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People ever say "book 'em, Dan-O?"

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How often does FiFi do something completely unexpected - and "rebooting" the computer is the only way to fix it?

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Moved into management consulting doing cross-border transactional work. Long story that doesn’t belong in a public forum. Alas, my most interesting day now is more boring than my most boring day in the IC. I still read voraciously and try to keep an eye out for OSINT related to my former targets. Occasionally I dream of putting in a FOIA request in 25 years to compare reports I wrote to the historical record...

PM me if you’d like to chat more, or if I can buy you a drink next time you’re in DC.

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Former intel officer here from one of the three letter agencies. If I put in a collection requirement, did anyone ever actually consider it, or did you all decide for yourself what bureaucracies to target for source development? It was all incredibly opaque to us, and to be honest, it felt like a missed opportunity that there were so many layers between intel collectors and intel users (at least for those of us who were outside Langley).

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This answer doesn’t sound like extreme ownership.