Hey guys - Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays. It's been awhile since my last AMA and figured it was about time for round II, as I've received a lot of private messages with some great questions over the past year and a half. Not going to promote or push a damn thing on you. Just here for the party.




  • Thanks guys. It's been over 24 hours now so I'm going to take a break and walk around Vegas for awhile with my buddy. Wish you all the best in 2018.



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SherifDontLikeIt2469 karma

How were you contacted? I had a lady call me after seeing my resume to offer me a job with the CIA, but I wasn't allowed to tell anyone that I worked for them. She said that I would have to go to a training facility in Texas (I think, can't really remember). Hands down the weirdest phone call I've ever gotten.

AgencyAgent3636 karma

Same. I applied online and then got a phone call. I wasn't expecting it and sounded like a complete idiot when it caught me out of the blue. I straight up asked at one point, "So like wait, this is for the CIA right?" There was some dead silence for a few seconds after that where she probably considered her life choices before continuing on.

Kappakace2129 karma

Do you think this AMA is monitored by the CIA?

AgencyAgent3167 karma

Only if it makes the front page.

-CIA-3200 karma

Congratulations Doug!

AgencyAgent2668 karma

Thanks dad!

ineffectualchameleon1591 karma

For the security clearance background check, do they just forego the character interviews of your friends and family to keep the whole thing secret? Or did they get interviewed under the assumption you were applying to Pizza Planet?

AgencyAgent3350 karma

Smart question. Love it. They didn't do the greatest job I can tell you that much. I'm from the country, rural with amish and trailer parks, so anytime you pull up to either of these types of homes in a black SUV, in a black suit, with a clipboard, and start asking questions about my being trustworthy...well, it definitely makes people suspicious. Oh, and also, "I'm from the government. Doug's applying for a position with a government." was a really horrible explanation to give my friend while he was milking cows that day. Thanks dudes.

Savasshole1577 karma

On a scale from Archer to James Bond, how sexy is the CIA's work in real life?

AgencyAgent3766 karma

Sometimes Archer. But most of the time Cyril Figgis.

MacGyverMacGuffin1404 karma

Why in God's name are you doing this on Christmas?

welcome_to_the_creek3021 karma

ChrIstmAs. 'Nuff said.

AgencyAgent3581 karma

You beat me to it. Much appreCIAted.

TheLotusLover1373 karma

Do you feel weird while watching porn?

AgencyAgent2287 karma

Only on Christmas.

commiesupremacy1147 karma

How much of a disconnect is there between the political parties and intelligence? Do they step on each others' toes?

AgencyAgent1171 karma

You mean like domestic US political parties? Or communist parties vying for supremacy worldwide?

TCB13980 karma

How did you get into the CIA? Have you seen some things that you never thought you'd see or that you couldn't believe you were seeing? (I'm not talking about aliens specifically, but aliens definitely fall under this 😂)

AgencyAgent1571 karma

Ha. Yeah, what has been seen cannot be unseen, right? I got into the CIA by applying online. Yep, just go on over to their website and it's all right there.

As for things I never thought I would see -- sure, I saw a lot of wacky shit go down in a bunch of foreign countries but it was never supernatural by any means. At least I didn't think so. I'm in Nevada now though and have probably seen more weird shit on the ET Highway than my career in the Agency. But then I guess that's all kind of related in a way when I really think about it...

SomedaysFuckItMan767 karma

I have an older person who works for me who claims to have been a CIA agent and has quite incredible stories about it.

I think he is lying about the whole thing, but I can't prove it. Anything you can recommend?

AgencyAgent1029 karma

Oh man! Did you ask me this question via PM earlier in the year by chance??? I recognize your handle. Because I have an answer for you.

SomedaysFuckItMan438 karma

Oh if you are the same person then yes I did!

AgencyAgent848 karma

Fuck yeah man! I answered that question for a Video AMA I did this past summer but we never aired it. I have it on one of my hard drives. Let me find it during lunch and I will post that shit on youtube for you.

