I joined in my early twenties and remained active in the wider movement into my late twenties. To address the most commonly asked questions beforehand: 1. No I was not "raised that way". My parents didn't and dont have a racist bone in their bodies. I was introduced to the ideology as a youth outside the home. 2. Yes, I genuinely believed that I was fighting for a just cause, and yes I understand that that may cast doubts about my intellectual capabilities. 3. No, I never killed anybody, ever.

I hope we can have civil discussion, but I am expecting some shit. If I get enough of it be on the look out for me tomorrow over at r/tifu.

 EDIT. Gotta stop guys. Real life calls. Thanks for your interest, sorry if I didn't get your question.

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ws_volt7822 karma

Did your group have batshit crazy role names like grand dragon and wizard?

shamethrowaway776367 karma


Obesibas2800 karma

Why is that though?

shamethrowaway774033 karma

I'm guessing the sounded a lot more badass and mysterious back in the first days. Then it was just tradition.

Logman11336922 karma

Can you describe the recruiting tactics used by the klan, or are they mainly trying to keep the members they have?

shamethrowaway7720656 karma

These days violence is largely by the wayside. Hate crime legislation was very effective. You see a lot of courthouse activity in the Klan now. Idea is to watch the news, find towns where a black person commits a crime against a white person. Book the courthouse for a protest. Flier the black areas with inflammatory fliers announcing the protest. The black community will show up enraged. And the few cells of white people that show up will be a mixture. By the end you've divided the community and found a few sympathetic whites. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Logman11337770 karma

That is a surprisingly smart tactic.

Thoguth3007 karma

So ... what would be the best counter-tactic? For the black community not to show up enraged? To quietly remove all the fliers? (Or replace them with mis-labeled ones so that nobody shows up?)

shamethrowaway777244 karma

Yes, ignore them. They are dying off now due to this tactic. Or, if you absolutely can't ignore them then go but keep calm and unified. A still, calm, quiet stand . No shouting or reacting. Composed behaviour flies in the face of everything they teach about other races. Also, know that it's likely that NONE of the membership lives near you. They'll drive hours to do this out of town. Don't assume the whites in town have any part in it.

hexthanatonaut6216 karma

Kudos to you for getting away from it.

Do you still have prejudiced thoughts/feelings and if so, how do you deal with that? Do you just ignore them or do you actively tell yourself that they are the wrong way to think?

shamethrowaway7716888 karma

You know, I do. I just have to constantly remind myself that my hang ups are perception and not reality. I like to think I've made some progress though.

SunBelly5670 karma

In your experience, how many in your white supremacy/KKK peer group fell outside the dumb redneck or skinhead stereotype? Were there suit and tie businessmen, teachers, medical professionals, lawyers, etc?

shamethrowaway777953 karma

There were a good few reasonably intelligent people. Mostly middle class working types.it was a small organization. There was one rich member who No one really knew. He once booked out an entire motel out of pocket so the group could attend a convention.

Zer_2703 karma

I imagine the fact that the bigger money behind the group is kept behind a smokescreen is deliberate.

WhoTooted1386 karma

I feel like it's a lot more likely there just isn't very much "big" money in the klan.

shamethrowaway771886 karma

There is not.

daparplayer1422 karma

Was there a buffet for members to enjoy, or at least a snack table? at the VERY least, was there coffee offered?

shamethrowaway774546 karma

Yes, but it was a taco buffet and was protested.

rsn19902393 karma

I’m not sure if you’re kidding or not. Either way that’s hilarious.

shamethrowaway776521 karma

I was joking. We ate the tacos happily.

iliveunderabridge2474874 karma

What changed your mind and why did you quit?

shamethrowaway777884 karma

Life has a way of kicking your ass when you make bad or stupid decisions. I think after a few of these ass kickings you start looking at yourself critically. This happened to me, and once I accepted that I wasn't right about a few things from there my whole belief system kind of unraveled. At this same time, I met some black individuals who unwittingly played a part in the saga.

