I am a singer, songwriter, artist, expressionist, kiwi, and citizen of the world. AMA!

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planesandcake289 karma

Hi Kimbra!

Five years ago I started singing one of your songs at work and a coworker was like "you know Kimbra too?!" She and I didn't know each other well but we made a risky commitment to see your show in DC (with the Step kids) months later. She and I are now best friends and we are planning to see you in February in LA! Thank you for bringing us together!

My questions: what's your favorite city to visit or perform in?

kimbramusic242 karma

That's so cool! Hmmmmm. I love performing in Minneapolis! I've had so many fun shows there!

meirna268 karma

What was jamming with Donald Glover like? Do you have a favourite project of his?

My personal fave is Because the Internet, insanely inspiring!

kimbramusic597 karma

It was crazy, he gave me courage to open up my vocal styles and pushed me in new directions which was so exciting. He started free-styling during this jam and I just started kinda following along and he was really into it so we kinda started this back an forth where i'd takes a more melodic route and he'd rap and we'd bounce back and forth and suddenly I was finding all this new confidence with spoken word and started hunting for new pockets to fly around him. it was so inspiring. That session changed a lot for me in terms of inspiration and trying new directions that resulted in some cool new angles for this new record. I'm real happy for him and all that he's doing with acting & directing right now. A true artist.

alianovnatalia192 karma

Hi, Kimbra!! My name is Kayla. I hope you're doing well.

  1. The Golden Echo is a masterpiece, and probably my favorite album of all time. One reason I really connected with it was because of the track by track videos you put out. I love learning about your process and also some of the meanings behind each song. Are you planning on doing a similar video series for Primal Heart?
  2. I'm excited for your new tour to start! I hope you can make it to Dallas. :) What song is your favorite to perform live?
  3. It seems like you had an amazing time while in Japan! What other place in the world would you really like to visit?

Thank you so much for doing an AMA! I look forward to reading your answers to everyone's questions. ❤️

kimbramusic197 karma

  1. Yes! Good idea! I will do that!
  2. My fav song to perform live is one that you'll hear down the track called Hi Def Distant Romance!
  3. India. And Mexico. I've NEVER been!

cloudbustingmp385 karma

Aaaah, hi Kimbra! I've been a huge fan of yours since my sister introduced me to your work via Settle Down and Cameo Lover back in 2012, and I can honestly say that watching you open for Gotye in Grand Prairie that same year was one of the most captivating performances I've ever had the privilege of witnessing!

  1. As a fashion marketing student, I adore the way you experiment with your look and work with new designers because in my mind, your style and music go hand in hand in the sense that they're both eclectic but not in a forced manner. Are there any designers/brands you would love to collaborate with that you haven't yet had the chance to do so?
  2. Your videography is still fairly small, but it's so on-point! What was your favorite video to shoot, and are there any funny stories of things that went on behind the scenes that you wouldn't mind sharing?
  3. Getting to hear my favorite album cut of yours (Something in the Way You Are) live was so incredible to experience! Are there any little transcendent moments you can recall from watching others perform?

Your music has definitely helped me through some challenging times, and I really can't thank you enough for that.

I'm beyond excited for Primal Heart, and I hope to catch you on tour again!

kimbramusic91 karma

  1. Mcqueen! and Molly Goddard!
  2. A few Maryiln Monroe moments in Everybody Knows with all that wind flying around. Me and the crew became pretty close after that haha.
  3. Seeing Stevie Wonder was the most transcendent live performance I've seen. Thankyou so much!


meirna70 karma

Is Sweet Relief going to be on Primal Heart? Such a banger

kimbramusic124 karma

It won't be sorry! It was part of an EP that I was going to release but then that ended up not going ahead. The label wanted me to focus on making a full length album instead. BUT I had already finished that song & i loved it and wanted people to hear it!! So i had to fight a little to get it out but eventually we all though it was a cool idea & i'm so glad it came out because it represented where I was at at that time. But i had a feeling it might not fit on the new album cos I wanted to change things up again ;) Stoked you dig it!