AgencyAgent496 karma

There ya go. We shot three of them and I think it's on this one.


Silent_Hysteria645 karma

Is there a lot of bad blood between different govt organizations? IE FBI, CIA, Homeland? You always hear tabloid like rumors of power struggles between them?

AgencyAgent753 karma

Yeah I think there is -- but to what extent at this point I don't know. It's the federal government and everyone has their own little rice bowls and unfortunately that bleeds into the IC and LEF as well. So I think its to be expected and will likely continue.

Koronakesh545 karma

Oh hell yes. I ordered your book last week so unfortunately it isn't here yet, but here are some questions:

  • Is being a Case Officer basically off limits for individuals who don't have an aptitude for foreign languages?
  • What are the physical requirements like?
  • Would you compare the intensity of the Farm to that of Special Forces training, or is it a different kind of intense?
  • Were you ever asked to do something morally unconscionable and had to do it for the mission? If you can share, what?
  • How difficult was the transition to civilian life from years with the agency?
  • Silly question - have you seen Burn Notice? Any accuracy?
  • I wanted to be a CIA Officer for years, figured that those who end up doing it are the smartest, most physically fit, and mentally strong people there are to make it through the process - ended up becoming an Air Force Officer instead. Is this the case or did I sell myself short?
  • I once heard James Olson, a former chief of counterintelligence, tell a story about his time in. He essentially told us that he has many friends sitting in prisons overseas for espionage and all knowledge of them has been denied. Is this still a frequent reality?

Thanks in advance.

AgencyAgent902 karma

Right on.

  • No, but it definitely helps to have studied a foreign language before you apply. Not at all mandatory, but entirely helpful.

  • Not strenuous.

  • Well I haven't went through Selection or the Q course but I've known plenty of dudes who have that can attest it's no walk in the park. The Farm is incredibly intense as well but its not like you're getting hosed down with water while you do bicycle kicks in the air at any point.

  • No, but then understand that it was largely on me to run my own operation so if it was morally unconscionable I wouldn't have put myself in that situation to begin with.

  • I am still transitioning and its getting easier every day. I was still pretty paranoid about even uttering the letters C-I-A after I first got out but I've been coming around with the help of tv shows like Scandal and Get Smart.

  • I haven't seen Burn Notice but I heard its about a field guy who gets "disavowed" whatever that means.

  • I don't know but I think you could still apply if you meet their age requirements. I don't know what their cutoff is these days but you should look it up and apply!

  • I've heard there's a lot of people locked up in the 4 Seasons in Riyadh and all knowledge of them has been denied but I'm not sure what else James Olson might have been referring to.

rationaloutlook476 karma

During your job at the CIA, were you ever in a situation where you feared for your life? If yes, how did you manage to get out of it? (Yeah, I watch too much 24 and Homeland. :))

AgencyAgent830 karma

Ha. I haven't seen much 24 but of course I know what it's about so that's cool. I saw the first episode of Homeland and that wasn't bad either but I've come to learn over the past 18 months that a lot of people view that show as "highly accurate" which is just silly. As for fearing for my life, yeah, the first time you do anything dangerous you are pretty scared and amped up. But then you get used to it, like sky diving or competing in martial arts, and you begin to adapt and get used to things being dangerous eventually becoming the norm, or at the very least, not as scary as they were previously.

rationaloutlook472 karma

Do you think Snowden has been compromised by Russia? What do you think about the new Android app Haven released by him? It is open source, but do you think it is a way for Russia to collect information after US govt booted Kaspersky (what do you think about the Kaspersky situation, btw?) and they must have been able to sneak in a hard-to-find backdoor?

AgencyAgent719 karma

Good question on Snowden. I saw he did an AMA the other day sounding the alarm about Congress trying to sneak mass surveillance into law or something...and then it didn't happen. So I'm not sure what he's up to these days. I'm not familiar with his new App but I would think that if it's attached to his name, and meant for journalists or whistleblowers like Signal or Tor, then it's probably very likely already at the top of the list for cracking and bypassing.

jer8686457 karma

Any good UFO stories?

