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Scottler137 karma

Have you shared this over at r/suicidewatch?

As someone who has lost many people to suicide over the years, God bless you. This is such a wonderful thing you're doing, and I'm sure you're going to make a difference in at least one person's life.

Homelessphonecalls59 karma

Scottler ty so much for the kind words. I will definitely look at that link. I want everyone to know life can always get worse. Stay positive, keep your head up. Someone loves you. Lots of love -ryan

Scottler9 karma

Appreciate it, man, but I'm good. Happy holidays to you! Keep up the inspiring work.

Homelessphonecalls10 karma

Ty I will

Homelessphonecalls14 karma

Maybe you can share it there for me if its,allowed. I don't,know,much about Reddit or how to do it friend.

Scottler14 karma

I can share it for you if you'd like.

Homelessphonecalls17 karma

Yes please do im here for everyone

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Hey didnt you have a kid? You're RyanTwin20 right? You should go on PKA again. How's your brother doing? Is that him in the background yelling at you?

colormefeminist22 karma

Can you elaborate or link to the post, thanks

IDPgen9766 karma

his appearance on the r/pka podcast: https://youtu.be/BgcfmjOuzic?t=2h50m13s

This man is absolute human garbage. Racism, incest, bigotry, pathological liar. I mean you name it. The man in the background who was insulting him for being homeless is his twin brother. This guy is a fake. dont fall for his BS reddit. In this PKA interview he reveals how truly fucked in the head he is. Apparently he won the lottery but chose to be homeless...

BreaDKatka10 karma

woah hold up wtf, pitchforks out

TalonusDuprey10 karma

Pitchforks deserve to be out for this one. If he was your one time scammer then oh well... We all make mistakes. The difference between your casual scammer and this guy is that Ryan has been screwing over people since I started playing MMO's years ago. When he needs an extra couple bucks he'll go to MMO forums and scam a couple and then disappear again. As soon as I saw his little pity stunt he does with the homeless (as he does every year) I knew immediately that this was him. I'm glad that they shut this AMA down before he was able to take donations from people - This poor kid (well now an adult) has been riding on the backs of anyone that he has been able to swindle for years.

Homelessphonecalls-4 karma

Please don't slander me. Nothing you just said is factual. Ive dealt with bullying in video games and people fabricating things

colormefeminist3 karma

incest with his twin brother?

TalonusDuprey6 karma

I believe it was his cousin IIRC. His brother has always been his pathetic partner in crime.

Homelessphonecalls-3 karma

That cousin skit Wasnt real I don't know how many times I have to say that. If you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all

Homelessphonecalls-1 karma

All of,that nonsense was a long time ago and I was an alcoholic. It was all made up for pka. I wish people understood people go through hard times and dark times... Im no longer in that dark place

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No i didn't have a kid. That was all staged and I haven't spoken to my brother in months

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Your message and what you're trying to do is truly beautiful. I hope the guy in the background of your video sees this and is truly ashamed of himself. What's made you want to do this and how much backlash do you get from others for being homeless?

Homelessphonecalls39 karma

Thanks so much for your kind,words... Loneliness drives me. Sadness. But then I look for any shred of reason to be happy and im ok again. Helping people this way makes them stronger as it does me as well. I get, a lot of backlash. Beat up, sign stolen, followed and heckled but they're just unhappy I feel. Something drives them to put me down, I just pray they come out of the dark.

amooseme3 karma

How did you find yourself homeless? Keep hold of that positivity you have, also reach out to others when you need the help. I'm from the UK and wish I could do more. Hope this thread gets traction and the appreciation it deserves. Those people are likely a paycheck away from your situation, I cannot fathom how they are unable to see that. Youre a better person than they are, that's for sure.

Homelessphonecalls26 karma

I drank a lot and my mother died in that time. I gave up on life, didn't want to be alive. Been sober 72 days I promised my mom before she died id never touch it again. I know shes with me but still hard to not think about her. Ty so much for your words of encouragement.

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So how many people have called so far? Did you find a spot to plug your phone in? Are the calls more for casual chats or are they deep conversations?

Great work by the way, even if you were not homeless it would be a worthy mission.

Homelessphonecalls46 karma

Only a handful of people thus far have called. I feel like the scarlet letter admitting im homeless but I can't be ashamed of my situation. I plugged my phone into a hotel at night outside. The calls are more casual support but a couple have been deep. Suicide, human loss, etc. I am so grateful for this. The,hope is inspiring.ps. I just started this tonight so its brand new. I just pray enough people find out about it.

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Here’s a link to the video in question so, OP, why are you a pathological liar? Why did you “choose” to be homeless after saving a shit ton of money? Why are you still faking being homeless even though you’ve admitted that you’re not even fake homeless anymore?

Homelessphonecalls0 karma

I don't drink anymore...there is no lottery and I really am homeless. Why do you believe everything you watch on the internet

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Do you Do any Drugs? If so what's your Poison?? (Not trying to stereotype, but the short time I was homeless I meet plenty of people who had an Addiction of some sort)

Homelessphonecalls47 karma

My vice was beer. I quit 72 days ago when my mom passed from liver failure from alcohol. I miss her so much. I promised her on her hospital bed, I said mom I promise I will quit drinking and make you proud some day. I choke up when I read my last message ever from her. She said, "you will do something great with your life success will find you Ryan."

Weavesnatchin8 karma

This seems extremely fake. That guy talking shit about homeless people is like the unihibited racist that Bill Burr talks about:


Nobody would just sit there berrating homeless people. I hope its not bullshit but if it is... go fuck yourself man.

Homelessphonecalls0 karma

Its not bullshit

kiwiburner7 karma

Can you explain what this is all about and what PKA is? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYZw4UMu31E

Homelessphonecalls1 karma

Its not real and is from many years ago... Was drinking heavily back then.whole thing was planned to shock

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Depends on how bad the situation is if I try to be comical or not. When you think your life is bad, look at the people in jail. Look at the human traffickers, the drug addicted, etc. Your situation now undoubtedly pales in comparison to the "what could be" speaking to you personally id say what's bothering you is temporary, and soon you will look back on it and be able to say I over came that. Everything seems like a huge deal in the moment, but usually overexaggerated

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Homelessphonecalls5 karma

I know,how you feel I suffer from major panic,attacks myself and I know what it feels like to be in the dark. Im there everyday I really really truly hope you feel better friend.