Emersonson4689 karma

Do you still have contact with people inside of the Klan or who are white supremacists generally? Were you ever concerned for your safety when you decided to leave?

shamethrowaway776262 karma

I do not have any contact with anyone from that life. I was not concerned for my safety when leaving the Klan. I was when I left the greater movement, and there are people in other groups that probably wouldn't mind stomping me.

gbeezy0071605 karma

What do you mean not the klan but the greater movement ?

JurassicBrett1258 karma

I'm reading the AMA after the fact a bit and based on other answers I'm assuming the greater movement refers to neo-nazism in general --- beyond just the KKK.

shamethrowaway772164 karma

Correct. It took me another year to throw away the whole lifestyle.

rscar774621 karma

  1. Was there a specific forum or outlet that you believe supported and/or cemented your beliefs at the time?
  2. Was it a feeling of belonging or some other need/want that you sought that allowed these ideas to take root?

shamethrowaway777038 karma

  1. Yes, but I'll not advertise for them.
  2. Early in my teens, yes. Later I was just consumed by it.

notthatryan3292 karma

have you since seen or talked to anyone that you may have treated unfairly due to your previous views to apologize to, or reconnect, with them? if so what was that like, if not, would you like to?

shamethrowaway775489 karma

One. The black gentleman I began praying with daily was very caught off guard and hurt when I told him. I big part of me wishes I had packaged it better somehow.

Emersonson2902 karma

What role, if any, did women play in the Klan while you were a member? Did you have Klanswomen as a formal part of your organization, or was there a separate group for Klanswomen like there was in the 1920s?

shamethrowaway773343 karma

The ladies had their own group, but we're included in all meetings and ceremonies. One of the people running a good part of the show while I was in was female.

Emersonson1399 karma

That's really interesting. So what was the men's view of the women's group and did the two groups differ greatly in terms of tone or activities? I apologize if this seems prying, but I studied the 20s Klan pretty in depth, specifically the gender relations that existed in the Klan.

shamethrowaway773889 karma

I saw remarkably little misogony in the Klan. I saw one case where a man put hands on a woman and spoke down to her. He was beaten and removed from the premises. Neo Nazis on the other hand are pretty misogynistic as a whole.

Mr_Bell_Man2336 karma

How did those outside of your white supremacist friends (such as friends/teachers in school) treat you as a result of your klan involvement? Did you find it harder to get a job and make other big life choices due to your background?

shamethrowaway773102 karma

I kept the two lives very separate.

nothingbutnoise2252 karma

How would you go about opening a discussion with people who still hold these beliefs?

shamethrowaway774177 karma

Most importantly, shelve emotion or else don't have to conversation. Appeal to their humanity first, find things to relate through. Develop a relationship and the conversation will come. When it does, be firm but be softspoken and rational.

cmc1309 karma

Do you think it's possible in any way to have a discussion with someone like this if you aren't white?

shamethrowaway771948 karma

I held a middle class career in place during all this. That isnt something you manage these days without the ability to deal cordially with other races. I was pretty good at keeping career and aterhours life separate. I think in some cases its possible. I think in others i have known personally it would end badly and wouldnt take long to get there.

Taager2003 karma

How did your parents react to this shift in personality?

shamethrowaway773105 karma

Dad hated it. Mom disliked it heavily and hoped it was just a phase.

Gelkor1487 karma

Now that you are out have they warmed to you again? Have you talked to them about it since you left?

shamethrowaway774076 karma

They never gave up on me. My dad passed away several years ago. We parted on good terms.

gwdope1874 karma

What could have stopped you from going down that road? Would friends or family interjecting have helped stop you or would it push you further along?

shamethrowaway773974 karma

I think if I had more experiences growing up that introduced me to other races and cultures early on it would have been much harder for me to buy into racism as a way of life.

omicron_bp1841 karma

Do you have any tattoos you regret? Did you get cover-ups?

shamethrowaway772977 karma

Still got it, right over my heart. I want it covered up bad.

e-s-p1013 karma

How much would the cover-up cost?

shamethrowaway771505 karma

I'm not even sure it's possible.

