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Many years ago there was a Wendy's conveniently located within half a mile of my office. It was replaced by a Tim Horton's which has since been replaced by a bank. Not a single morning has gone by that I haven't woken up thinking about having Wendy's for lunch, only to remember that it is no longer a possibility. I start my day, every day, by standing in front of a mirror screaming "Why is this happening to me?!" while pulling out tufts of hair from my head.

So, if you had to choose somewhere other than Wendy's to eat lunch, where would it be?

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Because people were excited about him having a new show when it came out. They thought it would be like his old show that many of us watched as kids. Instead it was a pile of hot political garbage.

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To David....What were some of the earliest symptoms that you may have had? Was there anything that you really didn't think was in any way abnormal, but looking back was something that turned out to be an early indicator that you should get checked out?

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Was it right after you woke up form the coma? If so you may have been hallucinating.