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I've had the pleasure of seeing you at my first show ever at the 1994 Lollapalooza and twice at Woodstock 1999. Thank you for the amazing memories!

In all of the decades you've rocked, do you have a favorite venue?

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Are you on Apple's radar? Have they ever threatened you legally?

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So i worked on an adult behavioral unit for about 2 years. Cimpliance with medications was horrible due to side effects. I often felt conflicted as the meds would cause just as many problems as they fixed. However, it kept the individual somewhat more grounded. My question is, have you ever found a combination of stabilizers and antipsychotics that actually worked for you?

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I really think this is an important case. I think you shouldn't be talking about this on reddit at this point.

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kinda late to the show here. also my wife has worked on this project for the last few years from medical writing side. my question is has this affected on a daily basis. Have you noticed any change in your energy levels or how you respond to hest?