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This happened in the middle of the night when Dan and I were working on the forest level. I think the owl was already there and we were talking about foreshadowing that some big monster was coming... So then it was like, "What if you have this really scary stomping noise coming and the owl just poops everywhere instead of flying away" and then it was like, "What if a big scary bear pops out of the bushes but instead of fighting you, he ends up pooping himself when he hears the giant monster coming." and then "What if one of the players randomly ends up riding on the pooping deer?" Good times.


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I feel like it's going to be one of those eternal regrets I'll have. -Dan

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Our narrator for BattleBlock Theater and Pit People is none other than the illustrious Will Stamper. Here's a fun clip of him in the sound booth doing a take for a BBT scene: https://youtu.be/9FR1MXOb50c


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First off, awesome! As for the second thing, no plans at this time. We don't really do sequels in general for various reasons. One of those being if we made AH 2, Castle Crashers probably wouldn't exist. If we made CC2, BBT may not of ever existed... aaand so on. Now, having said that, you never know what the future holds... -Ian

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We need to invest in more bear technology