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The continuity is amazing, Nibbler's shadow under the desk, the Museum being free on Tuesday, and other such details. Are you guys really that planned out, and is there any off beat detail that you know us weirdos have missed?

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On your personal time, do you prefer spontaneous "just jump each other" sex, or do you go all out with the bed, candles, and soft lighting?

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How did you meet, and become friends with Hunter S. Thompson? It's always struck me as an odd pairing, but I'm totally jealous!

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I've always found it amazing that there isn't more stories on Trump's casino businesses, hotels and land deals in the media. I find it very peculiar that he can get some of these deals done "on the up and up" so to speak. I fully expected more tales of shady behavior, bribes and coercion. Certainly this has to be something being investigated by journalists?

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The Thomas Crown Affair was a favorite of mine, and I thought you were great in it. What's Renee Russo really like?