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AleHisa7 karma

What made you choose the name Pipistrella (she-bat in italian)?

Was there a specific and obscure reason or it just sounded funny?

Also, is the space bear the poor bear that Lou Ferrigno launched into space in the 80s?

AleHisa5 karma

Pipistrella just sounds like a princess name, doesn't it?

It actually does. And I totally forgot about Pipistrello, right!

Thanks for the reply!

And here's Lou Ferrigno propelling a bear into space https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOJoLaxokzM

AleHisa1 karma

I'm absolutely loving the Galaktikon comic book!

Once it's finished do you think there's ever going to be a Galaktikon 2 comic?

AleHisa1 karma

Hey there, Ed!

Big fan of yours and of RedLetterMedia, so I was wondering...is there any chance we're going to see a Rich Evans card since you guys already worked together and, well, we all need more Rich Evans in our lives, especially in card form?