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I'm bad at blowjob's

Well, it'snotyourjob.

Edit: And now my top comment of all time is referencing blowjobs. The last one was referencing being drunk and naked. I think I have a problem.

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This reply was too good for reddit. We don't deserve you, Cookie.

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FYI: Sesame Street parted ways with the Muppets years ago. They are not the same. Both created by Jim Henson, but now owned by different companies. Hence, the "What's a Muppet" answer; In Cookie's world, Muppets don't exist. Monsters do.

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Mr. Cleese, you narrated the audiobook Screwtape Letters fantastically. Potentially the best audiobook I've ever heard.

Had you ever been approached or sought to narrate The Great Divorce (another CS Lewis classic)?

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I've had grandmothers come up to me and ask me to call them a bitch, which I think is awesome! You know what I mean?

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I know exactly what you mean.