George Clinton will be answering your questions here on January 15 from 2pm - 4:00pm EST.

FRESH new single: I'm Gon Make You Sick O'Me feat. Scarface

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*George has a Redditor on his team. He'll be talking, and she'll be typing!



EDIT: Thanks so much everyone. George had a great time reading and answering your questions. Hope you enjoyed this as much as we did!

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Frajer7010 karma

Did you ever figure out why you must chase the cat?

georgeclintonpfunk15412 karma


creator125471 karma

Do you think that funk is making a sizable comeback?


georgeclintonpfunk6708 karma

I always thought I was the big dog

BLAYDIUM3643 karma

George, are you aware of the show "Mighty Boosh" and the episode entitled 'Legend of Old Gregg'? This episode references an experience you may or may not have had. Care to comment?

July 2nd, 1979 ring any bells?

Edit: video reference

Edit 2.0: fixed spelling

Edit 3.0:

Noel Fielding's reaction

George's reaction on Instagram

georgeclintonpfunk3896 karma

I'm mad because I didn't do this shit. I like it.

(*I just showed him the video and he's laughing!)

Novaxxer3027 karma

What's the drug of choice for a king of funk?

georgeclintonpfunk6466 karma

The Chronic. Snoop's Shit. Whattup snoop! u/Here_Comes_The_King

ACCBiggz2855 karma

Any stories from the filming of PCU?

georgeclintonpfunk5986 karma

Everybody on the set was fucked up. Toronto had the best weed around. Fuck the beer.

kwakaine2380 karma

Thank you for Maggotbrain?

The questionmark is because this mod motherfucker is a motherfucker?

georgeclintonpfunk1895 karma

I agree

bman112112028 karma

What's the craziest thing you have seen at a performance? Please be as detailed as possible

georgeclintonpfunk8591 karma

Norman, Oklahoma. 1978. A girl came up on the stage in overalls. Dropped her pants to her ankles. Turned around. Put a joint up her butt. And blew three smoke rings. We couldn't finish the show because we couldn't stop laugh. We tried 3 or 4 times to continue. Even took a break and we couldn't stop laughing.

thxxx13371951 karma

What's your favorite use of any of your songs on television or in a movie?

georgeclintonpfunk4493 karma

Guardians of the Galaxy, Good Burger

fenshield1587 karma

Good Dr. Funkenstein, how do young performers bring back the funk to modern music? Also, are you a fan of Thundercat?

georgeclintonpfunk2715 karma

Damn you answered your own question. Thundercat Flying Lotus and all that shit.

fenshield766 karma

Have you ever seen Flying Lotus at a grocery store??

georgeclintonpfunk1220 karma

Yes in the film Kuso

anonymoushero11564 karma

How many times now has Mother Earth been pregnant? Still 3?

georgeclintonpfunk1697 karma

Yep still 3

Syrachacha1452 karma

What music do you enjoy listening to currently?

georgeclintonpfunk4505 karma

Flying Lotus, Cardi B, Kendrick Lamar, Jay Z's new album, Tra'Zae, and all that shit coming out of Atlanta. All that trap shit. I'm trapped in it. Medicaid Fraud Dog, that's on my mind right now.

fdubb1431 karma

HUGE fan here - saw you three times already and looking forward to your show in San Luis Obispo later this spring.

QUESTION: in the 90’s it seemed like you had toured with a musician alternate for each member of your group. You were known for performing for up to three straight hours. My question is: was this to be able to play lengthy sets or was it primarily so musicians could party - like if they got too high they could be swapped out for a more sober musician?

THANK YOU for keeping our society Funkadelic and inspiring so many of us musicians and funksters!!!!!!

georgeclintonpfunk2800 karma

Nah it wasn't that. It was so a lot of people could get a paycheck. It happened every once in a while when someone was high. It was mainly to get a check. The show was so long, sometimes you'd need two drummers to carry it on.

sdvor1041367 karma

Thank you Mr. Clinton. Is there anything you remember about producing for the Red Hot Chili Peppers?

georgeclintonpfunk2985 karma

I remember the socks they were wearing were too big. I had to buy them some snuffleupagus jock straps.

WickedSushi1175 karma

What was it like on the set of Kuso?