AgencyAgent718 karma

Brother, more than a lot. I'm currently in Nevada. What would you like to know?

rotoscopethebumhole322 karma

uhm... everything!

AgencyAgent1323 karma

Let me ask you this, have you ever driven north of Las Vegas? Specifically on NV - 375? Also known as the E.T. Highway? Because I just did it for the past three days...yes, that's how I spend my holidays. Yes, it's everything you would imagine it to be and more. Yes, the locals have the most insane stories I have ever heard in my life. Yes, they all have pictures to show you if you're nice to them. And yes, there is a haunted clown motel at the end of the line in Tonapah. Come for the coffee. Stay for the brownies.

ElliotGrant431 karma

Wait - is an ex CIA operative actually suggesting that I eat funny brownies?


AgencyAgent864 karma

Not 9 of them.

StainedTeabag184 karma

I work in farming around the area, my crew has stayed inside of that clown motel and the inside is painted just as extravagantly as the inside.

Some of the fields I farm are right next to a Military base which unmarked passenger jets fly to and from Las Vegas multiple times a day, rumored to be carrying military scientists.

AgencyAgent279 karma

StainedTeabag - I probably drove on your land yesterday. Sorry about that. Generally speaking, they don't sell patches at the Nellis BX based entirely on rumors...


CharlesBronsonsaurus67 karma

375 is a trip! I loved driving on that road. It is no wonder Area 51 is so far tucked away there. I look forward to going back, camping out and doing a little bit of metal detecting out there.

There is a hot spring just after the ET Highway sign!

AgencyAgent151 karma

Oh. You mean yesterday?


Capaz41157 karma

I'm from New Mexico and saw what the internet seems to refer to as the tr-3b, any thoughts?

AgencyAgent121 karma

Ummmmmm I just took a photo of a dude's license plate at the Little A'Le'Inn in Rachel, NV yesterday that had a license plate that read "Skunkworks: My TR-3B is in the shop." You can't make this shit up. I'll send you the photo in a second. Let me upload it to imgur or something for you.

redditmoderate267 karma

Who should the average human be more scared of: CIA, NSA, or CIA?

AgencyAgent778 karma


405OkieJoe228 karma

What does a former CIA Officer turned NYT Bestselling author do to keep busy these days?

AgencyAgent431 karma

I've been pretty busy throughout 2017 because I get bored very easily. I made a tv show for Discovery channel at the top of the year and then edited it in New York most of the summer. Now I'm in Nevada working on a story with a buddy of mine about the alien highway and the recent UFO disclosures by the pentagon. Because, you know it's, "All the Small Things", that are the most interesting. (Hope you see what I did there.)

Princess_O_Kenny116 karma

What is your opinion on To the stars academy and Tom Delonge?

AgencyAgent112 karma

Thank you, Princess_O-Kenny.

KeviKev1214 karma

  1. In a wilderness of mirrors. What will the spider do? Suspend its operations, will the weevil delay?

  2. Also what is your favorite food?

AgencyAgent309 karma

  1. Perfect day on the calendar to ask me questions about James Jesus Angleton. Also perfect because I have T.S. Eliot's book of poems on cats here in Nevada with me. So you're 2/2.

  2. My favorite food is taco bell. All of it. And now you're 3/3.

cerwic212 karma

You look homeless. Is everything going okay or are you working undercover?

AgencyAgent356 karma

Yes, it's called blending in. That photo was taken at a tavern in my hometown.

goodmorningfuture198 karma

Former intel officer here from one of the three letter agencies. If I put in a collection requirement, did anyone ever actually consider it, or did you all decide for yourself what bureaucracies to target for source development? It was all incredibly opaque to us, and to be honest, it felt like a missed opportunity that there were so many layers between intel collectors and intel users (at least for those of us who were outside Langley).