Jessica16089 karma

May I ask what it is?

shamethrowaway7730 karma

A MIOAK, material identity of a klansman. The blood drop and cross symbol often associated with the klan.

dietderpsy1747 karma

Was everyone a genuine racist or did some people tag along?

shamethrowaway775486 karma

Nah, plenty of those guys aren't even really racist. I was in a vehicle with two other klansman once, and there was an elderly black couple on the shoulder with a flat. We got out and changed their tire, then left. I never heard it mentioned again.

pcpandcilantro1677 karma

What are some of the secret codes or signals white supremacists use to identify one another? I’ve seen the 88 thing but curious of other ones.

shamethrowaway773041 karma

The Klan has a series of handshakes, signals, and acronyms known as klanguage. The acronyms are simple and generic, ie- AYAK= are you a klansman? AKIA= a klansman I am.

BananaBob553587 karma


Must’ve taken a genius to come up with that one

shamethrowaway77895 karma

It gets funnier. You can find it all online. It's been leaked for years, and nothing has changed much.

dead_gerbil1567 karma

Do you enjoy foreign cuisine? Indian food? Chinese takeout? Jerk chicken?

shamethrowaway773084 karma

Yes. Nothing bonds me to a new culture faster than food.

commutingtexan1235 karma

What sort of views did you hold about those of other races compared to your own? Were those outside of the WS/KKK movement seen as inferior physically, intellectually, or otherwise even if they were your own race?

shamethrowaway772092 karma

There are varying degrees of this. A few get really into the whole Ubermensch thing. For the most part I was more of a segregationist. I didn't necessarily think whites were by nature better, but that we should live seperatly from other races. Toward the end, I became more irrational and hate driven.

Kitten_of_Death1014 karma

Who brought you into the fold of white supremacy?

How does the Klan and other white supremacist groups react when a member or participant rejects the ideology? Both from your experience extracting yourself from the organizations, and your experience within the organizations seeing others leave.

shamethrowaway772441 karma

I was introduced to racist ideology around the age of 14, by some other teenagers who were skinheads. I never really joined, but I shaved my head and put boots on. Not necessarily because I believed any of it. I thought it made me look edgy and tough. I moved from my all white semi rural town at 19 to an outlying suburb near a predominantly black inner city area. This is where I dealt with my first encounters with African Americans. After some ugly altercations and having a few guns stuck in my face, my immature mind decided that because I had dealt with some black people who happened to be bad, all black people must be bad. I found Klan contacts on a WN message board and reached out.

 As far as leaving goes, the outfit  I was involved with allowed to you to leave peacefully  of your own accord, but you are to be shunned by members. Other groups are not so kind.

cmc517 karma

and having a few guns stuck in my face

How did this happen?

shamethrowaway771397 karma

I was robbed at gun point a couple times.

hewhopoops1003 karma

The fact that influences outside your family impacted you so strongly seems to be very common. Would you give any advice to parents to avoid their kid being coaxed into such beliefs? Do you wish any aspects of your childhood changed?

shamethrowaway771540 karma

Advice with kids is tricky. I don't know what my parents could have done differently. I was headstrong and rebellious.

tehmlem999 karma

Is it easy to identify those that might be sympathetic to white supremacy? Either those that are potential recruits or those that are already involved.

shamethrowaway772039 karma

During my recruiting days I would frequent Tea Party events. I had to be careful. There was a certain fringe that was recruitable, but as a whole once your cover was blown they would physically eject you from the rally.

Indominablesnowplow917 karma

Do the other clans-men look down at you and possibly scoff if your white uniform isn’t pristinely white when you meet up for activities? I mean, it must be difficult to keep it immaculately white - at least keeping my white t-shirts white is difficult, they always go a little grey.