BionicFunhouse63 karma

Hey Kimbra, just listened to both of your previous albums! I've been a huge fan since Vows! You reeled me in with your incredible verse on Somebody That I Used To Know, and completely hooked me with Settle Down and Cameo Lover. I've been in love ever since :)

  1. What was the creative process for Everybody Knows? The song feels like it was written completely and then the instrumental weaved in afterwards. It is a really complete and deliberate song I feel like, so I'm just wondering what making it was like.

  2. Can you please confirm if Black Sky will be on the album? I'm sorry that I've been harassing you so much about it lately, but this song is one of the best songs I have ever heard. The chorus is so stunning that tears were instantly brought to my eyes after hearing you perform it live. If you can't answer this question respond with "I love you," so I can tell my mom that someone finally loves me (just kidding).

  3. ‎How personal is this album in comparison to your last two? I know all of your albums are personal in many ways, but I want to know how close and true to your spirit this record will be. Would you say that it is emotionally and tonally similar to some other spectacular pop albums from this year such as Melodrama, CTRL, Rainbow, Take Me Apart, and MASSEDUCTION? Based on Everybody Knows and Black Sky I'm expecting something incredibly honest and soul punching, which I love, but I would just like to know what I can expect.

  4. ‎Can we talk just about how wonderful Carolina is? It's crazy how relevant that song has become in different times of my life, so thank you.

  5. Join us at /r/popheads !! Janelle Monáe is a mod there, and you are my flair (a little picture that appears next to your username)!! You'll fit right in :)

Hope you read this, know that I love and adore you! Can't wait to see where you take us next!!

kimbramusic69 karma

  1. It started with the chords & beat which Taylor Graves made then I revamped the beat that drops with Timon Martin & John Congleton. I had the 'Everybody Knows' lyric & melody from the start but developed the rest of the lyric once the production was more fleshed out. All the melodies came on the spot though! Thankyou!
  2. Yes it will be.
  3. This album is more grounded in reality and less in idealism. Soul punching is a good way to describe, lets go with that.
  4. Thankyou!!
  5. I'll check it out!

SiameseSoda35 karma

Hi Kimbra!

I was a big fan of your track Bitten By The Apple with Big Black Delta! I'd love to see more from you two!

How did that collaboration come about and what was it like?

kimbramusic50 karma

Jon is a good friend & fan of my music! He called me up & asked me to sing & write an idea for that instrummental and i was like HELL YEAH! Love that guy.

Chtorrr30 karma

What is the very best dessert?

kimbramusic85 karma

Anything with custard.

meirna30 karma

I know you're (or were) learning to play the bass - did you play it on the album?

kimbramusic59 karma

I started getting into it AFTER i'd finished the album so no I didn't but I PROMISE I will on the next one!!!

kimbramusic68 karma

Oh wait I did play some bass synth on things.... Just not electric. But hold me accountable k!

puredogg28 karma

Hey, Kimbra! Here is one serious question and one for fun.

  1. I saw you perform here in Las Vegas at the Hardrock Live (LOVED it btw) a few years ago. It's a pretty small venue, especially compared to the enormous crowd you played for not long before at Life is Beautiful. Between a small audience at a small venue or a big audience at a huge festival, which atmosphere do you prefer to perform in?

  2. Favorite food since you made your big move to the US?

kimbramusic59 karma

  1. I prefer small audiences because I can play with space and silence and light more. But both bring different rewards.
  2. Pumpkin pie!

meirna24 karma

What's your favourite instrument / one that inspires you the most? Or top 3 :D

kimbramusic53 karma

Actually the iPad! Ha! Its more a piece of technology but Im always discovering new beat machines & synths on there & it's so mobile!

BiruMetal20 karma

ending a track can be hard, when is it time for someone else to help you complete a song?

kimbramusic58 karma

When you have reached the limit of what you can discover in solitary. When you are listening to the same beat over and over with no new ways of looking at it. This is the beauty of different eyes on the same thing. Together we build a new way to see it.

camirose20 karma

Hi Kimbra!! I’m so excited you’re doing an AMA, you’re my favorite artist! :) I’ve been a huge fan of yours since Vows came out. I got to see you in Philly in November 2014, and it is hands down the best show I’ve ever experienced. Your voice and stage presence are out of this world.