AgencyAgent232 karma

Good morning goodmorningfuture - yeah for real. I was a core collector in the field so I felt the same way sometimes like "WTF did they do with that report?" It can be entirely frustrating can't it? Those layers between collector and user are there for a reason, obviously, and I fully understand why but it fucking sucks being in the dark. I am guessing you quit or retired so can I ask what you're doing now?

zgold2192148 karma

I’m assuming you still keep in contact with some of the current operatives? What is the consensus around the bureau about our president?

AgencyAgent348 karma

I get asked about what my former colleagues think about the president a lot as well as what they think about a variety of other things. The truth is, unless they are former colleagues that are now out in the open with their cover rolled back, I do not maintain contact with active officers. It wouldn't be good for either of us. So, unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, I don't know what the current consensus is for those who are still doing it every day.

Letsgomountaineers5146 karma

My great uncle was also a CIA operative, and the non immediate family didn’t even know until we were invited to his funeral at Arlington National Cemetery.

Do you have any “we thought you were some sort of salesman” stories with your family?

AgencyAgent284 karma

Pretty much all of them. They laugh now...not so much then. Considering I lied for a long time, it still happens pretty frequently where my mom or brother or a friend will say something like, "Doug, you were in Hawaii that Christmas...weren't...youuu---oh, yeah, right, hmmmm. Well, never mind then."

MYST3Rl0N141 karma

Do you ever worry you are violating any NDAs (Non disclosure agreements) you’ve signed?

Anybody ever ask you anything a little TOO specific about any classified where you felt compelled to report it?

AgencyAgent318 karma

I have my cover rolled back so I am allowed to talk about general shit as well as whatever they cleared for my book. Which is a lot. So, no, I don't worry about saying anything I shouldn't. And yeah, anytime you meet any journalist looking for a story they 100% of the time ask ridiculously compartmentalized and top secret questions to see if you are stupid enough to answer them. And based on some of their reporting, there truly are people out there dumb enough to provide them with answers.

Boboblah780111 karma

I recall your first AMA, and thoroughly enjoyed your responses, stories, and the stories that they brought on.

So what does a fellow like yourself do after you're out? It's not like you can go back doing sneaky shit; do you go a private security firm? Open your own woodshop? Paint miniatures? Get baked and browse Reddit (heyo)?

AgencyAgent94 karma

Boboblah780 - Roger that, buddy.

T-D-S97 karma


i got a strange one for you ..

heard a 14 year old paid a special trip to the CIA HQ back in 84 because of a remote viewing program ?

had his photo taken and it hangs on the wall of the directors office ? .

i know his name but wont say it on this forum because its outlandish to suggest a person with a "biblical" name can be real ? ..

AgencyAgent136 karma

Can't say I have heard of that one but since you mention 1984, here's a fun link someone sent me recently about an official meeting the CIA had with a "remote viewer" in the same year. So I don't know, seems like weird shit was going down back then.


Disco_Drew96 karma

Do you see us being able to stop what's been set in motion as far as active measures using Social Media, and do you think that we'll be able to repair the damage that's already been done?

AgencyAgent155 karma

No, no I don't. This is a great question Disco_Drew. I sincerely hope it creates a long thread to follow. Regarding social media, you ask me specifically if we'll be able to repair the damage that has already been done? By damage, I am going to go ahead and assume you mean the gigantic web that it has created linking people together in such a way they never imagined and then are shocked to find out that Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/etc has recommended a fellow undercover person to them even though they thought their profile was entirely private? Yeahhhhhhhhhh...there's this notion within the IC and Tier 1 community that you need to hide in the open and for you to not have a Facebook page is weirder and might flag you to a foreign service. I am here to tell you it's not. And I think we are only in our infancy of understanding that in terms of protecting one's cover. Which gives me a headache.

TopCheetah95 karma

As a cyber engineering student in college, what Can I do that would help me get in to this kind of government work?

AgencyAgent79 karma

You mean, CIA specifically?

DAVasquez-90 karma

Are you retired for good or is there a dubious yet legal way of "reactivating" you?

AgencyAgent296 karma

Retired for good. Only way to reactivate me is if Bubbins were to be kidnapped by Albanian sex traffickers.

