We’ve had a pretty crazy year on Twitter. From roasting our competitors to getting into rap battles, to the most Retweets of All Time. We never could’ve predicted all of this a year ago.

So, if you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Ask away!

We'll start answering at 1pm EST

Proof: https://twitter.com/Wendys/status/941352346524758018

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Nalopotato18558 karma

Did all of you get significant bonuses and/or raises from Wendy's this year? I would hope so

wendys_irl38362 karma

dear bosses, look at this comment and do as the internet says. pls updoot

off-topic_guy13953 karma

Do you need another member? I don’t have a Twitter, and I have no marketable skills, but my friends call me “the beef”

wendys_irl14067 karma

you are hired

FrankBrayman8393 karma

To get the job as a Wendy's media writer, what kind of sass test to you have to pass?

wendys_irl13330 karma

You must chug a sarsaparilla in less than 5 seconds without getting sick.

lord_beef8273 karma

Why did you stop making spicy nuggets!? This is a crime against humanity!

Edit: Obligatory “thank you, kind stranger!” Never thought I’d type those words haha. Appreciate the gold. Hopefully our voices will be heard and we can get our precious nuggets back!

wendys_irl8756 karma

We weren't really in charge of that decision, but we have seen all 18 billion of your tweets about it. The people in charge know you are tweeting about it though, so feel free to keep it up.

SAM-0006793 karma

Have you ever been chewed out by the higher-ups for comments made?

wendys_irl10529 karma

Chewed out? No. Though sometimes they let us know they don't exactly like certain things lol

dejayjohn6761 karma

yo. yall used to have mac n cheese and it was FIRE. can you let em know I want that back pls? ty.

wendys_irl10987 karma

are you the guy that's been tweeting us every single day for 4 years?

connortryan6245 karma

How many people are on the team responsible for sending tweets?What's the process for posting tweets, do you need to get copy approved before posting?

wendys_irl7835 karma

We don't get approval for everything, but definitely for some stuff.

connortryan2672 karma

Can you give an example of the kind of tweet you'd need to get approval to post? Just curious.

wendys_irl5495 karma

The McDonald's tweets generally need approval.

Eienex5739 karma

All time favourite mcdonalds roast?

wendys_irl8792 karma

That original asking for a friend one.

BaconPaycheck1757 karma

I mean, it has to be the Black Friday one. I applied aloe vera after reading it.

wendys_irl1856 karma

That was also a fun day

kelserson5649 karma

Being savage on the internet is scary for brand teams. How did/do you sooth their concerns?

wendys_irl11302 karma

Success happened before anyone had a chance to be scared. And then we just kept going through mistakes.

gingersnap11385453 karma

How did you get this job?

wendys_irl26537 karma

I posted on this ama saying people call me "the beef" and they hired me

ProAngeles5432 karma

How was the the twitter team selected? Compared to other franchises' on twitter y'all have been on point on the roasting, entertainment & just being funny.

wendys_irl10292 karma

Our Twitter team has mostly been on the account for years. So not totally sure how we were chosen. Maybe because we are all so cute.

ReliableSource5268 karma

Are you all comedians who also do social media stuff, or are you just social media people?

wendys_irl8378 karma

Ummm, one of us was/is a comedian also.

Axiom0195236 karma

Why does McDonald's ice cream machine never works?

wendys_irl26325 karma

Same reason they serve round burgers, because they cut corners

ThisSideOfTheMississ4961 karma

How does your frosty machine never break down?

wendys_irl9372 karma

Wouldn't say never, but let's just say it's one of the many things Wendy's does better. cough frozenbeef cough

Jakeremix4870 karma

Have you ever gotten in trouble for anything you posted?

wendys_irl10313 karma

Not like big time trouble, but sure, we've been "talked to."

MeyerToTheSeventh4785 karma

Hey Wendy's Twitter, How much do you think that your account's popularity has actually increased sales? Furthermore, why do you all think that more brands don't copy you?

wendys_irl6095 karma

I think many brands are getting a more fun approach. Poptarts, Arby's, MoonPie, are good examples.

pitchesandthrows108 karma

Other brands have quality food to stand behind

wendys_irl696 karma

That's true they can all get in line and stand behind our quality food.

