I eat pizza for a living. Seriously. I’ve been running tours of significant pizzerias in NYC for nearly 10 years, write an award-winning column for Pizza Today Magazine, judge and emcee at culinary pizza competitions, run a hunger relief nonprofit called Slice Out Hunger, and hold the Guinness World Record for largest collection of pizza boxes. There's even a documentary on Hulu about my pizza world called Scott's Pizza Tours. Loving pizza is my full-time job. Here's the proof!

***NOTE: I'll be here until about 3pm, then I'll check back periodically to answer any great hanging questions. Thanks for visiting!

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TheFly198352 karma

I just did one of your tours about two weeks ago and had the most fun EVER!

What pizzeria is your "old reliable" place when it comes to your tours? If not one, where would you say you've visited the most?

Also, any recommendations near Grand Central Station to properly celebrate today?


scottwiener53 karma

OH WOW in GCS I like Prova down on the dining concourse. There's a Two Boots nearby as well. As for old reliable... I love Sam's Restaurant in Brooklyn. And Arturo's in the Village. And John's in the village on Bleecker. SO MANY RELIABLE PIES!!

TheFly198322 karma


That was one of the best slice's I've had!

Thanks Scott!

kar-e9 karma

me too!! Sam's was the highlight! hoping to go back next Saturday on the Brooklyn walking tour - I'm bringing my parents, don't let us down Scott!

scottwiener11 karma

Thanks for the confidence?

scottwiener10 karma

And Joe's Pizza for a rockin slice.

spoongobs42 karma

I live in NYC. Is it worth the trek to New Haven to try Pepe’s?

scottwiener26 karma


Stonewalled_Jackson30 karma

In your opinion, what's the best pizza in NYC?

scottwiener153 karma

The place that's closest to your apartment. Where they know your name and give you an extra garlic knot.

mattreyu19 karma

What's your stance on eating pizza with a fork?

scottwiener112 karma

Eat in whatever way makes you feel good. Pizza is not a food of judgement. If you don't want to eat pizza with a fork, don't eat it with a fork. But the moment you think less of someone because of the way they eat a slice of pizza, that's when you need to reevaluate your priorities.

peezuhparty17 karma

How frequently do YOU personally do the tours? My boyfriend gifted me a tour but I really only want to take it with you because you just seem so pumped on pizza!

scottwiener32 karma

I do every SUNDAY NYC PIZZA BUS tour but the rest of my tour schedule changes weekly. Hard to tell which ones I do. But I gotto say I don't have tour guides who aren't huge pizza nerds. THEY ARE ALL AWESOME! Seriously, I would NEVER have someone who eats too much salad.

kar-e16 karma

Scott, have you ever had a decent cheese-less (or vegan cheese) pizza? Can such a thing exist?

scottwiener26 karma

ABSOLUTELY! I looooove a good marinara from a Neapolitan pizzeria. Also I'm into NuMu vegan cheese. It's solid.

Pedro7o716 karma

Hi mate, massive pizza guy here also. Went on your tour back in 2010, and will definitely be back if I ever come back to NY. Loved it.

What are your favourite foods away from pizza?

scottwiener64 karma


scottwiener36 karma

jk. . . ice cream, bbq, fried chicken, sushi, donuts. I love food.

secretsquirel2515 karma

What is your thoughts on square cut pizzas? My wife thinks that I am weird for getting square cut pizzas from time to time

scottwiener24 karma

I don't get it, but I respect it.

eldestsauce13 karma

Do you have any pizza boxes that were in movies (especially Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)?

scottwiener30 karma

I have a replica of the one pizza box in Spaceballs. Also one from Do The Right Thing. WISH I had a TMNT box. And the Little Nero's box from Home Alone!

kindunicorn46712 karma

What do you think about Hawaiian pizza? Good or great??

scottwiener20 karma

I think too many people mismanage their pineapple. But when it's done right, it's great!

thepizzafire6 karma

What’s the “do it right” secret?

scottwiener15 karma

Use fresh pineapple and prepare it, don't just toss it on the pie. Grill it or something. And don't mix pineapple and tomato sauce!

kindunicorn4677 karma

I love tomato sauce with pineapple!! What do you use instead?

scottwiener11 karma

nix the tomato. too much acid for me

Beasting12311 karma

What's your favorite pizza topping?

scottwiener31 karma

sausage. Sweet italian sausage with garlic, pepper, and fennel seeds

pizzacommander11 karma

What's up Scott?! If you HAD to pick a favorite regional pizza style outside of NY-style or Neapolitan, what would it be and why?

scottwiener22 karma

Good question! I dig Detroit style lately. Just so comforting! Love that burnt cheese.

braiker10 karma

Hi Scott,

I attended your Pizza tour in December for my birthday and it was SUPER fun and knowledgable, I can't wait to go back. Here's my question: I work in NYC midtown and we cannot find a good pizza parlor to save our life. Where do you recommend we go, even if it's a short subway ride away?


scottwiener22 karma

Give me an intersection and # of blocks radius or time you can take.

