**EDIT: Thank you so much Reddit! We have to run now, thanks for the questions, it's been a blast! Be sure to check out Season 2 on December 26th!

Shout out to r/travelersTV!**

Hey Reddit, Season 2 of our sci fi series Travelers is hitting Netflix on Dec 26th! We're really excited about it.

Were here for about an hour beginning at 2pm ET. Let's talk!

(Fellow Canadians, label any spoilers please!)

Check out the trailer: https://youtu.be/vaSJAVNV1lc

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PC50927 karma

First, the question, then some gushing: With the timeline and story changing, does it create any writing or acting issues?

I've been waiting for season 2 on Netflix! I can't wait!

I've got some new favorite actors from this show. I really hope they branch out and do other things. Also, looking into their IMDB info, their backgrounds are so diverse and amazing. Seeing their other background and then seeing how awesome they are in Travelers is mindblowing. Just amazing acting all around. Congratulations to everyone on the team. In front of the camera and behind (music is great, camera shots are great, etc..). This show is top notch. Can't wait for season 3.

Also, a little off topic - amazing job on Will & Grace. My first viewing of the original and just finished the new season. :)

EricMcCormack32 karma

When you start seeing the other actors in other projects, you'll be amazed at everybody's range. It's a privilege to be Grant and Will in the same year!

jamiegun198623 karma

Hey, I was curious of how this show came about? Who chose this casts because it is the perfect cast for this show. Last question, any guest stars to come, maybe such as Debra Messing, only asking because Eric McCormack did an appearance on the Mysteries of Laura? Thank you!

EricMcCormack33 karma

Brad had me in mind for Grant, which made me extremely happy. Then he showed me his picks for the younger roles and I was blown away. All Canadian! As for guest stars, I don't think we'll do anything as "meta" as having Debra or Sean. But Enrico Colantoni is brilliant in season 2!

luckyorangeduckie19 karma

Watched last night's finale and it was absolutely amazing! That cliffhanger though!!! <3 When might Showcase/Netflix have a decision on season 3 of the show?

EricMcCormack20 karma

We're waiting (patiently!) for the pick up, Lucky! And thanks: directing the script by Ken and Brad was amazing.

PC50917 karma

Obviously, us fans love the show, too. Do you not only act and direct it, but do you watch it and enjoy it as well? I notice a lot of the crew is active on Twitter, which is awesome. Do you like to read reddit/twitter/IMDB discussions on the show and laugh at our comments or ideas of what is coming? :)

EricMcCormack15 karma

I love hearing what fans say, though most of their questions I leave to Brad to answer! What HE said!

SplendidTit16 karma

I just wanted to say I'm absolutely thrilled about season 2 and can't wait to watch it.

Will I force my relatives to binge watch season 1 and 2 with me over the holidays? Time will tell.

No real question, I just wanted to say thanks for making such a great show!

EricMcCormack21 karma

You should ABSOLUTELY force the family to watch. Tell 'em I said so.

PC50915 karma

Do the actors bring up concerns or corrections about things (timeline or continuity issues)? Are they invested in the story, too?

EricMcCormack16 karma

Luckily, Brad welcomes our enthusiasm (if not our pitches! :) The more invested we all are, the better.

miss_hepburn13 karma

Where will season 3 take Grace? She's my favorite character, Jennifer Spence is amazing!

EricMcCormack20 karma

Right?!? We adore her, and how awesome was her transition from Grace to 0027?? She's got some amazing stuff in season 2

PC50911 karma

Is all filming done in Canada (although it's supposed to take place in Seattle area)? Any chance of being an extra in season 3? ;)

EricMcCormack21 karma

Yeah, the show is fully Canadian: all shot in Vancouver, all Canadian cast and crew. Really proud of that!

Rimak8 karma

Can't believe I made it to AMA with one of my most loved shows. Means a lot.

A question to both - If you would have to imagine a Travellers episode crossover with any other Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Cartoons what would it be? (it can be wacky and/or not related to main plot whatsoever)

EricMcCormack14 karma

I'd like the Traveler team to join forces with the kids from Scooby Doo to solve a mystery. I've always had a "Daphne" thing...

SC14957 karma

Obviously, Travelers seems to be a big hit on the binge watch scene which doesn't surprise me since I've only finished the season a few weeks back and cannot wait for the Season 2 release...What shows do you both binge watch or wait patiently for each week?

EricMcCormack11 karma

I've been binging Vice Principals, which is hysterical. And just started The Americans (5 years late). Amazing.

DeadlyDancingDuck5 karma

Am stoked for Travelers season 2 next Tuesday in the UK. I've been recommending to everyone. I binge watched series 1 in two sittings. Do you have an outline for every season already and how many seasons are you hoping to make?

EricMcCormack9 karma

Brad knows all, DDD. And we're excited to premiere season 2 in the UK on the 26th. Then, 10 days later, the new W&G premieres on Channel 5! Deb, Megan, Sean & I will be coming to London in early Feb, very excited!

NomeEstiloso5 karma

Do you guys have the whole series thought out or do you build the plot as the series gets renewed?

BradWrightAMA14 karma

Let me put it this way... We know how the show ends, but if we get the chance it would be fun to take a few more seasons to get there!

EricMcCormack31 karma

Note to Netflix: I reeeeeeeally think that might take 8 seasons...