Ps. This is not a Tide ad

shamethrowaway77875 karma

There was an elderly klanswoman who made and cared for our robes. I can't remember ever seeing a stain on one. A robe touching the ground was disgraceful and worthy of discilpline.

ihavetouchedthesky414 karma

Appreciate your candid answers. You seem to have a sense of humor. By chance, did you see the movie Django Unchained? There is a Klan scene where they touch on this subject..sorta. Really hilarious from a practical humor standpoint.

shamethrowaway77820 karma

I have seen it several times. The argument scene over the masks is funny to me for more reasons than one.

NAbsentia820 karma

How did your group view whites who opposed them? I've been called a race traitor before, and I wondered if that was a common view, and if you, while in the group, felt any special hostility to whites who actively opposed you, as in street protests.

shamethrowaway771625 karma

Race traitors were viewed as lower than different races. I hated them then, but I am considered even lower than a race traitor myself now.

pokinfolks801 karma

Kudos on your personal growth. Your courage in participating in this may be inspiration to others. On top of this, is there any way that you actively try to steer others from your old community away from that dangerous train of thought?

shamethrowaway771312 karma

If I hear language heading in a racist direction I confront it and argue against it. Doesn't happen often though.

SantorumSessions202096 karma

How does an argument like this go? Do you often have positive outcomes?

On the rare occasions I’m in a situation like this, I usually don’t say anything. Partly because I don’t know what to say.

shamethrowaway77256 karma

Most of the time people just go quiet when they realize you aren't "cool."

Stanlaurelsleftnip627 karma

For you, what is the most convincing argument for the notion of white supremacy? and what is the most convincing counterpoint to that?

shamethrowaway772316 karma

I think in order for any argument in favor of white supremacy to become convincing you have to be willing to ignore any other perspective. I suppose the most easily abused resource is statistics regarding race and crime. The most convincing counterpoint is to take as a whole both the statistics AND the various socioeconomic causes, as well as the very basic fact that poverty increases crime in communities regardless of racial makeup.

NachoLawbre474 karma

How would you describe your political views today?

shamethrowaway771262 karma

That's a hard one. I've become a lot more socially liberal. The fiscal conservatism is still lurking about and I do really like personal freedom. Maybe I'm on the libertarian spectrum?

Mcfinley461 karma

Could you describe the community you grew up in? Were you exposed to minorities at a young age or did you live in a primarily white area?

shamethrowaway77671 karma

I grew up in a semi rural mostly white area. My parents were not racist, but there was that element to be found in the greater community. I was not really exposed to many other races. There was one black child who had white adoptive parents, and an Asian family. A couple Hispanic households.

HappensALot227 karma

How did you view the black child with white adoptive parents? Was the child "okay" because it was being brought up "right" ?

shamethrowaway77369 karma

Yeah, that was a time when he was just another kid in town. Once I was a teenager and started dabbling, i pretty much just shunned him.

many_splendored438 karma

What is different about the Klan and other movements like it from how it's depicted in the media?

shamethrowaway771048 karma

The people aren't all complete morons. That element exists, but there are others who are otherwise perfectly normal people who happen to be wrong.

DarkGamer434 karma

  • What would you say/what advice would you offer someone who is considering aligning themselves with such racist groups, or are currently members?

  • If you were in charge of society, would you combat the recent resurgence of such groups? If so, how?

shamethrowaway771358 karma

Don't join. If you are in look around. Look inside. You and those people you are with are everything you think you hate about others. Turn your criticisms inward and really chew on what you find.

stevenw84404 karma

Was Clayton Bigsby as great a leader as he was portrayed?

shamethrowaway77481 karma

Even better.

thepopesachef279 karma

How open with the people in your life are you about this? Do you discuss your choices openly?

shamethrowaway77490 karma

I did and that went not so well. So I moved and now I keep it a secret.

punnystark42267 karma

How does this group view Native Americans? Im curious because a common statement among Caucasian people is that they are "part Cherokee."

shamethrowaway77579 karma

That statement was what gave rise to the Grand Dragon routinely telling new guys "If you are part injun leave or shut up about it!" Oddly during conversations I heard a consensus that Native Americans were done wrong.

forava7236 karma

what did they tell you when you told them you wanted to leave? were you worried in any way?

shamethrowaway77470 karma

They asked for my regalia and sent me packing. Right before I left the greater movement I was beaten badly, but it was not by the klan, and was my fault for the most part.

titlewhore202 karma

In what way did you feel that the actions and ideals of the KKK were just, and looking back what did you wish you knew before you adopted the KKK lifestyle?

shamethrowaway77428 karma

What I perceived was a world where the old table of racism had been turned, and now white people were the persecuted ones. I viewed a pending resurgence in the KKK would be necessary to protect our race. I'm sure that's why the image of a knight is so prelavent. It appeals to man's base nature.