Sugarpinkloz10 karma

If you had to become suddenly intolerable to one part of a pizza forever, which would it be out of the base, tomato sauce and cheese?

scottwiener12 karma

Wow good question. I think I could lose cheese before the others.

Danni29010 karma

When did you start collecting pizza boxes? What fascinates you by having them?

scottwiener25 karma

I started collecting around 2009. Pizza boxes are pieces of ephemera that, when saved and viewed as art, take on new meaning as reflections of the cultural atmosphere in which they are created. Things that are destined to be thrown in the garbage say the most about the people who use them.

diegojones410 karma

How do you clean the boxes so you don't get bugs?

scottwiener10 karma

I have mostly clean boxes. The few that need cleaning (about 20 of the 1400) I scrape and coat with polyurethane to protect. I've been doing an Instagram story companion to this AMA and I'll give you a quick tour of my box collection there @scottspizzatours

_frustratedesigner9 karma

What is the worst pizza you’ve eaten?

scottwiener19 karma

I'll just say it was a pizza buffet. I know, bad idea in the first place!

SeRiOuS_DuKe8 karma

Scott!!! Went on one of your tours and wanted to let you know again how fun it was. Anyways my question is have you tried eating pizza in East Asian countries like Korea or Japan? If so how'd you like it?

Pizza culture there is definitely weirder cause they don't usually eat/view them as a quick easy meal. Pizza huts in Korea I remember were very fancy and sit down.

scottwiener12 karma

NEVER BEEN but it's a dream of mine to eat in a Chinese Pizza Hut.

Squeezil638 karma

What do you think of all the "quick serve" places like Blaze, Mod, etc?

scottwiener21 karma

I get what they're doing, but focus is on speed and not quality. That makes me a little sad.

whiteguysky-7 karma

What’s the first pizzeria I should try when visiting New York?

scottwiener19 karma

Joe's and NY Pizza Suprema are serious new york slices. Start there!

gyrk127 karma

Hey Scott! Been following you lately! Your knowledge has inspired me to truly expand my pizza tastes. Few questions:

Favorite pizza places in NJ?

Best way to reheat pizza?

Is there a world where almond flour is an acceptable alternative for traditional flour in dough? I love pizza, but I hate the carbs it comes with.

Lastly, are there any toppings that you feel don't belong on pizza?


scottwiener9 karma

NJ - I love Santillo's, Razza, Delorenzo's, Papa's.... many more but honestly I hate listing favs because I always leave some out.

Pizza reheating - frying pan

Never tried almond flour. Carbs aren't bad, just use good flour!

ALL toppings welcome

I-drinklotsofwater6 karma

Although you said you're based in NYC, do you like Chicago or New York pizza better?

scottwiener13 karma

I personally prefer NY style because I grew up in NJ and thin slices are my comfort zone. But I like any pizza that tastes good.

hcainesjr6 karma

I'm franchising 1000 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria in Atlanta. The corporate store is in Bridgewater, NJ. I'd love to hear your opinion of it after you've tried it. I personally tried 12 other Fast Casual Pizzeria's before making my decision to go with 1KDP.

scottwiener8 karma

I gotto check it out!

spoongobs5 karma

Scott, I’m going on the Brooklyn tour next Saturday. Can it be with Alexis and can we go back to Sams please???

scottwiener11 karma

I think Alexis is running that one! Sam's might be a no-go because Louie just had surgery but we'll do what we can. Great place!!

GoodDecision5 karma

Hi Scott, saw you on TV not too long ago, very cool thing you are doing!

Have you had a chance to explore the pizza geography of Boston and/or Massachusetts? If so, any thoughts? Are we doing okay?

scottwiener9 karma

Yeah I love South Shore bar pies! So fun! Also Galleria Umberto on Hanover St is awesome!

PizzaMan_4205 karma

Scott! Checking you out on IG today, the loafs look good!