  1. What are your top three favorite songs to perform on tour?
  2. How do you come up with your tour outfits? They’re always so fun!
  3. Will you do another Rihanna mashup, because this was lit
  4. What are you favorite lyrics you’ve written?
  5. What is your favorite lyric from someone else?

kimbramusic32 karma

  1. Top Of The World, Settle Down, Sweet Relief
  2. I think about the energy i want to give! It changes every tour! And i research upcoming designers!
  3. Awwww thankyou! Maybe. I love the song 'You Needed Me'
  4. They're on the new album, can't tell!
  5. Rufus Wainwright is my favorite lyricist I think!

BiruMetal15 karma

you've been thumpin' on bass guitar. is one of primal heart's tracks a 9 minute bass solo?

kimbramusic37 karma

Hahahaha. Nope not this time. BUT there is a sick Saxophone solo on one of the songs outros !!!!!!

kingtomm12 karma

Hey Kimbra!

My question is with the Golden Echo you kinda went for a whole album of different sounds, song structures, genres etc. I mean it’s hard to believe that 90’s music and Waltz me to the grave are in the same project but this works so well and it really makes this album stand out as one of the best in my opinion. With Primal Heart have you tried to create another crazy mash up of different styles or stuck to a more cohesive type of theme, genre or sound throughout the lp?

Also who are some artists that inspire your music? I’d love to give them a listen new or old. Maybe learn a thing or two since I’m relatively young at 17.

Thank you so much for all the extraordinary music you have gave to us so far and soon too come. Your amazing, keep it up Kimbra!!


kimbramusic25 karma

Now that I'm playing it to some friends, they're picking up some 80's influences permeating throughout this record, which is rad, cos i'm a sucker for huge 80's anthems, but I also feel like there's a heavy r&b feel across the album. A bigger bottom end than my other records too. John Congleton is a punk rock kinda producer in the way he does things so it's got a sick kinda grit to it, but the beats really bang, without feeling too shiny or overproduced. We stuck to what was necessary and picked the best sounds for every part. I wouldn't say it's a mash up like The Golden Echo because there's more of a running sonic thread and tone throughout. Also a lot of the same musicians like Lars Horntveth, Joey Waronker, Pino Palladino etc, play a lot across the album, so I think although it spans a few styles as always it has a feeling throughout it. I think my voice has grown a lot too.

tars19068 karma

Which programs do you use on your iPad?

kimbramusic14 karma

SoundPrism, Polychord, DM-1.... many more...

KLJohnnes8 karma

Did you ever though about doing a live cd/dvd? I wasn't able to go to your concert on Rock In Rio here on Brazil but the live broadcast helped me a lot of feeling included on your amazing perfomance, so it would be awesome to see that happening with your brain controling the process.

kimbramusic30 karma

I've been recording a lot including this last gig in New York where I had 50 dancers & a super rad light show! & strings etc! Hoping to post this as a doco/live show on Youtube. or maybe DVD! Do people still watch DVD's?! Haha...

kierananti7 karma

Hey Kimbra! Its been awhile! Kimbrafansforever here!

I have some questions regarding the new album and single, which im so excited to hear more!

1) Why did you name the album 'Primal Heart'? 2) Who worked on this album with you? 3) Why did you pick 'Everybody Knows' as the lead single from 'Primal Heart'?

I cant wait to hear more!!

kimbramusic15 karma

  1. The words Primal and Heart both by definition trace back to origin, the essential, fundamental, the central inner most part of something. This strikes a chord with all that I want to put forth in this next stage of the journey. These songs are a exploration into human strength, hope, resilience but also vulnerability and instinct, origin, the core emotions that connect us and drive us as humans. I'm interested in re-contextualizing the word 'primal' as a progressive term, rather than making one think of just the primitive and simple. I love the idea that humans are connected by both our primal instincts of self-preservation and at times, fear, but also our desire to strive beyond ourselves and transcend our own cyclical nature.
  2. I produced it with John Congleton mostly and other collaborators on other songs included Timon Martin, Skrillex, Robin Hannibal and so many more!
  3. I chose it because it was the more vulnerable, vocally exposed song on the record and that's a tone I wanted to set first. Especially when you see where i go next :)

BiruMetal6 karma

Will we see some new merch? BTW thanks for donating merch proceeds

kimbramusic9 karma

Definitely! I'm working on the designs for the merch right now (which will be coming to Europe & then on the US tour!) and it is looking SO dope! Best designs so far. Can't wait for you to see & to wear it!