AttorneyatLawlz194 karma

When you say White, was it just skin color or their ethnic origin? For example, were you racist toward Latin Americans with pale skin and blonde hair? Being white in and of itself is arbitrary so how do you distinguish who is white?

shamethrowaway77414 karma

General rule is, if they look white, act white, and fight white, they are white.

hippopig192 karma

Do you feel like you have way more comedians you can enjoy now?

shamethrowaway77793 karma

I secretly watched Dave Chapelle back then.

Kazu2324178 karma

What was it like while you were in the Klan? Did you feel some kind of sense of community and acceptance that wasn't available elsewhere? How did you end up in that situation to begin with?

Is there anything you miss about that specific community and anything that, looking back, you detest and am glad to get away from?

Overall, just curious about your experiences and how you felt while you were part of the Klan and now that you're out of it, whether there's a big difference in your life?

Thanks for your time!

shamethrowaway77342 karma

I've never been the most outgoing guy socially, so having a group with a bunch of secrets to bond over definitely resonated with me. There was also a core group that did stuff for others. That was enjoyable. The rest was bad. Lots of hateful people and big egos.

n3rv156 karma

I'd like to say we're all glad you made it out.

Have you considered creating a program to help people in your previous state of mind? I'd think sharing those stories would help someone out there.

shamethrowaway77295 karma

I briefly considered outreach. After a couple disastrous attempts I shelved it for a quiet life.

thetreeg2130 karma

What are the general beleifs of the group?

Did you discuss topics at meetings/ceremonies or was it mostly discussion of the next protest/showing?

shamethrowaway77300 karma

It's kind of a broad topic. There is no "the klan". There are tons of splinter klans. And there is some diversity in doctrine. Ours was basically a blanket of fake Christianity with racial overtones. We were dedicated to furthering "White Christian America."

Iwillnevergetaname128 karma

What was a typical meeting like? Did you have dues ($) to pay?

shamethrowaway77212 karma

It was sort of a ceremony really, with altar and candles. We took care of some ritual ceremony, discussed voting issues like charity stuff ore cross lighting ceremonies, paid dues, made various plans, and inducted new members.

JenWarr122 karma

What was the last straw that made you say, “that’s it. I have to leave”?

shamethrowaway77257 karma

It's hard to say. There was a lot of straws at once, but overall it was just a realization that I was wrong.

emuatemydingo114 karma

Do all the Klan “groups”, for lack of a better word get along well?

How many of them were violent people? Did people you met ever participate in racially motivated crimes?

How many people on average would be in a Klan “group” were they older or young people?

Was the racist sentiment in the Klan devoted mostly towards Blacks or was there just as much hate towards Catholics, Jews and Latinos or other groups the Klan hates.

Their attitudes towards politics in general?

How often would the Klan meet, or does it depend on the group?

What is wearing the outfit like?

shamethrowaway77241 karma

There's a ton of infighting. Comic proportions of it. Membership topped out around 150 during the years I was in a mixture of early twenties through mid forties, with some old timers. There were still a couple members around from the violent sixties, so yes there was a criminal element. Racism was against all races non white. Catholics were accepted as members. As you would expect, most members preach hardline conservative politics. Chapters meat monthly. The outfit feels goofy honestly.

KA1N3R99 karma

What do you think about the Alt-Right movement currently happening in the US and less so in Europe?

