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I want to ask about the CIA raping people. Here is one example:


Another question is, how about the massive number of Mormons in the CIA? Could this be a national security issue, to have CIA agents believing complete nonsense?

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Do you think it would make sense to start limiting items to 2 per item per customer per day, e.g. 2 bags of rice? They are doing that at supermarkets in the UK right now.

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Which website did you use to meet them?

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Hmm. Let's see. China will NEVER open their borders. Japan. Saudi Arabia. None of these Asian or Islamic countries will ever do so, because they have strict cultural norms that cannot survive a wave of immigration.

Opening the borders will only open the West, at which point endless Muslims flood the West and turn it into an Islamic theocracy.

Think that sounds Islamophobic? OK... Look at Minnesota... Hmm... Islamic area votes for Omar purely because she is a Muslim. Everywhere you go, they vote for their own people.

Reddit is full of gullible people who purely blame white people for all world problems, and are completely oblivious and gullible to these awful regions of the world. It's just mind blowing how stupid the average Redditor is.

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What do you think about the FBI running the Alex Jones radio show? Should the FBI be running scam radio shows that try to scam the public out of their money and sanity?