Is it true that you told Eddie Hazel to play one half of Maggot Brain like his momma died, and the other half like he found out his momma was still alive? Some of my friends say this backstory is a myth, but i'm not so sure.

georgeclintonpfunk2152 karma

Beautifully gross and nasty. Plus there was a hole in my ass bigger than the hole in my ass. And the story about Maggot Brian is half true. I told Eddit to play it like he found out his momma died. That's it.

STIZZUH1097 karma

Boxers, briefs, or fig leaf?

georgeclintonpfunk4201 karma


wompuskat3000774 karma

Mr. Clinton, today is also Martin Luther King Jr day. Do you have any special messages to share, for his remembrance?

georgeclintonpfunk1658 karma

Just like we said in the 60s, peace and love, and remember what Martin Luther King is about.

wadeishere705 karma

This world has gone to shit. Can you take me to your home planet?

georgeclintonpfunk1147 karma

I got that doo-doo, you know that

TallVanGuy642 karma

What are some entertaining Bootsy stories?

georgeclintonpfunk2029 karma

We were driving into Toronto together and were contacted by a UFO. We saw a flashing light hit the ground first in front of our car. Three of four minutes later we saw it again two times, hit the street. Then the light hit the car and the light turned to liquid like mercury from a thermometer, beaded up and rolled off the car. All the street lights went out slowly as we passed. We looked behind us it was dark. Bootsy wasn't scared, he thought I knew what was going on. We weren't high, because he just crossed the border. We eventually arrived home and walked in the house and my daughter said, you all acting like you just saw a ghost! I didn't even think about it until later, why were we seeing light in daylight. I had to call Bootsy to confirm what time of day it was. We lost a lot of time that day and didn't realize it until years later.

eastriverdriveII614 karma

George, what planet are you from?

georgeclintonpfunk1353 karma

The planet Sirius better known as the Dogstar. Sirius A and sometimes known as Sirius B.

andyswanson586 karma

Thanks for doing this, George. It's great to have a chance to interact with such an iconic figure in music. I'm a huge fan of your work and had the privilege of seeing you and the gang in Melbourne, Australia last year.

  1. Why did you decide to revive the Parliament name for this new album? (the single sounds great btw, very excited to hear the album)

  2. Can you tell us more about the conception of Funkadelic's second album? How much of it was conceived of and recorded under the influence of LSD?

  3. Which artists have you enjoyed collaborating with the most and who would you like to work with in the future?

  4. When was the last time you took acid and how do you think it helped to shape and influence your music?

  5. Lastly, which planet is the Mothership heading to next and how can I get a ticket?

Peace and love, stay funky!

georgeclintonpfunk1001 karma

  1. Because the last album was Funkadelic "First Ya Gotta Shake the Gate". It's Parliament's turn. The new album is "Medicaid Fraud Dog" featuring the PFunk horns Fred Wesley, Pee Wee Ellis, Greg Thomas and Benny Cowan. The next album will be P-Funk Allstars.

  2. You got that right. All of that album Free Your Mind was recorded under the influence, over the influence, and between the influence of LSD and trendy chemical substances.

  3. I always enjoyed working with everyone. I'd like to work with Cardi B. She's got the funk. And the new Jay Z album is the motherfucker. I like the whole concept. I might write off that shit.

  4. Oh shit. 71 probably. It wasn't Acid after '69. It went commercial.

  5. We're going back to the Dog Star, the planet series, to pick up the Dogun and Nomos and Bouvier

Publiclimousine563 karma

Do you have anything to say about Sun Ra and his arkestra?

georgeclintonpfunk1517 karma

He was one of my neighbors in outer space. Him and Jimi Hendrix. They lived in some cosmic projects not far from me.

trashcaaat518 karma

Can you explain the ‘dooloop’ part of ‘Psychoalphadiscobetabioaquadooloop’?

Follow up question: How does Sir Nose feel about water these days?

georgeclintonpfunk1348 karma

Dooloop is that looping of the concept around and around jumping in and out of water. You can't swim but you do it again over and over again. Sir Nose don't have no sense in his brain. Its snot logical. The membrains in your nose don't have any sense. So he keeps jumping in the water not realizing that he can't swim til he's in there.

d-sav21509 karma

You recently said you won a legal victory giving you the rights back to the four Warner Bros. era Funkadelic records?

Any further updates?