How similar is it and how dangerous?

shamethrowaway77177 karma

It is the type of thing the movement looks for. There is always a small surviving cell just waiting for the mainstream to shift far enough to bring a resurgence. Fortunately lack of cohesiveness and organization tends to stunt significant growth.

Prime-eight86 karma

What made you join in the first place and how do you think others can be kept from doing the same?

shamethrowaway77152 karma

I was angry, immature, and let a few bad experiences feed my racism. Once I bought the ideology I wanted to be active and spread it.

Lickleditt84 karma

I know you said that you believed it was a just cause, so does that mean that any acts of violence that befell upon those you opposed, no matter how heinous, did you view those as a necessary evil? What kinds of emotions did you feel participating in such things? (yes, I know you didn't kill people).

shamethrowaway77247 karma

I had largely dehumanized my perceived enemies. Once that is accomplished treating them poorly is easy. That's why I say relationships are key. It's hard to dehumanize the guy you are looking in the eye.

badzachlv0147 karma

Did you do any jail time or anything that could have solidified those ideologies in your head? Most of the skin heads around my home town got introduced to that sort of lifestyle through doing time, where they pretty much had to join up with the white groups to avoid getting their ass beat regularly in there.

Also another one i found odd was the amateur tattoo culture around here. The kinda dude's aspiring to be tattoo artists, that buy a needle and do tats in people's living rooms. Lots of skin heads in that group for some reason. It might parallel with the whole prison thing

shamethrowaway7791 karma

No, I have never been to prison nor have I been arrested for illegal activity connected to racism. I was a juvenile delinquent, but I have no adult record.

wg200046 karma

What do you think about people comparing average Republican voters to Klansmen/Nazis?

shamethrowaway77169 karma

I think it is harmful. Generalizing people is always going to leave innocent folks in the position of odd man out.

Teluxx45 karma

Hey man, good on you for doing this. I can only imagine it must be hard. (Judging by your throwaway account name) But as a random dude on the internet thank you for at least trying to be proactive.

My question is, what can I, a person who wants to help young people like you were find a better way. What could anyone have done to help you see the wrongness of your life? Honestly, help me know how to do better by those who need help.

Thank you!

shamethrowaway7774 karma

I can't speak for everyone. For me, I don't know what would have helped. I had solid people around me trying to stop me, but I just had to crash and burn to see I was wrong. I have a penchant for not taking council and making bad decisions.

RadBadTad43 karma

If every white supremacist was exactly like you, what would be the best way for us to reach out and help change minds?

Kindness doesn't seem to work, as it gets taken for weakness or "liberalism". Facts seem to bounce off because any fact that doesn't line up with the ideology is "liberal" and "fake". Aggression just begets more aggression and seems to help the person justify the righteousness of their stance.

Is there any way to hold a civil and productive conversation over the internet, or does it have to happen in person, with some sort of experience based detox?

shamethrowaway77139 karma

There's not going to be an easy template. People are individuals. What works to convince one will agitate another. I'm not saying don't try, I'm just saying if it were easy it would be over. Best solution I can see is just be good to everyone around you. If you can help someone, do it. If you can be a shoulder, be it. It was everyday stuff that did most of the work on me, not a debate or a protest.

littlebittytoy37 karma

I'm really impressed with how eloquent you are- this is a great point.

shamethrowaway7728 karma

Thank you.

likestocolor36 karma

So knowing the extremes, How can race relations be healed in this country?

shamethrowaway77148 karma

That is for a mind stronger than mine to figure out. Individually we just need to constantly remind ourselves that our perspectives aren't the only perspectives.

Aleksii-_-15 karma

Have you had any black friends? Are you still a racist?

shamethrowaway7735 karma

I'm no longer an intentional racist. Yes, I have a few black friends.

j_harv8 karma

What was your upbringing like? I feel as though most people who follow a hateful cause and rationalize its merits were either under educated or suffer some sort of trauma and molds their minds a certain way from a young age. Would you say that was the case with you?

shamethrowaway7760 karma

Average middle class family. I had loving, hardworking parents that did their best. I think I have to 100% own this.

