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I caught your show with Alice Cooper in March of 2010 at the MTS Centre in Winnipeg. Did your drummer really quit on you that night? Was it really Joey J.'s birthday or was that one big prank on the entire crowd in attendance?

Fucking awesome show by the way, thanks for the performance!

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Are you going to do a modernized version of Ass Hole ever?

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That's probably why I missed it. Thanks for responding!

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I've heard many times from various sources that my town of Thompson, MB is one of if not the easiest place to immigrate into Canada because it's a mining town. What makes a location easier or harder to immigrate to?

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Thanks for the response. A few follow up questions if I may... Is this "points" system still in effect? How is it weighted in regards to where a person is emigrating from and where they are immigrating to? The mine in my area has had a hiring freeze for a while, are they under obligation to notify the gov't to affect the immigration weight?