Hey, Denis Leary here. Do what you do best and ask me anything!

My new book is out now “Why We Don't Suck: And How All of Us Need to Stop Being Such Partisan Little Bitches” (https://www.amazon.com/Why-We-Dont-Suck-Partisan/dp/1524762733).

If I miss any of your questions, come ask me live on my book tour: https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/authors/17027/denis-leary#events

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MyAssholeAltAccount143 karma

Whose material did you enjoy stealing the most?

Also I don't think you're an asshole, you're a cunt.

TheDenisLeary111 karma

go fuck yourself

Savantrovert89 karma

Are you consciously trying to make a shittier AMA than Woody Harrelson or is it just happening naturally?

TheDenisLeary44 karma

I'm doing it on purpose.

swampassforALL78984 karma

Why are you such an asshole, Denis?

TheDenisLeary65 karma

Bc it made me a very rich man.

fuzzbert40 karma

How often do you get mistaken for Willem Dafoe?

TheDenisLeary45 karma

a lot

KakarotMaag34 karma

Well, this is going to be one of those AMAs!

Did nobody tell you what AMAs were about?

TheDenisLeary16 karma

Whats an AMA supposed to be about?

Illiterate_BookClub31 karma

what would you do to your kid if he took your babe ruth signed baseball and belted it into the beast's yard?

TheDenisLeary48 karma

I'd tell him to go fucking get it

SwampDenizen28 karma

Your speech in Demolition Man: How much of it was the script, and how much was you?


TheDenisLeary24 karma

It was almost all me.

Troppin12 karma

How come you didn't get to have virtual sex with Sandra Bullock?

TheDenisLeary48 karma

I don't know but I'm still pissed about it.

hairymonkey2226 karma

who in hollywood would you like to kick in the balls and why?

TheDenisLeary82 karma

Harvey Weinstein for obvious reasons

nowshowjj21 karma

No Cure for Cancer blew my fragile little mind as a kid. Thanks for that. So I have to ask, you once sang:

"Life's gonna suck when you grow up.

It sucks pretty bad right now."

In your opinion, does life still suck or have things gotten better?

TheDenisLeary25 karma

life generally sucks but have to make the most of it.

aresfour19 karma

Who's your favorite comic (that's still doing shows today)?

TheDenisLeary48 karma

Chappell, Bobby Kelly, Chris Rock, Bill Burr, Louie CK

Sheeshomatic15 karma

Hey Denis! Just wanted to let you know that I practically wore out 'No cure for cancer' back in the day. It was one of the first comedy albums that got me into seeing stand up. It recently came to Netflix and I had never actually seen you perform it. Man, the feels. Still kills today. Are you still doing stand up?

TheDenisLeary19 karma

Two concerts a year, one in boston called Comics Come Home - November 18th this year at TD Garden. Also, Michael J Fox Gala on Nov. 11th this year in New York.

sonofabutch15 karma

What’s your take on kneeling during the national anthem?

TheDenisLeary75 karma

I think its a valid form of protest.

cynikalAhole9914 karma

I am trying and failing in quitting smoking right now - any suggestions or advice so I don't go postal on others or slip up?

TheDenisLeary38 karma

Please keep smoking.

Mstrchapl10 karma

My wife and I have an ongoing dispute -- she think there is bad blood / ill will between you and Jon Stewart, and I think it's just the rapport you two have. Who's right?

TheDenisLeary33 karma

Our rapport is build on bad blood, grudges and the inability to stop hanging around with each other.

cey249 karma

Hey Denis! Huge fan of Ice age. Would love to see another. Any talks about making a new one?

TheDenisLeary29 karma


Cmd1214869 karma

Which late night talk show, past or present, was your favorite to be on?

TheDenisLeary35 karma

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

weallhaveourthing9 karma

Do The Job, Rescue Me, Sex and Drugs and Rock N Roll, and Sirens all take place in the same universe?

TheDenisLeary21 karma

no. totally separate universes. only common thread is lenny clarke...and me.

NZCUTR8 karma

I'm pretty convinced that we won't progress as a nation until we stop clinging to the two-party system where there's always an "us" versus "them".

Do you see a path to NOT SUCKING that doesn't involve a 3rd/4th/5th party to shake up the establishment?

TheDenisLeary14 karma

yeah its called Mars.

p1um5mu991er8 karma

What's your favorite all time bit from the Stern Show?

TheDenisLeary19 karma

Shuli doing Tanner Mom

cynikalAhole998 karma

You and Jim Jefferies should get together and have a few beers - are you doing any new comedy tours coming up?

TheDenisLeary15 karma

No but I really like Jim Jefferies

cpt_jt_esteban8 karma

I was a huge fan of your show The Job. I thought it was a strong show and very well done. What do you think led to the demise of that show, given that the similar Rescue Me did so well just a few years later? Was TV not ready for that type of anti-hero show yet? Was it ABC?

TheDenisLeary11 karma

At that time there were only two one camera shows on at that time. ABC did not have faith in the show, FOX didn't have faith in arrested development. Both got cancelled. we just decided not to bring the job back.

JonathonCorey8 karma

How much hookers and blow is too much?

TheDenisLeary16 karma


mxlplic48 karma

Denis is there anything like "The Ref" in your future? Love that movie I think it was perfect casting....

TheDenisLeary14 karma

I sure hope so

Nattylight_Murica7 karma

I know you’ve laid off the cigarettes, booze and drugs, but does their cousin coffee still come around?

TheDenisLeary18 karma


TheDenisLeary31 karma

coffee flavored coffee.

exstaticj7 karma

Hey Dennis, my girlfriend told me if you respond to my post she will give me a B.J. Help a guy out?

