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EMT for a private ambulance service in Indianapolis. At least here we call in 10 minutes before we arrive to let the hospital know that we are coming and what we have. They then tell us if they are on diversion or not. Plus most fire department and private service dispatchers keep crews informed of when a hospital goes on or comes off of diversion.

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Oh ok. They are making it seem like this is something "new"

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What is your favorite article of clothing?

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So the town/city fire department responds to emergency calls ie 911. The private ambulance services will have contracts with hospitals to do all of their transports to rehab centers nursing homes or home when the patient can not go by car. We also do the hospital to hospital transports so the fire department is not tied up doing non emergency runs. We also have contracts with nursing homes to pick up patients. The trucks with paramedics can do just as much if not more than the medics who work for the fire department

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What is your thoughts on square cut pizzas? My wife thinks that I am weird for getting square cut pizzas from time to time