Will you be doing your own reissues of these albums?

georgeclintonpfunk849 karma


OneMoGin489 karma

Thank you for your amazing contribution to music.

How did the George Clinton Family Series albums come about? Some of my favorite work you've done is on those records.

georgeclintonpfunk582 karma

They were leftover tunes from the sessions from Flash Light, We Want the Funk, and all the other hits that were not used on the albums back then. And I got a lot more!

8MileAllstars467 karma

What do you think about Rage Against The Machine's cover of "Renegades of Funk"?

georgeclintonpfunk1278 karma

Rage Against the Machine is definitely a rock band that can play hip hop on instruments live. So when they are funky they sound like Super Stupid, that era of Funkadelic. They bad.

rockstang382 karma

I've had the pleasure of seeing you at my first show ever at the 1994 Lollapalooza and twice at Woodstock 1999. Thank you for the amazing memories!

In all of the decades you've rocked, do you have a favorite venue?

georgeclintonpfunk1004 karma

My favorite venue is any place with a stage. No particular place. No particular city. Any place I can plug in and get down. It kinda helps if marijuana is legal there, it makes a difference.

KJB10000378 karma

Any plans to repress One Nation Under A Groove?

georgeclintonpfunk537 karma

Already in the works

GCgodfather277 karma

What's is your current relationship with John Frusciante and how did you find working with the Chili Peppers?

georgeclintonpfunk524 karma

He did Gangsters of Love with me. He went back and got Chili Peppers with Kim Manning. We did an old R&B Song "Come on Baby Let the Good Times Roll". Chili Peppers are my boys. I can't say enough about them Flea, Anthony, John, Chad

lazy_infielder244 karma

Whose idea was the mothership?

georgeclintonpfunk791 karma

After seeing all the huge productions, like Pink Floyd the Wall, I wanted to do a huge stage production too. You can thank Pink Floyd for the Mothership.

Schneids47238 karma

What is the best activity to do while listening to funk music?

georgeclintonpfunk670 karma

Dance your ass off and smoke a joint

s_a_p234 karma

I’m sure you’ve answere this before, but what’s your stance on sampling? Does it still provide good mailbox money to this day? Do you think that reform is necessary to create a reasonable market for samples vs the arbitrary nature of licensing samples today? Finally do you consider a composition derived entirely of samples to be as creative as some of your best work?(or any of you original work for that matter)

georgeclintonpfunk714 karma

You have to work your ass off to make that shit work. Public Enemy was a good arranger with samples. I've seen people do shit with our songs that's very intricate. The stuff Childish Gambino did with I'd Rather Be With You, he's killing it.

OneMoGin225 karma

What inspired the long soliloquy on "Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts?"

georgeclintonpfunk396 karma

I read it somewhere, I don't know where. I didn't go to school or nothing to know all that shit. I read it in a magazine. It was a good thought and I put it in pfunk terminology.

Pekomusic218 karma

Was there any counter movement or objection to funk music, or was it a type of music that was accepted by everyone at the time? What treatment did you receive once you guys became a more well-known act?

georgeclintonpfunk704 karma

We were too black for white folk. And too white for black folks. But as time passed, more people got on board. By the time we released Mothership Connection we had a huge fan base. We’ve been one nation under a groove ever since.

AlexTrebequois190 karma

We love you Dr Funkenstein, your funk is the best!

Question: other than keeping a strong emphasis on the 1 count of a beat, what’s the best advice for someone trying to maximize their groove?

georgeclintonpfunk644 karma

Stay in the pocket. Even if you know a lot of shit, dumb down a little bit. Funk will take care of itself. It will lead you to where you want to go. If I'm going to OD, that's what I want to OD on, The Funk. I don't think there's every been a situation with too much funk. It don't mean don't wash your hands now. We're talking about music.

tuubunnu182 karma

  1. Tell me about your experience with Ice Cube recording "Bop Gun (One Nation)". What were your initial thoughts when you were approached? And how great is his writing on that track, right?

  2. Give me some insight on how the drug culture of P-Funk's time played a role in your creative process. Was the collective mythology the product of your minds on acid and coke? Y'all smoked weed, right?

  3. What are your underrated favorites from your decades with P-Funk? "Wizard of Finance" is a masterpiece. And I rarely see people acknowledge how fantastic Clones of Dr. Funkenstein was.

