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Do you and Dan (from Cook's Illustrated) have a thing going on?

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In lieu of confiscation/prohibition, will you open NICS to individuals for the purposes of ensuring in-state, person-to-person gun sales can contain a background check?

A bit of context:

I am a background checked (local, State and Federal), finger-printed gun owner.

I disagree wholeheartedly with your intent to ban/confiscate any firearms and will fight tooth-and-nail to ensure it does not come to fruition.

That having been said, I do have one area of compromise I would encourage you to entertain:

Presently, for in-state, person-to-person sales of long guns, a background check (in many locations) is not required. One way we could solve this is to provide access for individual citizens to the NICS system. Today, you have to be an FFL dealer to have such access.

We could easily devise a system whereby a seller uses a portal to submit the potential buyer's email address which results in the buyer receiving access to a secure, confidential background check form.

Once submitted, the seller is only ever notified as to whether or not the background check has passed - no sensitive info changes hands.

The minimal cost is footed by the potential buyer akin to the common online checkout experience most are familiar with today.

The system could be enhanced over time to integrate other databases into NICS, or to allow sellers to notify law enforcement of potentially unlawful activity (e.g. straw purchase). But it would at least be a good starting point to provide such individual access.

Give us tools to do what is right, prohibition and confiscation are not the answer. Education and accountability are the way to go.

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As a CCW permit holder, I believe in my marksmanship and the firearm I use in that it will work as expected, when expected. I arrive at this point of confidence due to ongoing training/practice and thoroughly maintaining my firearms.

I do not have the same confidence in the ability of a product like yours to match in equal respect.

Can you speak to how progress you may have made (or will be making) can address such a gap between traditional firearms and products such as yours?

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Except our rights are not granted by any government. Further, our rights have no "sanity" test prior to their being executed.

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Evil Republican here. Hope you're well.

I'm specifically interested in your stance on guns. Your website claims that "Gun violence is one of the leading causes of death in America.", however, the CDC would disagree with your claim.

As you're likely aware, between 30,000 and 40,000 people die in the US from guns every year. 70% of those deaths are suicide. Apart from your support of the "Red Flag Bill" mentioned on your website, what will you do to address the issue of suicide (gun related or not) in the US?