Murray964 karma

Hi Eric, who has been your favourite guest star to work with on Will & Grace or Travellers?

EricMcCormack7 karma

I'm crazy about my Travelers cast, too hard to pick! Of the many stars we had on W&G, my sentimental faves are Gene Wilder and Sydney Pollack

willstruman3 karma

Hey Eric, I was wondering do you have a favorite w&g episode either from the original seasons or from the new episodes?

EricMcCormack4 karma

I love "Last Ex To Brooklyn" with Mira Sorvino. And the ep where Debra and I have the huge fight about having a baby together. Of the new season, there's one coming up where Grace and Will are on QVC together. Hysterical.

SC14953 karma

Hi Brad and Eric. Iwasn't actually gonna watch travelers until I seen Eric was part of it! I'm one of the new generation that has got to know Will and Grace and fell in love with the show and because of that I've watched multiple shows especially Perception which is one of my favourites..My question is for Eric, is there a show or a project that you have done and hope to bring it back to life? And if so why? Thanks

EricMcCormack9 karma

Thanks! I did love playing Daniel on Perception. There are a few plays I've done that I'd love to do again: Glengarry Glen Ross, The Fantasticks. As for TV, I wanna pitch Brad an idea where Grant meets Will Truman and they fall for each other. ;)

spektrall3 karma

Does Louis Ferreira intimidate/boss you around on set? I'd be afraid of him

EricMcCormack5 karma

See? That's just good acting. Louis is a teddy bear. The first big TV audition I ever had was probably in 1989, for a show called Urban Angel. It came down to four guys, and Louis got the role. He was amazing then and has only deepened. Check out the new version of Andromeda Strain from 2008: great scene between Louis and I in that.

zgold21923 karma

Hey Guys! I loved perception and was super bummed when it got cancelled. What was your favorite shows you guys worked on?

EricMcCormack6 karma

Thanks! I loved Perception, I loved being Daniel Pierce. But the chance to be Grant, to be that strong silent type, haven't had that in a while.

that1Elisagirl3 karma

Hey awesome people! It's Elisa! I hope you are having a great Tuesday! This question is for Eric: Now that you have experience with both acting and directing, do you have one that you prefer more over the other? What do you like about both of them?

EricMcCormack6 karma

I will always be an actor first, Elisa. But I'm a reeeeally opinionated actor, really type A, so directing pushes all those buttons! I love directing Travelers cuz I'm so invested already as an actor and as a producer.

Kauuuz3 karma

How was it like to act and to direct at the same time? I think that might be a little stressing?

EricMcCormack25 karma

I love directing myself. I always agree with everything I say. Though I can be a bit of an asshole, I find.

that1Elisagirl2 karma

My second question, is not Travelers related, but just for fun! For both Brad and Eric:

What is your favorite Disney movie of all time?

EricMcCormack5 karma

All three Toy Story movies

ririamiri2 karma

Hey Eric, I've just finished rewatching season one of travelers in prep for next week and I'm so excited! As both shows are on at the same time, how do you think Grant and Will would interact?

Also because you guys are my favourite characters and under appreciated friendship I must ask, do you have a favourite Will/Karen moment?

EricMcCormack6 karma

Grant and Will would find each other really attractive. And my fave moment with Meg is me singing on the piano, season 2.

LilSebastian1112 karma

Loved yesterdays episodes! Was wondering if you have any favourite stories from being on set?

EricMcCormack5 karma

Nothing funny, off hand. My fave thing about Travelers is that we shoot downtown Vancouver, and I take my Vespa to set. Nothing better than waking up on a beautiful Vancouver day, jumping on my scooter and joining this amazing group of people for some Brad Wright dialogue!

jamiegun19862 karma

Will there ever be Will and Grace on broadway? I mean yall are amazing, make my day every day, so hilarious!

EricMcCormack4 karma

Now, THAT would be fun!

AstralRomance2 karma

A question for Eric: You and the rest of the W&G cast have said many times that filming in front of a live audience gives you all a special kind of energy when you're performing. Do you find that you can still achieve a similar energy from filming something like Travelers, without the instant feedback?

EricMcCormack2 karma

Good question: they're just different experiences. There's a reward in both "sizes" of performances.

Murray962 karma

What would be your dream projects?

EricMcCormack10 karma

Honestly, my dream right now is to keep the crazy combo of Travelers and W&G going for a while. Really happy camper. My dream for years was to play Freddie Mercury but, alas...

OhMisterSun2 karma

Eric! Hi! You directed the season finale of season 2. No spoilers, but what was that like? How much input did you have in the whole episode?

EricMcCormack6 karma

It was fantastic. It features the "loved ones" like Kat and David in ways we haven't seen till now. And I can't say this enough: Brad is so collaborative that, yes, I always felt I could "input". But my contribution was mostly visual.

mellian12 karma

Question for Eric: Grant is a very stoic personality. Do you do anything, in particular, to get into character before shooting?

EricMcCormack10 karma

My energy in life is more Will than Grant, so I will generally be pretty gregarious on the set. So before a Grant scene, I generally have to take a deep breath and find that more focused energy. I love how intense Grant can be. He's a true believer in the Traveler plan and in the Director.

mellian16 karma

Your range as an actor is stunning. Truly brilliant. Thank you! I'll be watching for your acceptance speech at the Golden Globes!

EricMcCormack9 karma

Wow, thank you. From your lips to God's good ear!