You're a hero, George. You have a young generation of fans.

georgeclintonpfunk222 karma

  1. When he said Bop Gun, I thought he was talking about Bop Gun I didn't realize until I got there that he was playing One Nation which is easier for me to do because I'm not trying to sing behind Glenn on Bop Gun. They slowed it down a bit making it easier for me to sing. It was the bomb. In fact, he did a Remix of Ain't That Funkin Kinda Hard on You. That shows you how much I depend on Ice Cube! Thank you Ice Cube.

  2. I agree with Wizard of Finance. I also like Happiness on Our Side by Bernie Worrell. That whole album in the world is probably my favorite underrated album.

onlypatman160 karma

Seen you live twice sir, spectacular shows, thank you! I'm in the cannabis industry, and I was wondering if we could get some love for legalization from you please? Just a shout-out of support is all I need :)

georgeclintonpfunk426 karma

PLEASE LEGALIZE THE SHIT. You got my support. In fact, I want to get in the cannabiz too! Brand that shit, give me a deal.

dr_pepper_35139 karma

Why did Garry Shider wear a diaper on stage?

georgeclintonpfunk281 karma

He was a baby at the time. I had got old and was a grand dad by then. It was time for the younger one to wear the diaper. Plus he liked wearing it.

blowjobking69137 karma

Oh my god, man, what you and your band mates have done is some amazing music. Changed my idea of what was possible musically. Thank you so much for all those years of work. How the hell did you come up with such awesome, unique sounds? Who are your influences?

I hope you don't mind the comparison, but learning about you blew my mind in the same way as first learning about Screamin' Jay.

I also heard some chick wouldn't fuck you cuz you were wearing a diaper, is that true?

georgeclintonpfunk334 karma

I like Screamin' Jay Hawkins. I put a spell on you. Don't know how I'd fuck with a diaper on. Take it off. It's weird fucking with a diaper on!

evaxnull123 karma

Dr. Funkenstein, what do you think of Childish Gambino's new album?

georgeclintonpfunk237 karma

I think its the P

goddamngodsplan116 karma

Do you eat breakfast? What do you eat?

georgeclintonpfunk262 karma

Bacon & Grits when I'm home

_PSP_114 karma

Do you have a favourite Prince song?

georgeclintonpfunk209 karma

Brother Can You Paradigm

averrous99 karma

Have you been to the National Museum of African American History? What did you think?

georgeclintonpfunk170 karma

Yep. Love it. I was so busy looking at the Mothership first time. I had to go back a few more times.

YanniCaster96 karma

You're my hero man. How did you meet Bernie Worrell? Peace!

georgeclintonpfunk205 karma

At a barber shop in Plainfield NJ. He was still in high school and played with us in our doo wop band. My favorite musician in all the world. Always has been.

pearljammer51995 karma

Are you still living in Detroit? If so, what do you think of the recent turn around and where are your favorite spots?

georgeclintonpfunk217 karma

No I don't live in Detroit, now I live in Florida. But I still visit all the time. They're really fixing it up now. When they do that to the hood I might move back.

aRTie0215093 karma

Out of all the venues you've done, which was the wildest in the 70s?

georgeclintonpfunk471 karma

I can't remember the name of it. It was in South Carolina, it was a religious college and was named after one of the Senators. They were wilder than anywhere we have ever been, and it was supposed to be a religious school. They partied harder than anywhere, even the police were partying. And they had in the newspaper that we shouldn't play there because of our reputation. After the show, we thought we shouldn't play there because of their reputation.

endmass85 karma

Have you ever actually been in an elevator with Kraftwerk?

georgeclintonpfunk164 karma

No I have never been in the elevator with Kraftwerk but I'd like to get in there and record a song with Kraftwerk

TheLocalGamer77 karma

Do you wipe with your left or right hand?

georgeclintonpfunk448 karma

Let me smell my finger

TheMadFlyentist77 karma

Mr. Clinton,

The song "Can You Get To That" off Maggot Brain is far and away my favorite song from any of your groups, so thank you for writing that masterpiece.