BiruMetal5 karma

you get pretty involved with music tech/gadgets - can it end up feeling more frustrating than creative when things (all those wires!) get complicated?

kimbramusic13 karma

Definitely. At that point I just remind myself to slow down and connect to what is important right now to translate the energy I want to get across. Maybe that's 3 gadgets, not 5. And I concentrate on connecting with my body and my voice. I have to keep constant track of this so I don't swing too far either way.

Ristifer5 karma

Hi Kimbra!

1) In your first e-mail to your fans regarding ‘Primal Heart’, you said that it’s challenging for you to let songs go. You definitely have an intense, personal connection to this work, which is evident from everything you’ve said and presented thus far. Have you felt it more challenging to let these songs go this time around, as they’re showcasing more of a vulnerability for you? Or has it been a similar challenge for all of your albums?

2) Would you ever consider doing a whole album of reworks/remixes (I.e., Seigfried, Relative Peace, etc.)? You seem to have a knack for bringing a refreshing perspective to those kinds of songs!

Can't wait for 'Primal Heart' and to see you in Canada! Have a great day!

kimbramusic12 karma

1) It's always a challenge at the end:) I think theres a grief involved because you're saying to yourself, there will now be no more incarnations of this song in a recorded format. This is the definitive version. And that's hard for me because I make so many different versions of my songs and keep wanting to change them. But thats why performing live is fun! And letting go hopefully gets easier as you grow up I think. You're not so attached to perfecting an identity for yourself. You let yourself make decisions and move on to the next. 2) I would DEFINITELY consider that! good idea, let me keep thinking about that ;) Thankyou x

Oscar_Wellton4 karma

Why ain't "Top of the World" on spotify yet? It's gr8 m8. :)

kimbramusic17 karma

It's coming ! But I'm doing finishing touches on a SICK video for it right now so it's worth waiting ! I've also got another video directed by a friend of mine coming out next week for a remix of Everybody Knows. I can't wait for you guys to see and hear this one.

fyeahkimbra4 karma

Is there an overall theme you have for this album ?

kimbramusic7 karma

I find there is a lot of reference to vulnerability and sense of exposing oneself, but also strength and courage. I think I'm exploring themes of both fearlessness and fear (my constant pendulum as an artist & and a human!). This is why I have called it Primal Heart. I think these are the things that connect us and always have.

BiruMetal4 karma

what setbacks or hurdles came along with this album?

kimbramusic12 karma

I felt pretty scared and challenged when we were exposing my voice so much and taking off the effects etc. John really wanted to take a more punk rock approach and have me sing things through top to bottom and keep all the flaws. He wouldn't let me jump on the computer and start producing. i had to keep it raw. That made me want to resist sometimes but now I know what it was right. Its just hard to get out of your own way sometimes.

rebeccarberts4 karma

How do you keep a distance between your personal and professional life and does your blog/social media help to do this?

also… why did it take you 5 years to come back to London? I can’t wait to see you!

kimbramusic14 karma

I think the Catacombs (my personal tumblr blog) gives me a place to write about the other things on my heart that aren't just specific to music. It helps me have a place to share that stuff. Then I keep my other pages more about music & 'professional' stuff as you would say ;) I'm sorry its been so long but I am so excited to be back!!!

BiruMetal3 karma

will major dudes be along for the touring? or how about 'ol Ben (keys) or Devon the Meet & Greet liaison extraordinaire?

kimbramusic10 karma

Awww man I love those guys!!! I have new people coming on tour with me (although you'll see Timon from Major Dudes on the upcoming shows!) but I promise they are radical !!

meirna3 karma

Do you do all your own mixing? I've read your albums were mastered at Sterling Sound, but what about the engineering/mixing phase?

kimbramusic33 karma

I do mix a lot at home, and there is one song on this record that I mixed myself (as well as producing etc). But my mixes often only get me so far and I don't have the hardware at my home studio to create the level of 'hi fi' or sound sculpting that I might want. I also don't always have the objectivity to know what is important for the song. For example, I always mix my vocals too low and other mixers are telling me, THATS WHAT PEOPLE CARE ABOUT, haha. But i'll be busy thinking how dope the high hats sound when they're panned hard right, with an envelope filter and super loud, haha. But ultimately it might just be distracting.

josephsrollins3 karma

Hey Kimbra! I’ve loved your music for the longest time, and have a handful of questions!