PepeSanic884176 karma

What made you guys say, “Wow, corporate accounts are boring,” then proceed to become one of the most successful public reach-out campaigns of the year?

wendys_irl5493 karma

We've had this tone for awhile, it just took time for people to notice.

wunderbreadv24135 karma

So how do you guys really feel about your competitors burger King, McDonald's, and Arby's?

wendys_irl10218 karma

Obviously we think we are the best. Arby's tweets sweet anime and video game stuff, so no hate there.

samson12283970 karma

Can you reply to this so I have something to tell my parents to be proud of me for?

wendys_irl4923 karma

good luck

Spektz3835 karma

Are you Millennials or an older generation?

wendys_irl8113 karma

We're a bunch of youngins

wendys_irl3445 karma

Mostly millennials.

Beef50303530 karma

Does the legal weed located wendys locations outsell the non legal?

wendys_irl7248 karma

The legal team is in the room, so.... no comment

DirtyDozen663291 karma

You ever coming to the UK?

wendys_irl4443 karma

Maybe. We did a pop up in London pretty recently. You never know.

satanicpuppy3136 karma

How do you deal with people's disappointment when they find out you're not a hot animated redhead?

wendys_irl6220 karma

used to letting people down in person. No biggie

MrJamesMcmanus3132 karma

Can we get a pic of the team? Curious to see how many of you there are and the faces behind the tweets. Keep up the good work :)

wendys_irl6394 karma

We sort of keep it secret, because it's more about the brand, and not us when it comes to the Twitter.

CHDuelist3095 karma

Can you speak to the nature of your relationship with the Game Grumps?

wendys_irl5731 karma

Well, they're out there tweeting Taco Bell, so you tell us.

2Dark2fox3024 karma

You have the Son of the Baconator, you have the classic Baconator, so when will we get the Father of the Baconator, or as I would like to call it, "The Bacon Daddy"?

wendys_irl5485 karma

This is the type of comment that makes you glad your account is anonymous


Have the execs ever been pissed at you for a tweet? And have you ever had a particularly brutal one that you decided not to post?

wendys_irl4766 karma

We do stop ourselves from posting some stuff. Might save those ones for r/roastme

shcamelli2780 karma

What are your thoughts on A Christmas Prince?

wendys_irl6843 karma

We have watched it every day for the last 18 days.

cheese_sticks2677 karma

What's your take on the re-imagining of Wendy as a smug anime girl which spawned tons of fanart?

wendys_irl5109 karma

Some of the art is cool, but some people obviously take it too far because the internet ruins everything lol

N0_R0B02453 karma

Many years ago there was a Wendy's conveniently located within half a mile of my office. It was replaced by a Tim Horton's which has since been replaced by a bank. Not a single morning has gone by that I haven't woken up thinking about having Wendy's for lunch, only to remember that it is no longer a possibility. I start my day, every day, by standing in front of a mirror screaming "Why is this happening to me?!" while pulling out tufts of hair from my head.

So, if you had to choose somewhere other than Wendy's to eat lunch, where would it be?

wendys_irl4470 karma

Maybe grab a lollipop at that bank?

Jacobs8272122 karma

How long each day do you guys sit down and analyze memes?

wendys_irl5391 karma

You mean, how much time do we spend living like cool guys? ALL DAY BABY

checkersrallys2052 karma

Would you rather fight 1 horse-sized nugget or 100 nugget-sized horses?

wendys_irl3145 karma

We'll take the giant nugget pls.

kav00342040 karma

I’ve rarely if ever have had an order messed up by y’all. Just wanna say thank you! Also, what’s the best movie of 2017?

wendys_irl2476 karma

If you've been following, we picked Lady Bird. lol

Muphinnz2031 karma

Why does your Canadian packaging say "100% Canadian Beef" and your American packaging say "100% North American Beef"?


wendys_irl4892 karma

Canada is part of North America, but not all of North America is in Canada.

theamazinganglo1917 karma

Would you rather eat 1 horse-sized baconator or 100 baconator-sized horses?

wendys_irl2246 karma

So basically the T-Rex with bacon?

pm_me_nothin1811 karma

How many upvotes do I need for free nuggets for 2018?

wendys_irl3893 karma

We have been strictly forbidden from doing this, our apologies

DatWerkk1686 karma

You guys once sent me a 3D printed trophy for winning the easiest and most delicious food bet of all time (100 consecutive weekdays of Wendy's), so thank you for that. What can I do to earn another?