My question is: Did you personally approve the sample of that song for the song "Rill Rill" by Sleigh Bells? If not, were you aware that song existed?

georgeclintonpfunk188 karma

We did not know until it appeared on the Super Bowl Commercial. And we still trying to get paid for that.

infowars_is_my_drug75 karma

Huge fan. Thank you for your work.

Who would you say are your largest musical influences? What artists should someone start with if they were trying to explore the genre of funk?

georgeclintonpfunk212 karma

Smokey Robinson is definitely the first. Sly Stone and The Beatles. Jimi Hendrix. I could say a lot more, but that would be a well rounded look at all the stuff I learned to do.

Byron_Blitzkrieg61 karma

How does one measure funk? How do I know if I got the Funk?

georgeclintonpfunk217 karma

You'll know if you got the funk. Your booty will tell you. Your butt will move involuntarily and will feel good

dgmilo808561 karma

You are a legend, but did you ever end up getting that pet skunk that you wanted?

georgeclintonpfunk244 karma

No I got a pig instead. His name was Officer Gibbles.

Junior_tosh59 karma

What is the thing you need most to find the funk?

georgeclintonpfunk153 karma

A good funk band

WInslow90759 karma

One of my favorite cuts from one of my favorite P-Funk songs:

Parliament Funkadelic "Comin Round The Mountain"

How did it feel to be part of such a large band? Was it hard to split the money?

Are you the leader of the band?

Who writes the songs?

Did you cry when you had to retire the mothership?

Years and years ago, a family friend was telling me the story of meeting you. Rather a far ways into the conversation, she asked you if you wanted anything to drink, and she quoted you as saying "Yeah. Your dirty bathwater." Did this happen? It's one of her favorite stories :)

georgeclintonpfunk77 karma

You feel safe with a large band. You know they got your back. You can always find someone one stage ready to kick up. If the guitar playing isn't feeling it, the drummer will, five or six of the singers will. We perform like a broadway play. Different people perform on different nights. It's never the same show twice.

Yes, I am the leader of the band. I write the songs and lyrics. All the musicians arrange the songs or make the beats, as they say nowadays.

JPree58 karma

Whats the funkiest thing outside of music?

georgeclintonpfunk250 karma

Anchovy Pussy

Omar_Isaiah_Betts57 karma

What'd you do with the money?

georgeclintonpfunk124 karma

Spend it on recording, studios, band payments, rent

NorthKoreasFinest45 karma

do you have a favorite producer you've been listening to recently?

georgeclintonpfunk132 karma

Pharrell is a PHENOMENAL producer, one of the best around. And he's been around a while. He picked up with Terry Riley and kept going.

bigguy102744 karma

Is there funk after death?

georgeclintonpfunk149 karma

Is 7 still up?

cobaltcollapse41 karma

How often do you listen to your own music?

georgeclintonpfunk65 karma

All the time. I had to figure out what people were hearing when they wanted to sample it. I had to get re-acquainted with it.

calvincrack41 karma

Thanks for your art, I look forward to the next 10,000 years. Which leads me to my question: do you think you are more 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th dimensional?

georgeclintonpfunk93 karma

Between 7 and 8

elvecxz40 karma

I've always wondered why we don't hear more mainstream hip-hop artists collaborating with you. Are people not asking, or do you just prefer to stick to your own thing?

georgeclintonpfunk110 karma

I'm ready to work with anybody who wants to get down

Proofing40 karma

If I were to hop in your car right now what would be playing through the speakers when I turned it on?

georgeclintonpfunk110 karma

Probably Cardi B

cobainbc1537 karma

In what ways has funk surprised you over the years?

georgeclintonpfunk161 karma

It don't surprise me but I see the surprised look on people's face when the see the funk coming back 40 years 50 years 60 years. It doesn't go away. Funk is forever coming.

scoobertz28 karma

Best albums to listen to with a woman?

georgeclintonpfunk85 karma

Bootsy Collins, Michael Franks, Eddie Kendricks, Al Green

ProfDixon7 karma

Did Snoop Dog steal your songs, or did he have permission to sample them?

georgeclintonpfunk22 karma

He had permission. Dr. Dre called me in. We got together. I did a lot of my parts live on both his and Tupac's record in the studio with them. I have no problem with any of the artists that sampled.

YanniCaster5 karma

Can I ride on the mothership?

georgeclintonpfunk6 karma

I don't know if that's allowed there are the Smithsonian Museum!