  1. Is there any particular artist you met or concert you saw that sort of changed your life and ignited or re-ignited your songwriting passion? Personally, I got to see Prince’s final concert before he passed - and his performance and charisma moved me so much, I came out of the concert feeling like I was capable of anything.

  2. What is your songwriting process like nowadays? Do you still craft songs using guitar and vocal loops, or do you work more with synths and a DAW? What’s your favorite piece of gear that you use and what’s your favorite Protools plug-in?

  3. I never got a chance to catch you out on tour, and I know that it’s becoming impractical for a lot of artists to tour due to the cost and crazy logistics - but do you imagine there will be a US tour in support of your new album? If not, I’ll just pray I can make it out to NYC to catch you space jammin!

  4. Looking back on your first album, Vows, how do you feel about your work and how much you’ve grown artistically? I understand you wrote a good batch of those songs while you were in your teens… Are those songs sort of “frozen” in that era to you - or are they still applicable to your life now?

And a couple of fun bonuses....

  1. Are you familiar with the band Jellyfish? They put out two stellar albums and disbanded in the early 90s. Their acclaimed album Spilt Milk seems like something you’d love - great power pop with immaculate arrangements and amazing vocal harmony!

And lastly…

  1. Do you happen to remember this video? I’m behind the camera filming my friend that introduced me to your music! Vows had just been released in the US and we were stoked that you tweeted our video a couple of times! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5QQdQepUV8

Thanks for your time!

kimbramusic14 karma

  1. Meeting Janelle was special, she gave me a lot go wisdom and encouragement.
  2. I make beats at home and then use iPads and synths to develop chords. Sometimes I write on guitar then move to programming for more exciting sounds. Its different everytime.
  4. They are applicable. But I think of them as my exploratory songs. I sing them from a different place. They mean different things.

Thankyou x

evdwg3 karma

Any collab on the Primal Heart that you're exciting for us to hear?

kimbramusic11 karma

This record doesn't have any featured collabs. I've done a lot of that in the past so I wanted this album to focus more on the songs, the voice and the mood of the whole thing. But there is an amazing cast of people involved as always. I'm pretty excited for you to hear the song that Owen Pallett arranged strings on!

HelioMons3 karma

Hey Kimbra, I've always noticed that you've pulled inspiration from anything and everything and I was wondering who or what are some of your biggest non-musical influences are?

kimbramusic12 karma

The women I have met in Ethiopia, Tirzah, my friends, the authors I love, Thomas Merton, Richard Rohr, Frederich Buechner, Rilke, St Teresa of Avila.

Tamu232 karma

Hi Kimbra! Your music inspires me. I've learnt to let you hold my finger and guide me through your sounds, instead of having any expectations, and it has worked every time. Letting go of control has also positively affected other areas of my life. I believe that unpredictability really sets you apart. It is my dream to see you live. Do you plan to tour somewhere near or in India? You have visited Turkey, Malaysia, etc before.. I hope you perform at a place close to my country, if not in India, soon..

kimbramusic6 karma

I would truly love to travel to India. To perform there would be even better!!! Thankyou so much for trusting the music.x

BiruMetal2 karma

you have done so many cool intimate shows like space jam; will you continue popping up in little spots around NY for fun jams?

kimbramusic10 karma

i love the idea of bringing that back when it feels right yeah!