Loved the description of your pizza box process. Why do you measure them, and why do you keep them at your house? How often do you open that closet and idk, pet one ? lol or take it out and show it off?

scottwiener3 karma

THANKS! I measure the boxes in case I ever need that info. Just good to have. May as well do it while I get them rather than having to take them all out of storage. I pet one box every day.

AmbivalentAttachment5 karma

What a dream job...hanging out with people and eating pizza. I can easily imagine why it'd be so great, but I'm super curious---what's a bad day like on the job itself? Do you have any "Dirty Jobs" kinds of moments or is it all a walk in the park?

scottwiener9 karma

I have to do bookkeeping and other boring things that come with running a business. Updating the website. Posting on all the social media. A bad tour is when people just don't care about the science and history of pizza. It's rare, but it happens.

pizzaissandwich4 karma

How much pizza do you eat per day and how do you stay so skinny?

scottwiener11 karma

15 slices/week and I ride a bike a lot and eat oatmeal for breakfast so that helps. Also no sweets during the week, lots of water, and no eating after 9pm

powerscunner4 karma

What are pizza historian conferences like? You guys must be a wild group.

scottwiener23 karma

We get sauced.

slithery_snek4 karma

In your opinion, what is the best pizza and what is the worst pizza?

scottwiener12 karma

Best is one that's balanced, with nothing overpowering anything else. Worst is the opposite.

athennna3 karma

Scott, you’re my hero. 75% of the reason I want to go to NYC is to take your tour.

Thank you for all you’ve done for pizzakind.

I now live in what you might call a “pizza desert”, with dominos being the only option for miles.

What do you suggest to make my own quality pizza at home?

scottwiener3 karma

I hope the other 25% is the Lion King!

headsvstails3 karma

How do you feel about pineapple on a pizza?

scottwiener9 karma

pro (when done well)

cliff_diver3 karma

What kind of pizza innovations are you most excited about?

Do you see any sort of improvements to pizza delivery in terms of reducing waste or improving efficiency?

scottwiener3 karma

People are getting really into different grains and long fermentation, also high hydration doughs. Very cool to see people paying attention to the crust!

thomaspv3 karma

I know you are mainly NYC but are there any pizza places on Long Island that you recommend?

scottwiener3 karma

recently in love with the grandma at King Umberto

ddust1023 karma

What's your favorite frozen pizza?

scottwiener6 karma

I raaaarely eat them but I think Chicago pizzas hold up well. The Lou Malnati's is almost like eating it in Chicago. As for the standard brands, Frescetta is alright. But nothing is as good as actually baking the pizza yourself. It's not hard. STEP UP!

halkster3 karma

Hi Scott!!! Big fan of yours from Portland. We have met a couple of times...yes, I need to get out to NY.

Thoughts on the best way to improve the pizza you make at home?

scottwiener3 karma

let the dough relax and don't beat it up. Top it lightly and crank the oven.

Brewe3 karma

When you decided to do this AMA, what kind of questions were you expecting?

scottwiener5 karma

Exactly the ones I'm getting.

itty533 karma

Who coined "National Pizza Day" (February 9, today)?

I went looking for it this morning and couldn't find anyone who knew. Best I could tell is that it only existed since 2015.

scottwiener9 karma

NO IDEA who started it but it came from out of nowhere maybe 4-5 years ago. Part of me loves any day celebrating pizza, but a bigger part of me wishes it was on a significant day. October is National Pizza Month, November has a National Pizza with Sausage Day, there's even a day for Pizza With Everything Besides Anchovies. And of course June 11 is Margherita Pizza Day. Too much. Feels diluted. But it's an excuse to celebrate, so I can't complain too much.

Great question!

geecko2 karma

Scott, when will you be back in Brussels? When I did the tour on September 24th, you told me you hadn't had a great experience in Brussels as far as pizzas go.

I think we should change that.

scottwiener3 karma

No idea when I'll be back but keep an eye on social media and you'll know EXACTLY when I land!

orange_rind2 karma

Are you a fan of Cuban pizza?

scottwiener6 karma

Never been to Cuba! What's the pizza like? I've seen pictures and it looks like rough stuff.

orange_rind2 karma

Have you seen Pizza Slice in Tokyo? It's like the Japanese version of a NY slice place, but also very stylized. Their IG kinda neat. Just wondered if you'd heard anything about the actual quality of the pizza.

scottwiener5 karma

Never been but I've met the owner a couple times. He's been on my tours. Great guy!

ashley_simsxx2 karma

Do you ever get sick of pizza?

scottwiener2 karma

not yet