IronFeather10188 karma

I feel like this is one question that's going to stay unanswered, but... How do you feel about the way prisoners were/are tortured by CIA in Abu Ghraib?

P.S.: I wish I had a cat like yours, Bubbins is beautiful.

AgencyAgent186 karma

Nope. I'll field that one. I think it was horrendous and unacceptable. That was actually the 327th MP and Tom Pappas who were responsible though at Abu Ghraib. I think he's a civilian SIS now actually...so, you know, might be worth requesting an AMA of him.

8urfiat85 karma

If you were in a literal food fight to the death what food would you choose as your weapon?

AgencyAgent175 karma


the_catshark57 karma

What is the most annoying this that Spy films/stories always get wrong about real covert operations? A lot of what I have seen is that real espionage is similar to hacking, where it actually is a lot of sitting around waiting for something to happen, only for nothing to happen.

AgencyAgent229 karma

That's easy. The number one most annoying thing to someone working at the CIA is to call them a CIA Agent. They are called officers. FBI has agents. And it's really awesome when you have to speak with journalists and you ask them explicitly not to refer to you as an agent and it's in the title headline. "Young CIA Agent Kid Spills Secrets So You'll Clickbait This Link 9/11 9/11 9/11 ISIS"

Neptune0252 karma

Have you traveled outside of the US since publishing your book? If so, do foreign intelligence services still keep tabs on you given your background?

AgencyAgent104 karma

I have traveled overseas and yes, all countries keep tabs on former intelligence officers -- but given that I'm a known quantity I'm the least of their worries.

ThatTexas_Guy51 karma

Hi Mr. Laux! I have a few questions for you, so I apologize in advance if I ask too many (I have a tendency to do that). I'm a high school senior who wants to do ROTC in college, then do either the Army Reserve or National Guard. I'm very interested in becoming a case officer, so I'd like to ask some questions, please.

How does a person become a case officer?

What is it like being a case officer? How much do you get to go out and do things, as opposed to working behind a desk?

Is there a good MOS to choose that would help me become a CIA case officer?

Should I try to learn a foreign language?

Is it hard to have a family or relationship while working as a case officer?

Merry Christmas, sir! Thank you for taking the time to do this IAmA.

AgencyAgent146 karma

Hello ThatTexas_Guy - thanks for the questions. I get these a lot via PM so I'm glad you're asking.

You can become a case officer by applying online at the Agency's website. That's the first step of course but it is the only way to begin the process so don't believe a lot of mountebanks out there who try to sell you on the lie that they can get you in through the back door, or they know somebody who knows somebody, or they will help you develop some killer resume like you're applying to grad school. Nope. Apply online.

It's a really fun job and the field operations are incomparable to any other experience I have had in life. Having said that, you're asking how much time was spent on a desk? My answer to that would be this: the more you do in the field, the more you have to sit down and document what you did in the field. So, bottom line, if you're a high speed ops guy always out in the field, you're going to be high speed ops guy typing it all up at some point as well.

Don't know on the MOS front. I could tell you work in intelligence but it's not really going to give you that much of a leg up when you switch over to intelligence ran by a civilian organization a la CIA.

You 100% should try and learn a foreign language...and you should travel overseas as much as possible. (Not just with your unit.)

Yes, it is very hard to have a family and/or relationship. It's the hardest part of the job -- at least it was for me -- and why I chose to write about it extensively in my book even when a lot of outside commentators were telling me to leave it out.

Merry Christmas to you too! Thanks for taking the time to read it.

crawlerz246822 karma

How many lists am I on for commenting on Reddit?

Edit: I also read and write in Russian hinthintnudgenudge

AgencyAgent39 karma

все списки

Happy101320 karma

Can I PM you about my qualifications and how you think I'd stack up in actually landing a job?

AgencyAgent54 karma

I would prefer you anonymize it and ask about your friend and give me your friend's qualifications in the event others reading this have the same questions. Will that work for you? If not and its super personal and private, go ahead and PM me and I will take a look. Thanks!

hashtagcallmedaddy19 karma

How is your Christmas going?

