original concept sketch that started it all. Every interaction took place in an arena. Over time, adventuring became a big part of the game. However, a key moment in the story now occurs in the Pit, and so the name remained! In the end, we’re in the beginning!!!!!!!!!!")


elzozo3 karma

What advice do you have for someone with little-to-no experience to get into the gaming industry?

Where did the unique character inspiration come from, the health from Gluten was genius!

TheBehemoth12 karma

My advice would go something like this:

  1. Figure out what you want to do on games. Art? Code? Concept? Design? Audio? Which parts? (animation vs. modeling vs. texturing vs. architecture)

  2. Learn some tools that help you do that thing.

  3. Find some people on the internet that fill in the disciplines for what's left and

  4. Mod existing games! Mod popular games! Mod games that you have inspiration for modding and have cool, clear ideas for.

  5. Never aim big. You want to screw up a lot and screw up often so you can develop your bag of tricks and see what players respond best to. Every developer has their strengths and weaknesses that vary from one another - find yours!

  6. Keep a positive attitude at all times! Use negative feedback as information on what didn't go well rather than stewing about it. People only complain when they care. Ask the person who said "This sucks" to elaborate and embrace them! Each person you engage of the negative flavor will become thousands and thousands of positive people in the future because you'll be considering that type of gamer in the future.

  7. Now you have experience that is almost 1:1 to professional game development!

Please see my other answer about cupcakes/rainbow horses and how they came to be!


GiuxXD3 karma

Hello Dan! Big fan of your and Fulp's work since the NG days!

What are some tips that you can give to someone(Computer Engineering grad student) who aspires to someday get into game development?

TheBehemoth6 karma

Thank you! Please see my answer to elzozo for my list. As far as programming goes, I'm not really sure since I am on the art/design side but I imagine it's still fairly applicable! Good luck, I want to play your games!


EffectedEarth3 karma

How many flash games have you made?

TheBehemoth15 karma

I've made about 8 on Newgrounds. There's probably something like 6 or 7 that made it part way, but it can be difficult depending on who you partner up with online. That's a good rule of thumb, really - Never aim big for any game development unless you know the person well and know they won't bail out!

To be clear, we don't consider anything the Behemoth has done as a Flash game since our engines use forms of C programming rather than actionscript, and our engines are robust and render in raster.

Looks like Tom Fulp has made a whopping 45 or so for Newgrounds!


zedgamer3 karma

Hey guys, thank you for doing this AMA!

I just wanted to say that I really appreciate the time between announcement and release being so small. I didn't even know Pit People had a release date until it was released and that's amazing.

My question, when can we see some of that Pit People merch?
I really want an "I said Horatio dies!" shirt.

TheBehemoth5 karma

Thanks for playing Pit People!

Not sure what our merch dept has in the works for future tees, but as for general merch that's out already we gotchu:



Halfoun3 karma

What's the name of the songs that play when you beat the game for the first and second time? I really loved the first one. Are they licensed or made for the game?

TheBehemoth5 karma

Unfortunately, the song titles are a bit spoilery :/ i'm working on a tracklisting for the website so that's in the works. Thanks for the kind words and stay tuned for the listing! - ian

beeee_train2 karma

I’ve been a big fan of you guys since I first got battleblock theatre on the Xbox (I loved killing my friends! Lol). I’ve since played cc and am currently working on pp.

My question is with how pit people play, is it possible you guys will look into some mobile\ table port of the game to take on the go? Or is that not a direction you can see for the game?

Again thanks for all the great games and memories you have given to all of us gamers who have plays your games!

TheBehemoth4 karma

I think the most "likely" platform for on-the-go would be Switch, but we have no official plan on any platforms at this time. That would be so great, though, cmonnnnnnn Behemoth


Instant-Ramen2 karma

First off, I love Castle Crashers; it's one of my favorite beat-'em-up games. I was always curious though as to why the Rubber-Handle Sword was initially patched out of the original game (but then it made a return in the Remastered Version). Was there a particular reason?

Moreover, do you have any plans to release sequels to your games? I think many of us would love to see Castle Crashers 2 and Battleblock Theatre 2.

Thanks for doing this AMA!

TheBehemoth9 karma

It's all a blur, and hazy, but I think Rubber Handled sword was just something that never got placed in the world. It wasn't a particularly remarkable sword and it got hacked back in by players. Kind of funny how such a seemingly forgettable sword becomes referenced lore due to being strange or rare! At one point I asked our programming team to look through and see where the heck that thing is coming from and we couldn't find the texture or code for it anywhere. It made it extra-special on that day.

