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Obviously, Travelers seems to be a big hit on the binge watch scene which doesn't surprise me since I've only finished the season a few weeks back and cannot wait for the Season 2 release...What shows do you both binge watch or wait patiently for each week?

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Hi Brad and Eric. Iwasn't actually gonna watch travelers until I seen Eric was part of it! I'm one of the new generation that has got to know Will and Grace and fell in love with the show and because of that I've watched multiple shows especially Perception which is one of my favourites..My question is for Eric, is there a show or a project that you have done and hope to bring it back to life? And if so why? Thanks

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Don't worry I'm three seasons away from catching up with Game of Thrones...They're filming it right now about 10 minutes from me and that's class having a show in Northern Ireland.

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Eric, quick question, Will we be seeing any of you promoting Will and Grace in the UK since we are FINALLY getting it here in the New Year? Also, congrats on your Golden Globe nomination!