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Oh hell yes. I ordered your book last week so unfortunately it isn't here yet, but here are some questions:

  • Is being a Case Officer basically off limits for individuals who don't have an aptitude for foreign languages?
  • What are the physical requirements like?
  • Would you compare the intensity of the Farm to that of Special Forces training, or is it a different kind of intense?
  • Were you ever asked to do something morally unconscionable and had to do it for the mission? If you can share, what?
  • How difficult was the transition to civilian life from years with the agency?
  • Silly question - have you seen Burn Notice? Any accuracy?
  • I wanted to be a CIA Officer for years, figured that those who end up doing it are the smartest, most physically fit, and mentally strong people there are to make it through the process - ended up becoming an Air Force Officer instead. Is this the case or did I sell myself short?
  • I once heard James Olson, a former chief of counterintelligence, tell a story about his time in. He essentially told us that he has many friends sitting in prisons overseas for espionage and all knowledge of them has been denied. Is this still a frequent reality?

Thanks in advance.

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If I were an Uber/Lyft/etc driver, I would never consider adopting Cargo.

Your homepage itself states "Drivers earn $100 per month on average." $100 per month? Why should anyone bother with this for another $100 a month? It's one more thing to worry about.

Large scale adoption of this along with educating customers to its existence is going to be an absolute nightmare. I have no idea how you convinced all these investors.

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Can you confirm or deny that Stargate SG-1 was only greenlit as a continued source of plausible deniability for the United States Air Force in the event of a breach of classified information?

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Pfft, Wormhole X-Treme was only to discredit the theory..

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Brad - do you have anything to do with the future Stargate content? What do you think of what has been announced so far?