We're definitely not against sequels all together, as we're often misquoted over, but in order for us to do a sequel we'd have to really be sure how we'd change it the next time around. It would have to be far more than just more-of-the-same. I think experience over time is the best teacher for us on that front. Basically, the longer the Behemoth exists, the more likely it is that we'll be revisiting..


AJohnsonOrange2 karma

I've been a huge fan for years! Your style and work is amazing!

3 parter question:

1) Do any of you still grow beards out during game creation?

2) are you fans of Heroes of Might and Magic or did it inflience Pit People in any way?

3) I can't search on my mobile so...any news on more format releases or expected release schedules for more formats (PS4, Switch, etc)

TheBehemoth3 karma

I'll answer at least one of them..

1) Do any of you still grow beards out during game creation? Dude, I really tried but it just didn't happen for me... However, one of our programmers decided to start growing out his beard about 2.5 years ago and hold out on shaving until full release! Check out Mike's beard here: https://twitter.com/thebehemoth/status/969671360736772096

2) I wasn't really involved in the game design, so I'll leave that for the other folks.

3) No other platforms announced at this time. We always want to have our games on all platforms but it'll come down to time and resources.


bozobozo2 karma

What is your favorite dinosaur?

TheBehemoth3 karma

Grimlock (animated) - ian

nussnougat2 karma

Are any games like bbt and Castle Crashers planned for the future?

TheBehemoth5 karma

That's an interesting question. We normally think of genres we haven't done, but I think if enough time passes and we know how we'd do a very different feeling flavor of that genre, we'd do it. We never know what we're making next until we finish our current project!


KGB1122 karma

Would you rather be forced to play the prologue of Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain forever or forced to only make Castle Crashers spinoffs and sequels for the rest of your careers?

TheBehemoth5 karma

Hey, I really liked Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain. I played as the coolest lady ever that I rescued out of a building right before that brat kid that somehow can take 40 clips from a machinegun to the face and is immune to military grade tranquilizers. Then again I stopped right before that part that everyone seemingly complained about.

But, on the other hand, I think I like creating things more if we're talking a for-life sort of thing. I'll go with creating Castle Crashers spinoffs, even though a SPINOFF and not a SEQUEL would probably garnish all sorts of prodding from people. lol a fate worse than death!


Purple-Mangosteen2 karma

Who is under the masks of the colored knights in Castle Crashers?

Also, will Behemoth ever port Alien Hominid to Steam?

TheBehemoth4 karma

Who is under the mask is up to you to decide! That's part of what makes them so lovable I think - they're who you want to be, custom tailored to your brain.

AH on Steam would be killer and we're aware of that. That's all I'll say for now ;)


SilentShadowSeeker2 karma

What inspired the "Behemoth game style" of comedy, gameplay, and story?

TheBehemoth4 karma

It's a reflection of us, I think. We have no bosses telling us what to make and it's not a "business" decision or anything - just a natural course.

I always drew goofy things, even when I was 3 or 4 years old. Just kept on going!


Halfoun2 karma

What's the possibility of having a game based on Dad n' Me / Chainsaw the Children? I noticed that there is a helmet based on them in Pit People and I really loved it. Also, could the kid from Dad n' Me be a playable character in Castle Crashers, as the gameplay is really similar? And Horatio in Castle Crashers?

TheBehemoth5 karma

Dad 'n Me really has a strong pull with people. There's something about those characters that makes them so lovable. They murder people indiscriminately but they also seem to have love for their own family members, so it helps prove the compassion is there...somewhere. Since a game about killing innocent children or people isn't really something we're 100% excited about making as a fully fledged game, I can't tell you that you'll ever see them. There would probably need to be some sort of morality shift in there for an official retail release. Until then they'll just have to keep poking in, nodding to those of us who know them!

The kid from Dad 'n Me could potentially work, yes. Horatio could probably work, too, though he might look a little odd. I love the idea of the tiny fence he'd have to have.


ghtddkc2 karma

What is the coolest element of Game Design you've seen in your/other video games? Also is there a plan for a Mac version soon?

TheBehemoth6 karma

Hmm. It's hard to pick! I really appreciated Nioh's take on complex combat, which definitely builds on the Souls-like. I have been enjoying the crowd control combat for the dwarf in Vermintide 2. I love lots of design decisions in Dead Cells, Heroes of the Storm, Crypt of the NecroDancer, Mount & Blade, Everspace, Warframe, TF2, The Division (after the patch), Absolver, Dungeon of the Endless, Xcom, Divinity: Original Sin 2, Helldivers, etc....