Leaga6 karma

Considering you were not raised with hate/racism: What about the movement drew you in? What part of their rhetoric made sense to you (at the time) to lead you to accept something that is so commonly derided in modern society? Do you still somewhat identify/agree with any of the movements talking points? Do you think there is a legitimate concern buried in their bullshit that is being overlooked/dismissed because of the general stupidity of their platform?

shamethrowaway7717 karma

It was where I was at the time. Having heard from the skinheads I grew up around that other races were uncivilized and violent, and then to experience the culture shock of being in a predominantly black area, it all culminated in my accepting bullshit I was too dumb to question. I don't really have anything that sticks out in my head that I still agree with.

thefabulousbomb5 karma

What was the worst thing you did as a Klansman?

shamethrowaway7712 karma

Instigated hate inside of communities I didn't even belong to.

thefabulousbomb3 karma

How did you manage to do that?

shamethrowaway7711 karma

There's an above post that goes into detail, but basically planning events to stir up strife in racially mixed areas, fliers, courthouse rallies.

SlashBolt4 karma

Our society, especially right now, goes after people with bigoted worldviews with a grim vengeance, often trying to ruin every aspect of their lives including their job and personal relationships. Previously, civil rights activists combated organized bigotry by starting a dialogue with individuals associated with these organizations such as the activist Wade Watts did with KKK leader John Lee Clary.

I guess my question is do you think that we can still "turn" bigots the same way Watts did and if not, is there a better way to fight hate?

shamethrowaway7718 karma

You could wipe out almost the entire movement by simply providing some positive experiences. Most of it is a fear of the unknown thing. We all deal with fear of the unknown differently.

terablear2 karma

What do you think overall about racism?

shamethrowaway7712 karma

That it is wrong.

Jarhyn2 karma

How do you justify these views in light of evolutionary game theory, which holds that due to natural/sex selection that introducing traits between populations is universally beneficial to both populations, as deleterious traits will not find wide success, and beneficial traits will be selected for by BOTH populations?

Or in other words, how do you support the view that 'races' shouldn't mix despite the fact that evolutionary biology directly contradicts this view?

Oh... Ex. Good on you mate. I'm a blind fuck and thanks for being a better person. maybe just answer for the past tense?

shamethrowaway773 karma

Yeah. So I don't. But when I did I'd have said I don't know biology that well.

hexthanatonaut2 karma

If you could have a chance to talk to current members and try to change their mind, what would you say to them?

shamethrowaway7713 karma

I would just advise them to open a critical eye and question everything. Thinking critically about your beliefs is important.

TooLazyToCh1 karma

How much did your opinions change? Very Conservative?Conservative?Liberal?Between Both? How did they change?Were you open to debate?

shamethrowaway773 karma

I was open to debate, but too hard skulled to see anything differently than how I saw it. I have changed alot, mostly in that I have shifted left on many social issues.

cowvin21 karma

Thanks for being willing to discuss your experiences!

Do you do any work these days to try to reach out to people you knew in those circles or are they unreceptive because of your betrayal?

shamethrowaway772 karma

I tried a couple times. It's just not happening.

thxxx13371 karma

Are you still friends with any of the other Klansmen? Has anyone threatened you since you've left?

shamethrowaway773 karma

No, and not from the Klan. I have had threats from others in the greater movement.


People have called Trump and his administration racists and nationalists due to their use of dog whistles as well as policies that harm POC. If you follow politics, have you seen familiar hate speech being used in today's politics?

shamethrowaway771 karma

I'm pretty careful about politics. It can be a trigger for me. The only thing I'll say is I've changed a lot in the last 8-9 years and I did not vote for Trump or Hillary.

pyth0ns-10 karma

Have spoken with someone prior and they had some strong views on certain things.

What is your stance that we are potentially being lied to about Adolf Hitler in the educational systems?

shamethrowaway777 karma

I don't know what you are referring to exactly.

Doggysaywoof-11 karma

Are you going to answer any fucking questions?

shamethrowaway777 karma

Yes. That one was easy!