TheDenisLeary29 karma

Now you owe me.

Cmd1214866 karma

Hi Denis, writing from Worcester. Wondering if you still visit the area and what do you think of the renaissance going on downtown?

TheDenisLeary11 karma

Yes i do - I think its great.

SyncAres6 karma

What would you say is your biggest accomplishment of your career?

TheDenisLeary37 karma

not winning an emmy, golden globe, an academy award or a tony.

DarthLordi6 karma

I loved No Cure for Cancer when it came out and watched it again recently on Netflix, and still knew most of the words.

However your asshole persona really seems to be off the time and wouldn't wash today, similar to Eddie Murphy's AIDS jokes in RAW. Do you regret making any of the jokes and are there any jokes from that routine you wouldn't make today?

TheDenisLeary11 karma


Mopsticks5 karma

Hey Dennis! What was your favorite part of being on Rescue Me?

TheDenisLeary15 karma

The whole 7 years.

CallMeOatmeal4 karma

Still hang out with Lenny Clarke?

TheDenisLeary18 karma

Yup unfortunately.

Akitu4 karma

Are you going to do a modernized version of Ass Hole ever?

TheDenisLeary20 karma

We did it on James Corden about Trump last year.

Black_Delphinium3 karma

How do you feel about the statement "The Ref is basically 'Shut the Fuck Up by Dr. Denis Leary' from No Cure for Cancer"?

TheDenisLeary9 karma


mxlplic42 karma

Biggest downside to fame Denis? Other than wanna be comic's always laying bad jokes on you...

TheDenisLeary9 karma

Having Jon Stewart be famous at the same time.

binzin2 karma

You are the best on Stern!! And clearly a huge fan - I listened to your most recent appearance with a stupid, shit- eating grin on my face the entire time, laughing out loud periodically. I'm sure you are a bit too famous/ busy, but would you ever consider sitting in the Jackie/Artie chair if it was offered to you? Even if it was just for a day or two?

TheDenisLeary8 karma

Oh yeah, it a heartbeat.

luckyfucker132 karma

Any chance of bringing Rescue Me back, in any capacity?

TheDenisLeary14 karma

No never - just binge watch the 7 seasons over and over again.

alematt2 karma

Hey Denis, looooooong time fan of your stand up, TV shows etc.

1) I wanted to know what are our thoughts on the current status of coffee and coffee flavoured coffee?

2) Will we ever see another stand up special?

3) I'm Canadian, will I take anything away from your new book? (Loved the last one by the way)

Finally, thanks for doing this.

TheDenisLeary3 karma

of course you'll get something out of it, there are some great hockey jokes in it.

IcurusPrime1 karma

Do you actually like Ford trucks?

TheDenisLeary1 karma

Love them. Best pick up trucks in the world.

[deleted]1 karma


TheDenisLeary4 karma


CigaretteCigarCigar1 karma

The Thomas Crown Affair was a favorite of mine, and I thought you were great in it. What's Renee Russo really like?

TheDenisLeary1 karma

Sexy, funny, smart.

Fistandantalus1 karma

Denis...was Demolition Man as fun to be in as it appeared to be?

If you had a chance to work with any director (living or dead, or undead), who would it be, and why? Which leads to the next question, of what genre of movie would you like it to be?

TheDenisLeary2 karma

Scorese and a Western.

WheatlyFTW1 karma

Do you use public toilets and paid on the seat?

TheDenisLeary1 karma

If I have to.

Goldzeo881 karma

Do you have a favorite book?

TheDenisLeary1 karma

Orr on Ice by Bobby Orr

Goldzeo881 karma

Cool, Would you ever be in the new Spider-man movies?

TheDenisLeary4 karma

No but I'm dying to be a bad guy in a James Bond film with Daniel Craig.

antique_land1 karma

What inspired you to write the book?

TheDenisLeary10 karma

Just wanted to make everyone start laughing again after all the shit everyone is taking so seriously.

gene11131 karma

I loved Sex and Drugs and Rock n Roll! Will there be a 3rd season?

TheDenisLeary7 karma

no there will not be a 3rd season.

numbers4letters1 karma

When are you going to write your book "Shut the fuck up! By Dr. Dennis Leary"?

TheDenisLeary6 karma

might be the next one..

nhath11 karma

What future shows do you think you’d want to be part of? Big fan of Sex and drugs and rock and roll and also rescue me. Also do you find that comedy is being toned down to appease the PC people of the world? You and Carlin are the only comedians I watch that I actually agree with on most issues.

TheDenisLeary2 karma

I would love to do a sitcom called Denis and Jon - just me and Jon Stewart sitting in a apartment together. For 7 seasons.

It is not being toned down in my book. I spend a lot of time talking about this.

VelvetDelby0 karma

Denis, thank you for doing this AMA. Huge fan since No Cure for Cancer. I've always wanted to ask if you really had to remove the Bonanza theme in the later tape release because of song rights?

I couldn't never tell if it was glitch or covered up. Your entire body of work since then is just amazing. Glad you never took the early sitcom offers to be the angry neighbor or some shit. Keep up the good work. Fucking ignore the Hicks haters. Like no one's ever picked up something before.

TheDenisLeary12 karma

Yes we did.

SuperPwnerGuy0 karma

What defines a man in the 21st century?

TheDenisLeary-1 karma

They drive an f-150.

eastriverdriveII-1 karma

So many great comics come out of the Boston area, why do people seem to forget the city? It's one of my favorite places.

TheDenisLeary3 karma

Nobody forgets the city.

keilwerth-2 karma

Do you personally drive an F-150?

TheDenisLeary4 karma

yes i do.