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luckyorangeduckie19 karma

Watched last night's finale and it was absolutely amazing! That cliffhanger though!!! <3 When might Showcase/Netflix have a decision on season 3 of the show?

luckyorangeduckie7 karma

Jen Spence is absolute gold on this show! I love the dynamic that she brings to Grace! :)

luckyorangeduckie6 karma

Who is the biggest practical joker on set? Are there any memorable pranks? :)

luckyorangeduckie4 karma

What has been the reaction from Russians over the portrayal of characters and the Soviet Union on this show? I've always been curious! Also thank you for making such an amazing show! I'm totally excited for tonight! :D

luckyorangeduckie3 karma

YOU WILL LOVE THE AMERICANS!!! I always say that it's one of the best shows on TV that no one is watching. :)