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Mr. Watercolour

"please, just call me 'shitty' "

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Three Sheets was one of my favorite shows and I was so disappointed when MOJO went under. There's no other show I'd rather watch right before heading out to the city for drinks.

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Everyone involved is dead or in diapers. The only thing you have to fear in Somerville today is getting run over by a hipster riding his bicycle the wrong way down Broadway.

Also, try out the pulled pork poutine at East End Grille. It's divine.

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This answer seems to contradict his other answer. This answer is very much in line with what was shown in the VICE documentaries, but in his other answer he says it's nothing like what VICE shows.

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Wow. This is something. Why do you need special tools to operate again? Why do the other large subreddits manage to operate without any funding, but you guys need cash? Reddit should be providing the tools needed to operate the subreddit. If they aren't, you should make due with what tools you have, but it's ridiculous that you should even think about paying money for the privilege of doing volunteer work, and it's even more ridiculous that you would ask the community to help. I mod a subreddit with millions of subscribers, and we would never do this, and if we did, I would step down immediately. Something is wrong with this picture.