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Oh please! You're role in the radio show of Boosh was fucking excellent! I would enjoy more of you two in audio style!

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But if God is omnipotent and omniscient then wouldn't he have known that the most effective thing would be to appear all over the world at the same time (or at the very least very quickly back to back) using his omnipotent powers which would also prove his omnipotence to the people?

By the way, thanks for doing this AMA, you sound like a pretty cool dude.

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Hahahaha! Amazing! It's like two different people!

I figured it would come down to that, just wasn't sure if there was a hard exclusivity deal involved, but at least I can keep my hopes up or I'll just wait til I finally get my X1!

Thanks, Megan!

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I've been a huge fan for years! Your style and work is amazing!

3 parter question:

1) Do any of you still grow beards out during game creation?

2) are you fans of Heroes of Might and Magic or did it inflience Pit People in any way?

3) I can't search on my mobile so...any news on more format releases or expected release schedules for more formats (PS4, Switch, etc)

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Any chance you'll do anymore collab work with Watsky?