Beebavision2 karma

Hi Kimbra thank you for all of your art. I heard skrillex was on the new album what?!?, what can we expect primal heart to sound like? Were there any really surprising or even funny moments during the process?

kimbramusic8 karma

Skrillex coproduced the next single that will be coming out! It sounds real different to other things he's done though! We worked on the beat at his house one night and I was singing straight into his laptop while he programmed on the fly. It was so sick to watch!

ssscorpiooo2 karma

Hi Kimbra! You and Caroline Polachek (of Chairlift) have two of the most incredible voices and styles. I know she's joined you at an Exo Sessions show, but are there any plans to collaborate/duet on a recorded song together? (I'm basically waiting for my mind to be sonically blown)

kimbramusic8 karma

I love Caroline. I know she's working on her solo album right now which will be incredible. I'd love to work with her one day! We've been meaning to write.... watch this space

flyingteddy2 karma

Kia Ora. My girlfiend (Emma) and I love your music! Her favourite song of yours is Cameo Lover. Can you say hi to her? Thanks :)

kimbramusic13 karma


fyeahkimbra2 karma

How do you think that you approached this album differently than your previous albums ??

kimbramusic12 karma

I promised myself I would never crash another protools rig with having 400 tracks. I'm a little OCD and manic when I produce and I wanted to change that up. I wanted to say more with less. I limited myself significantly and it really made me more intentional with what I do. A lot of it was Johns help pushing me too.

BiruMetal2 karma

will there be any extra tracks from primal?

kimbramusic6 karma

Yes.... x

Gutaa_chan2 karma

Hi Kimbra. I want to ask you what do you think, because I believe music connects people so what in your opinion is a real strenght of your music? Something that even people who aren't your regular fans can appreciate and find as beautiful and meaningful?

kimbramusic8 karma

I think an integral part of my music which perhaps has reach beyond just my fans, is that I am seeking through my music, for deep understanding. There's a longing there I think. And a sense of release. I love that music is a place we can all release - on stage or in the audience.

BiruMetal2 karma

we know you love making beats but do you ever get on an drum-kit and get all Stevie-Cat-Deal-With-It on them?

kimbramusic6 karma

Hahaha... Yep! I played some drums on the song 'Sugar Lies' ! I've got natural pocket they say!! haha... But I definitely need work. So I'll let you know how I'm going in a year or so. x

KLJohnnes1 karma

There's any song in the record that you feel like it's going to be a favorite with the fans?

kimbramusic8 karma

Yeah I have a suspicion it might actually be one of the exclusive tracks (on the exclusive version).... it's one of my favorites and it BANGS live.

anarudanaru1 karma

Hey Kimbra! I adore all of your music and cant wait for the next album!

My question is do you feel that this album is stronger personally to you than your previous albums? Primal gives me that feeling. Also, do you plan to reveal any new music during your UK tour?

See you in Manchester!

kimbramusic8 karma

There will be a LOT of new music on the UK tour! Most of the set will consist of the new album! Which makes me so excited! Yes. I lvpoe that the word primal traces back to the words 'prime', 'origin', 'essential', 'fundamental' ... I feel like these were things I was searching for emotionally and in terms of my process production wise. I wanted to find that core and strip away some layers in order to do that. It's a very personal album.

manwhosoldthewor1d1 karma

What was your greatest obstacle while making this album?

kimbramusic9 karma

Finding the right co-producer. I thought about producing myself but I knew I wanted an objective person to help me move out of my own way. Someone who would be collaborative since I like to work with so many people. We eventually got there! But it was tough at times.

many_splendored1 karma

Hi hi hi hi! So cool to get to talk to you! How many of your songs, if any, are based on your own experiences? You're such an evocative song-writer, but that could just mean you're a talented author.

Edit: Also, your hair is adorable today!

kimbramusic3 karma

They all are in some way or another, I just often borrow from others stories to fuse with mine or divulge in imagination to take the experience further. That's the fun!

robertroniac1 karma

Hi Kimbra! Could briefly yet concretely explain (with a couple of specific musical examples) the distinction between what you call the “maximalism” of The Golden Echo and the rawness/honesty of the new album?


kimbramusic9 karma

I think it's more to do with density. On the Golden Echo I was creating a new reality, veering from a absolutes, and instead playing with immense nuance, paradox, imagination, wild experimentation and I was in the clouds rather than grounded. This makes for wonderful music and I totally love records that soar like this and explore a myriad of ideas at once, but where I'm at now in my life, I wanted to explore a more direct approach, rather than dancing around the edges, I wanted to speak to and from the core. I wanted to see what arose when I stripped some of the decoration. It is still elusive, textured and psychedelic. It's probably the heaviest record I've made in terms of sonic impact. But it's more to the point. It feels like growing up! Haha....