Was there ever a moment during your time as a case officer when you had to pack up at moments notice and fly across the globe to respond to an emergency?

What was the transition like from case officer to everyday civilian?

Did the CIA fly you home for Christmas, or did you have to explain why you couldn't go home that year for the holidays?

How did the bureaucracy of Washington effect you during your time as an officer?

Would you mind if I PM you to ask you some more questions that relate more specifically to a personal friend of mine?

I ordered your book today, I can't wait to read it!

Thanks for another AMA, and Merry Christmas!

AgencyAgent30 karma

Thanks for the questions and thanks for asking how my day is going. It's going pretty good so far aside for the opening salvo question on rape. How's everything going with you?

Yes, I had to leave quickly on numerous occasions but that's also because I made it clear that I was willing to be that guy.

The transition is still ongoing and in a word it is "refreshing." I like being honest with everyone up front these days and not having to lie to someone from the jump off. At the same time, I still find myself lying to friends-of-friends these days about what I do because I just really don't want to get into a 30 minute conversation about terrorism and the threat of ISIS with every new person I meet.

Sometimes I flew home and other times I worked from the field. Honestly, some of my best memories come from holidays I have had overseas while operational.

Well, it is precisely why I left to put it as bluntly as I can. Stifling.

I am on here today to answer any questions you have. I have gotten over a thousand PMs in the past 18 months but haven't responded to hardly any of them because I've been waiting to do it publicly since other people very likely have the same question. If you can anonymize it as best you can I would be happy to answer it via this AMA. If it truly is personal though, then yeah, send me a PM and I'll see if I can help.

Thanks for ordering the book. Hope you like it.

Merry Christmas to you too!

Swartz5518 karma

Hey man! I've read your book twice, and after I finish the one I'm reading now I'll probably read it again. I know just about everyone else in the thread has asked how to get in, so I'll ask something else. If you were sent to somewhere like Korea or China to work, what would you have done differently? And did you work with anyone from OTS (if that still exists)?

Also, if you come to Phoenix, I'll totally buy you a beer! Not that I'm old enough to drink with you, but I'd still buy you one.

AgencyAgent43 karma

Swartz55 - Glad to hear you're willing to get a classic misdemeanor in order to show how much you care. But I'm plenty old and legal enough to buy it myself...so just bring with you however much it costs to buy me a 25oz of Busch Light at your local gas station. Once there, I'll answer the OTS question in person. As for the China/Korea connection, I wouldn't even know where to begin. I guess step one would always have to be learn the language. And step two probably would be dusting off my old #91 Bulls jersey for field use.

JTskulk17 karma

Were you involved in overthrowing any democratically elected leaders that I've heard of?

AgencyAgent55 karma

Depends on who you've heard of.

njdevilsfan2417 karma

What thing that you learned in the CIA do you use in your day to day life? Something that the average citizen most definitely does not do.

AgencyAgent58 karma

Just being observational and aware of my surroundings. And I'm not going to lie to you and tell you its ON 100% of the time and I am completely immune to surprises and you will never get the jump on me. That's silly. Everyone lets their guard down from time to time. But you probably wont ever see me hit by a car even if it blows the red light because thats just not something I'm going to do -- walk into traffic while staring at my phone because the person in front of me started walking even though I havent independently confirmed the light change. I think everyone could be a little less involved with their phone and a tad bit more of the things (sometimes) moving very rapidly around them.

Youtoo217 karma

Does telling women this get you alot of sex?

AgencyAgent38 karma

Telling them what? That I am painfully awkward in social settings when an attempt is made to talk to someone I'm interested in?

Agorbs14 karma

Hi! I’ve always thought it’d be really interesting to join the CIA in some fashion but I am NOT a military type by any means. Are there other sorts of positions that you know of? Sorry if that’s disrespectful, I’m not very knowledgeable on this at all. Figure it’s an AMA so I’d, yknow, ask anything haha. Merry Christmas!