Platforms upcoming undetermined!


TizonaTerrarian2 karma

We can ask you anything? Ok.

How's your day been?

Do stars come from unicorn farts?

Do you wanna see a picture of my cats?

Is Hatty a vegetable anymore? I could've sworn I saw him move at the end of pit people.

What did Horatio wish for at the end of Pit People? I remember reading somewhere that the Speckled Horse doesn't do time travel

TheBehemoth2 karma

My day has just started but it seems like it is pretty good.

Stars are spacebear nipples.

I'm not particularly interested in cats unless they are doing something really odd. Like the rest of the internet.

Hatty does seem to lift his head in the end of Pit People, doesn't he? Seems non-vegetable to me!

What he wished is incoherent to us listeners. And yes, that's correct, the Speckled Horse doesn't do time travel........


K05mic2 karma

Hello! My question is did you get alot of purchase on the game? It seems incredibly hard to get into a pve/pvp match through match making. I'm on xbox. I have tried at different times over the course a the last 5 days and have only gotten 1 match of anything. Has this been reported to happen? Thanks!

TheBehemoth5 karma

We have more users on PC, but most of the issues seem to suggest non-peak-time searching. Unfair Challenge is not often traveled, but PVP is explored by about 5-10% of players. I'd suggest 6-10PM PST. If you still can't find anything I'd definitely say to please contact our support team. You can find our support channel on Discord at https://discord.gg/thebehemoth !


egd_32 karma

any switch plans for any game?

TheBehemoth4 karma

We hope so. Considering it currently with no clear answer yet.


AdSeq2 karma

Are you going to release it for Mac?

TheBehemoth3 karma

Platforms all being currently considered, not sure. You can use 'Wine' and other 3rd party programs to play on Mac immediately, or so I hear (I don't have a Mac)!


-WILDY-1 karma

Now that the game is in full release, will there be any official support for a league or tournaments? Would be awesome as I love this game and tbs games in general. P. S. What an amazing game, you have nailed it yet again

TheBehemoth2 karma

Hi! Thanks! Yes, I'd like to have a tournament system of some nature, but I have no idea if we will implement this or not yet. I absolutely love the PVP scene in Pit People so I'll give it my best shot at trying to find a more robust ranking of some kind to put in there while not asking too much of our team.


TheKingDozer1 karma

Will new character types be added into the game?

TheBehemoth2 karma

I hope so. Not sure, but I'd love to get 1 or 2 in there eventually.


Spiddys1 karma

Most likely already has been ask but,

What inspired you guys to make pit people?

TheBehemoth2 karma

We wanted to try a non-reflex game type, and we wanted to cater to people who thought most turn-based games were too complex while making people who do play them all the time happy!


Syntheticsapien111 karma

In Castle Crashers, who gets the credit for making the shit-propelling deer in the monster cat chase sequence? 😂

TheBehemoth3 karma

Tom and I. Not sure what series of events it was exactly, but I think it all started with the deer outside of that level. I just wanted to have him crap himself off the screen. I do remember Tom suggesting the bear, and the mill chase, but I do not remember who went for the owl.

We were laughing to tears making that stuff, lololol


SpiderNinja791 karma

What made you decide on the name “the behemoth” ?

TheBehemoth3 karma

We thought it was very fitting for our small handful of people. Big lumbering companies are generally referred to as behemoths. Plus we liked naming the chicken that way. I think of the chicken as HUGE, like 4 city blocks huge.


___w0lf___1 karma

My husband and I have spent many, many hours playing and bonding over Battleblock Theater. Thank you for such a fun game!

I have two questions! What inspired the storyline for the game? And also, why cats as the bad guys?

TheBehemoth2 karma


The storyline was inspired by friendships. Ones that ended well, ones that didn't end well, morals about understanding your friend - everyone knows Hatty would never lock them up, but he did, but they know something's off because they trust their friend! So they set out to help him instead of push him away or escape.

Cats are the overlords partly because when the island was abandoned people had left their cats which mutated and transformed over time. They aren't good managers so they need to trap others into being their managers. Plus, cats are cute.



What are your plans going forward?

TheBehemoth2 karma

Well, I've always wanted to make another game. But I can't tell anyone about it yet. Really excited for this one. Can't reveal it this early, though, since we're still building out the prototype and all.