EDIT: Proof, as requested

wendys_irl1359 karma

Don't know what you can do to earn another, but totally remember that! Glad you're still out here internetting.

Pineapple_dad1606 karma


Do one of your staff actually play(ed) RUNESCAPE? Or did you guys have to research who the greatest player of all time?

/r/2007scape, /r/Runescape, and I are waiting in suspense!

Edit: this seriously was a LEGENDARY tweet by your team. It really hyped up the Runescape communities!

wendys_irl2066 karma

At least one of us has played runescape

dead_brill1551 karma

Hi Wendy's Social Media team! How do you guys measure and report on your success? How does the company value social media engagement and track ROI?

wendys_irl2383 karma

It can be hard to track. Impressions, engagements, brand metrics, other marketing mumbo jumbo. People are talking about us, a lot, so that helps.

AkwardZebra1355 karma

Do you have a favorite tweet, one that you felt really proud of?

wendys_irl3004 karma

Anytime someone we like tweets at us, like the pro wrestlers, or Kumail quote tweeting us the other day. Or when Overwatch tweeted us, sort of nerded out a little.

DoubleAU1301 karma

How the heck do you fit that much food into the 4 for $4 deal?

wendys_irl2609 karma

very carefully

menonono1273 karma

Is there actually bad blood between you guys and other fast food franchises or is that just fake beef like mcdonalds?

wendys_irl4071 karma

All of our beef is real as heck boi. Don't gets us riled up.

jettan281232 karma

How savage are you?

wendys_irl4794 karma


g-j-a1102 karma

Is it one person doing the savage burns or a team?

wendys_irl1059 karma

There are a couple main people that have been doing this (responding to tweets) for years, and a much larger team that helps us do everything.

Pancham_Kid1021 karma

Who is Wendy's favourite Pokémon?

wendys_irl2471 karma


eastriverdriveII938 karma

favorite menu item and why? I love the single classic but my favorite might be the asiago chicken sandwich. I need some lunch.

wendys_irl2132 karma

Baconator, because it's the freaking Baconator

JannsCo894 karma

What is your favorite meme currently?

wendys_irl1919 karma

Ithacan857 karma

What's your favorite Star Wars movie?

wendys_irl2717 karma

anything with Jar Jar obviously

Willmarr13841 karma

What is your all time favorite tweet?

wendys_irl1480 karma

just any tweet? or our tweets?

Favorite of ours is probably the Wingstop Rap Battles

wendys_irl476 karma

Consider it Done worked out pretty well for us

Pokemon5253832 karma

What’s your favorite twitter account besides your own?

wendys_irl1344 karma


wendys_irl812 karma

Guys! Thanks this was pretty fun. Going to try to get back on and answer more later.

Hanfpflanze782 karma

When will you bring back the spicy nuggets?

wendys_irl675 karma

No idea if we're being honest. Maybe one day.

ToxicGunslinger766 karma

How long does it take for you to figure out a sick burn?

wendys_irl1936 karma

this long jabroni

stayingsteady747 karma

Was there ever a time when you didn't tweet something because it would be too harsh?

wendys_irl1448 karma

yes, lots of times.

phsyron714 karma

Do you have any hard evidence that a strong social media presence boosts sales, or is actually good for the company overall? Or is it just assumed that having a positive public image is intrinsically a good thing?