AgencyAgent30 karma

I am really glad you took the opportunity to ask this question. Probably a lot of lurkers have the same question and didn't so kudos to you. Definitely fine that you aren't a military type. I don't have a military background either and was only armed with my bachelor's degree when I joined so the world is your oyster. What are you interested in? Is there a particular region of the world you like to study or already know quite a bit about? There are tons of positions at the CIA and within the IC you might really like and be a great fit for. Let me know your thoughts and I will try to steer you in the right direction.

jap919112 karma

Are Jason Bourne-type movies realistic?

AgencyAgent33 karma

I'll answer this one right after I take my blue pills.

Neptune029 karma

What can a recent college graduate (degree in political science) with no military experience do to standout among the sea of resumes?

AgencyAgent17 karma

Master a foreign language.

Live overseas.

Grandpa_Fucker87698 karma

glock or sig?

AgencyAgent71 karma

Cool screenname. I'm guessing you like guns. Those both shoot bullets good.

idkwtftodonow7 karma

Merry christmas and thanks for the ama!

  • How long did you have to undergo training until you became an operative?

  • CIA is often called "spooks" in the movies, do people do that in reality?

  • What's your favourite dish?

  • Dog or a cat person?

Have a wonderful day/evening!

AgencyAgent14 karma

I'll start from the bottom because that was your most important question:

I have a cat.

My favorite food is taco bell. But a favorite dish? I don't know, maybe kabuli palaw?

Yes, but only with other spooks.

Longer than I thought I would have to when I joined. (I'm not trying to be a douche with that answer, I just legit can't say.)

Thanks! Merry Christmas to you too.

Rick_WubDubs_Sanchez5 karma

I have heard it remarked that the end of the cold War was not the end of the great game but rather a transformation moment. If that is accurate then it's safe to say we do have operatives in the field, undercover, the globe over. Given that assumption, would you think it true to say that Snowden's irresponsible disclosure of classified information endangered the lives of those operatives? If not in fact directly resulting in their death?

AgencyAgent8 karma

Great question. I think you are spot on when you describe it as irresponsible because I do think it was very much that. Did some good actually come out of it? I am sure you could argue that. As for endangering operatives in the field, I'm not so sure and I haven't seen anything concrete about that. But then again, I didn't know about Ice9 until James discovered that Walter Burke was just a big fat liar.

redditmoderate5 karma

Do you expect your UFO related work will impact your credibility?

AgencyAgent9 karma

Depends. What's my UFO related work?

Halzman4 karma

Given your background, can you make any book recommendations in the following areas? business/entrepreneurship, negotiations, and social engineering/pretexting.

Asking for a friend. Merry Christmas!

AgencyAgent7 karma

Oh man I don't really read those books but I know my dad read Extreme Ownership by a couple Navy Seals and he really liked it. Maybe it will help your friend! Merry Christmas to you as well.

fatbrucelee4 karma

What are you drinking right now? What’s up next?

AgencyAgent12 karma

Coffee. But I'm in Vegas, so that's about to change.

sephstorm3 karma

Do you have any IC medals? Can you post pictures?

AgencyAgent14 karma

I did get some awards but I left them all behind in a cardboard box on the day I left. I wasn't sure what the exact protocol was for some of them so I just said fuck it and left them at my desk. I'm sure they have been properly disposed of by now.

Dundercats2 karma

Is it true that many retired CIA spies live around Camden, Maine (and that area in general)?

AgencyAgent2 karma

I don't know because I never made it to the illustrious retired lifestyle. It's possible. Do you live there? Are tons of people walking around talking into their fists?

foooood4thought-8 karma

How many people have been raped by the CIA..?

We know they run torture facilities, and we know that these torture activities can be sexual.

I just want to get a rough estimate of how many people have been raped by the CIA.

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Thanks for the question foooood4thought. I figured this would be the best question to start the AMA with to keep everything light and festive for the holidays. Unfortunately, I didn't keep that stat book for the Agency so I can't really say for sure. Glad you're open to a rough estimate though.

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If you are in the CIA, you can add at least one after I had to read this post.

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I like this response.

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