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Hell, we did whole episodes on that subject. Wormhole extreme!

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We tried. We wrote scripts. Then the bottom of the DVD market went away and MGM asked us to put it on hold. Then, MGM went into bankruptcy and that was that.

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Hi! I'm sure Stargate will return in some form in the future. It will likely be a reboot either of the original movie or of the series. I'm hoping its the series of course! It's up to MGM. If they do it, I doubt they'll ask me to be a part of it, though. They'll want a fresh take.

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Honestly we wrote it as if we were getting a season three because damn I want a season three.

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We all sit in a room and spin ideas. Once we get one that we're all engaged in, we put it up on a white board. Obviously character arcs need to follow through the whole season. Then once we're happy with the story we've put up on the board, (which can take a day, days or longer...) I assign who writes which script. Sometimes we co-write because that can speed it up. The writer or writers get a couple of cracks at it and then I do a pass. Sometimes it's a heavier re-write than others. Sometimes I don't change much at all. Then we get notes from Eric, the crew and our networks.