Kiblets1 karma


Do you feel like New York will play a big part in this album's sound compared to how I feel Los Angeles did in the The Golden Echo?

kimbramusic11 karma

Yes definitely.... as my Dad says... In LA you escape reality, in New York, your'e confronted by it. This city demanded a boldness from me. I love it.

michaelaellis1 karma

Hey Kimbra!

I am a huge fan of your music!!! ✨ It’s magical and fun and honestly just takes me through an incredible wave of emotions.

But, my question is, with the release of your new album in 2018, do you plan on doing a US Tour to maybe smaller states like Texas, Oklahoma or Kansas? We’d love to have you!

Best, Michaela 💕

kimbramusic10 karma

It's too early to confirm exact dates & cities but I do know there will be an initial tour and then another one to follow with smaller cities so don't worry I am not gonna forget about you guys! Always working to get back to the cities I havent played for ages. Write to my booking agents;) Haha

fyeahkimbra1 karma

I have 2 versions of VOWS on vinyl and TGE all sound AMAZING ! Can we expect ‘Primal Heart’ on vinyl ?

kimbramusic11 karma

YES! Definitely! And wait till you see the album art.... Damn. It's my favorite yet.

tee201 karma

Hi Kimbra! Firstly, thank you for doing the Europe tour!

a) How did you get into that looping way of producing your songs -- your live recordings are an absolute delight to watch. b) Will you give us a helluva show in Stockholm?

kimbramusic6 karma

a) Looping came from feeling limited at my live shows when I used to perform solo with just my guitar. I heard these stacks of harmonies and saw washes of color in my head but couldnt articulate. So looping gave me a way to push into that, and prove rhythm live. Then I got more into producing but I think looping gave me a brain for that detail and 'layering' which is important for being a good producer. Knowing how to stack sounds and understand frequencies. b) HELL YAH! I can't wait. I've NEVER been to Sweden before!!! Wheres the best place to eat?! :)

BiruMetal1 karma

do you consider this album the definitive raw-you or is it more just the beginning of sharing that as you go forward? Are you testing the waters or jumping right in?

kimbramusic6 karma

Haha I don't know if there is a definitive raw version of anyone - that keeps changing as we grow - but right now it feels like that! x

HvW0011 karma

Hi Kimbra,

First of all I want you to know that you are very important to me. I was intrigued by your feature on 'Somebody That I Used To Know' and did not dare to expect to be as amazed by your album 'Vows' as I was. 'The Golden Echo', as different as it was, was my album of the year. That's what I love about you: You're not afraid to change and you keep evolving always. I can honestly say that you sparked something in me that made me broaden my horizon when it comes to music. I'd love to ask you a few questions:

1- Ever since I've heard you perform 'Samaritan' (especially mashed up with that Daft Punk ;-) ) I've been hoping to ever be able to own it. I have a feeling it does not belong on 'Primal Heart', but please, will you ever release it?

2- I own both your albums on vinyl (aspire to own the australian version of vows, still) and I love collecting and connecting with music this way. Will you release 'Primal Heart' on vinyl? I'm hoping on a very cool collector's edition or something :)

3- Forgive me if I come off as pushy or something. I trust you to make an ALBUM, and to pay attention to all details to perfection. I'm just so excited for your new release that I almost can't wait any longer. Will there be a new song released soon?

Btw, 'Everybody Knows' is on full rotation and I also loved to hear you spit bars on 'On Top Of The World' (Got FIFA18 partly for that one :) )

Thank you for taking your time to answer our questions! It is really appreciated!

kimbramusic10 karma

1 - You're right :( It doesnt appear! Haha that song is so old! But i know people still want to hear it so one day I want to resurrect it for you guys! Just have to find a new way to approach it, let me think on this ;) 2 - YES YES! It's gonna look soooo amazing. Im so happy with how the vinyl art turned out. 3 - YES! I have this amazing remix of Everybody Knows by a Norwegian band I love coming out next week with a video my friend made (Chester Travis who made video for Goldmine). And soon after that... there will be another song off Primal Heart!