Edit: is it just me or is anyone else craving Wendy's?

wendys_irl2530 karma

People say they go eat because of the tweets, and no one has ever lied on the internet

KVirello662 karma

How many 10 year olds do you think you could beat in a fight?

wendys_irl1342 karma

how tough are the ten year olds?

flameabel640 karma

How's your relationship going with Arin from Game Grumps?

wendys_irl1042 karma


clockwork1971599 karma

Of all of the competitors you’ve roasted, who handled the situation best?

wendys_irl1049 karma


BaconPaycheck597 karma

Congrats to you guys and Moon Pie for being the only brands I follow. What other brands don't suck on Twitter?

Is there a particular tweet of yours that you feel deserves more love than it got?

wendys_irl1059 karma

There have been plenty of golden tweets that didn't get picked up, but some just silently go viral, like that picking cheeseburgers off the vine tweet.

Funambulatory577 karma

Are any of you redheads?

wendys_irl2012 karma

Temporary hair dye does not wash out as well as it should, so thanks to Halloween the answer remains yes.

BlindGirlMcSqueezy484 karma

Is your only job managing social media of Wendy's?

wendys_irl754 karma


PKuall4life462 karma

Is this the Krusty Krab?

wendys_irl1021 karma

No, this is Wendy's

daPelican1979421 karma

Why did you get rid of the country fried steak sandwich in the mid 90's and will you consider bringing it back?

wendys_irl1615 karma

We weren't even 10 when this happened

Lotufin395 karma

how many people are behind the Twitter account?

wendys_irl1717 karma

Every other Twitter account is behind ours, so, like millions.

mnij2000358 karma

Do any of you actually eat Wendy's on a regular basis?

wendys_irl633 karma


kelserson318 karma

Is Wendy's tweeting a 40hr per week gig? Is it internal or external? If external, what does the scope look like?

wendys_irl697 karma

it is way more than 40 hours a week

JustRefleX312 karma

Has anybody ever been fired for a tweet?

wendys_irl1118 karma

not yet, let's see how the rest of the day goes

Kensgold289 karma

How much sweat tea can you chug in 10 minutes?

wendys_irl568 karma

yes, sweet tea. Based on chugging metrics we'll say a whole bunch of...sweet tea.

levji_kralj268 karma

Where'd ya get your excellent roasting skills from mate ?

wendys_irl601 karma

inherited from a smart mouthed family mostly

jakeyshakey13241 karma

What kind of education background do you need to get a job on a team like this?

wendys_irl977 karma

A Masters at the School of Memeology nothing less

pepperonigreenpepper215 karma

The 4 for 4 deal is one of the best fast food deals I have ever seen. How much has this positively increased business since its introduction?

wendys_irl247 karma

It's been pretty popular.

antony511202 karma

Being in the industry, I am curious, What system or platform do you use to monitor and respond to posts, and is there an approval process?

wendys_irl341 karma

They honestly come in so fast at times we have to go native

Fouhr175 karma

Was there any kind of award or commission for any of the team members involved on the initial tweet to the kid to get 10 million retweets for lifetime nuggets?

wendys_irl473 karma

We won quite a few awards, also my mom put an article on the fridge

Demegod1414168 karma

Favorite Joke?

wendys_irl517 karma

hold on, grabbing a Laffy Taffy .

What kind of ship doesn't sink?
Friendship .

ItsMcLaren145 karma

So, dipping fries in a frosty is fantastic. What about dipping a cookie in it? Also, shoutout to those of you who game on the team, I loved the symmetra shade a while back.

wendys_irl255 karma

There is no limit to Frosty dipping. DIP EVERYTHING

Isaac40800106 karma

Why do you roast McDonald's all the time?

wendys_irl485 karma

Because they deserve it

LiteralTactical82 karma

Will Carter ever get his nuggs?!?!

wendys_irl189 karma

He already did. When he broke the RT record.

jackolantern_66 karma

Favourite video game?

wendys_irl184 karma

Breath of the Wild

3xmojo20 karma

When can we get the old fries back? The big ass steak fries.

wendys_irl23 karma

we probably won't go back in time, but maybe we'll advance fries in the future or something